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CURRENTLY SHUTDOWN (12/15/02...but hope to be restarted late august 04 with new celeb or person)

NEWS FLASH: LAST NIGHT(7/12/02) ROWENA GALAM SIGNED MY GUESTBOOK, WE ARE VICTORIOUS.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  Thanks Rowena we could not of asked for a more generous or kind person.


This campaign was created to bring celebrities and famous people to this site,   The basic theory is, each month one celebrity or famous person will be choosen.  Myself and the viewers of this site, thats you, will attempt to contact this celebrity/model and politely ask them to not only visit this site, but sign my guest book, and even possibly take the Lego Survey.  All I  ask from you, the visitor, is your participation.  Each month I will put a new celebrity's/model's website and/or email address on my web page.  I will politely send an email giving some background information, requests, and most importantly the address of my site.  At that point I ask you the visitor to email this person and tell them you are a friend of Matt T and would love it if they could come to this site, view it, and sign the guestbook(making sure to give them the address of the site).  That's it.  If successful I will put their guest book responses and comments on this page.  Also on this page will be a picture of the celebrity/model, his/her website address , his/her email or any instruction needed to reach a comment/contact section on their webpage.  I will greatly appreciate your participation.


Person #5: Topher Crace
 I could not find a direct email for Topher, but I did find one that is general and for That 70's Show.  In the subject title of your email be sure to put MAKE THEM SEE and politely ask Topher to come to my site and sign my guestbook.  He seems like a real and cool guy, so just email him like a normal person.  Try to make some connection with him based on his interests or hobbies.  If it does get to him some how I am sure he will come, but it the getting there part that is out of our hands.  The email address is 
Alright, if you didn't participate in our first campaign, here's your chance. Lets get Topher Crace on my site.   Be sure to put MAKE THEM SEE in the subject field of the email.  That way whoever reads them can connect all of them together.  Thanks. 

Please fill out this survey if you participate in the campaign.


People who have participate in the third campaign as of 9/20/02:
Matthew Talbot


Click Above to see the successful and possibly unsuccessful campaigns

Email me if you have a person in mind for the MAKE THEM SEE campaign.

Good Luck, im depending on you guys and girls.