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Here are the real deals:

#1 7/11/02

Crtonist84 [1:59 PM]:  Im more particial to wheat thins

 Crtonist84 [1:59 PM]:  partial*

 MrGrahamCracker7 [1:59 PM]:  really 

 MrGrahamCracker7 [1:59 PM]:  well hey to each there own then 

 Crtonist84 [2:02 PM]:  Actually im more of a triscuit guy, ya know put a little cheese on there, it just taste great, soo good in fact I really dont think graham crackers can compete

 MrGrahamCracker7 [2:02 PM]:  well good for you bro maybe you should keep these thoughts to your self

 MrGrahamCracker7 [2:02 PM]:  try it you might like it

 Crtonist84 [2:02 PM]:  Oh I have

 Crtonist84 [2:03 PM]:  Pratically choked

 MrGrahamCracker7 [2:03 PM]:  no your thoughts not graham crackers

 Crtonist84 [2:03 PM]:  Well good luck with that whole graham cracker thing , Mr.

 Crtonist84 [2:03 PM]:  you have just been Talbotronned, boo-ya, later.


#2 7/11/02

Crtonist84 [2:24 PM]:  So , I was looking foward to talking to one cute cali chick, but three, that is truly amazing.

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:24 PM]:  what do u mean 3

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:24 PM]:  ?

 Crtonist84 [2:25 PM]:  Your sn implys there are 3 of you

 Crtonist84 [2:25 PM]:  What re you trying to say, there are only 2 cute hcicks on the other side of this IM

 Crtonist84 [2:25 PM]:  are*

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:25 PM]:  no the three is my lucky number

 Crtonist84 [2:26 PM]:  well I guess it not mine, because there are only 2 hot cali chick here to talk to

 Crtonist84 [2:26 PM]:  chicks*

 Crtonist84 [2:27 PM]:  So, what are your two wonderful ladies name?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:27 PM]:  there is one chick

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:27 PM]:  and my name is liz

 Crtonist84 [2:27 PM]:  What, one, you realize thats 1/3rd of the original amount.

 Crtonist84 [2:28 PM]:  Liz, short for Elizabeth

 Crtonist84 [2:28 PM]:  I assume

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:28 PM]:  ya

 Crtonist84 [2:29 PM]:  Why dont you have people call you beth, that is short form Elizabeth too ya know?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:29 PM]:  couse i dont

 Crtonist84 [2:29 PM]:  You dont know what kind of answer is that

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:30 PM]:  couse i dont i dont like the name beth i like the name liz

 Crtonist84 [2:30 PM]:  My name is Barthalemuey, and although it is strange, I know exactly why I was named it.

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:30 PM]:  why

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:31 PM]:  couse ur parents r crazy

 Crtonist84 [2:31 PM]:  Bart, is a character on Simpsons, Hal, was a friend of my parents, and Lemuey is a famous hockey player.

 Crtonist84 [2:31 PM]:  See I told you

 Crtonist84 [2:33 PM]:  Beth, are you there?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:33 PM]:  no not if u call me beth

 Crtonist84 [2:34 PM]:  Well what am I supposed to call you if your full anme is Elizabeth.

 Crtonist84 [2:34 PM]:  name*

 Crtonist84 [2:34 PM]:  Tell me that Beth

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:34 PM]:  liz

 Crtonist84 [2:34 PM]:  Oh, I remember now, I apologize.  I have a bit of the short term forgetters, ya know.  You ever see memento?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:35 PM]:  ya

 Crtonist84 [2:35 PM]:  See, im a lot like that guy but instead of making tattoes on myself, I used neon post it notes.

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:36 PM]:  ok

 Crtonist84 [2:36 PM]:  It fits appropriately gay lifestyle

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:36 PM]:  what the hell r u talking about

 Crtonist84 [2:36 PM]:  What the hell are you talking about Beth

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:37 PM]:  never mind

 Crtonist84 [2:37 PM]:  Im trying to share with you

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:37 PM]:  ok`

 Crtonist84 [2:37 PM]:  Oh I see why you are confised

 Crtonist84 [2:37 PM]:  I left a word out

 Crtonist84 [2:37 PM]:  It fits MY apporpriately gay lifestyle.

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:37 PM]:  ooooooooooooo

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:38 PM]:  i c

 Crtonist84 [2:38 PM]:  You c what now?

 Crtonist84 [2:38 PM]:  Are you drunk Beth?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:39 PM]:  no

 Crtonist84 [2:39 PM]:  So you understand now

 Crtonist84 [2:39 PM]:  ?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:39 PM]:  yes

 Crtonist84 [2:39 PM]:  What do you understand?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:40 PM]:  ?

 Crtonist84 [2:40 PM]:  see I knew it, you just said you understood, so I would understand that you understood was I was trying to make you understand

 Crtonist84 [2:41 PM]:  Beth?

 Crtonist84 [2:41 PM]:  Beth?

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:41 PM]:  i understand that u r gay 

 Crtonist84 [2:41 PM]:  I never said I was gay

 Crtonist84 [2:42 PM]:  How dare you assume

 Crtonist84 [2:42 PM]:  Just because I said I have a gay lifestyle doesnt mean im gay.

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:42 PM]:  ok

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:43 PM]:  now im confused

 Crtonist84 [2:43 PM]:  As you should be, your drunk.

 Crtonist84 [2:44 PM]:  Just because I wear black tight leather pants means im gay.  Ignorance is not tolerated where im from Beth.

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:45 PM]:  ok so u lead a gay lifestyle but your not gay so what r bi

 Crtonist84 [2:45 PM]:  Straight as a specialized Apache bent arrow, if youre familiar with their culture, which I assume you are.

 CuteCaliChick3 [2:46 PM]:  really 

 Crtonist84 [2:46 PM]:  Boo-ya 

 Crtonist84 [2:46 PM]:  You have just been Talbotronned, adios Becca.


#3 7/12/02

Crtonist84 [5:04 PM]:  Does your name involve sexual inuendo?

 Crtonist84 [5:07 PM]:  :'(

 CreamsicklePeach [5:07 PM]:  I DONT EVEN KNOW U THAT WELL

 Crtonist84 [5:08 PM]:  You dont know me at all

 Crtonist84 [5:08 PM]:  But I know you all too well, you get me?

 CreamsicklePeach [5:08 PM]:   HAAA DO U REALLY

 Crtonist84 [5:08 PM]:  Your name pretty much says it all, does it not?

 CreamsicklePeach [5:09 PM]:  YES

 Crtonist84 [5:10 PM]:  So I am correct when I assume you are a whore?

 CreamsicklePeach [5:10 PM]:  NOO

 Crtonist84 [5:10 PM]:  What?

 CreamsicklePeach [5:10 PM]:  I AM NOT

 Crtonist84 [5:10 PM]:  Not a what?

 CreamsicklePeach [5:10 PM]:  I AM NOT A WHORE

 Crtonist84 [5:11 PM]:  I said whore, I meant where

 Crtonist84 [5:11 PM]:  My great apologies

 CreamsicklePeach [5:11 PM]:  WHAT

 Crtonist84 [5:12 PM]:  I was asking you if I was correct when I assumed where

 Crtonist84 [5:13 PM]:  not whore, hehe

 CreamsicklePeach [5:13 PM]:  WHERE R U

 Crtonist84 [5:13 PM]:  What?

 Crtonist84 [5:13 PM]:  Thats what I assumed

 Crtonist84 [5:14 PM]:  Clearly you missunderstood me. right?

 CreamsicklePeach [5:14 PM]:  do u called me a whore i am not that 

 Crtonist84 [5:14 PM]:  Do u call what?

 Crtonist84 [5:15 PM]:  All I said was I assumed you where a whore

 Crtonist84 [5:15 PM]:  You have been Talbotronned, boo-ya


#4 7/13/02

Crtonist84 [11:04 AM]:  You think quite highly of yourself, dont you.

 Hottiegirl0136 [11:05 AM]:  YES I DO

 Crtonist84 [11:05 AM]:  Why do you think you are such a "hottie"

 Hottiegirl0136 [11:06 AM]:  I JUST MADE THAT UP

 Crtonist84 [11:06 AM]:  So you are not hot, at all, more ugly?

 Crtonist84 [11:06 AM]:  Man that sucks

 Hottiegirl0136 [11:07 AM]:  NO I AM A HOTTIE

 Crtonist84 [11:08 AM]:  Explain?

 Crtonist84 [11:08 AM]:  Are you sure youre not haughty?

 Hottiegirl0136 [11:08 AM]:  YEA

 Crtonist84 [11:08 AM]:  explain this "hottie"ness you are so confident about

 Hottiegirl0136 [11:09 AM]:  MY BUTT

 Crtonist84 [11:10 AM]:  Your whole reasoning for you being a hottie is your butt?

 Hottiegirl0136 [11:10 AM]:  NO  MORE 

 Crtonist84 [11:10 AM]:  So not only are you claiming you are a hottie, but based purely of the sweetness of you rear?

 Hottiegirl0136 [11:10 AM]:  MAYBE BYE

 Crtonist84 [11:11 AM]:  Boo-ya, you have just been Talbotronned


#5 7/13/02

 Crtonist84 [11:20 AM]:  I dont know what a topless oyster is, but it sounds sexy
 Crtonist84 [11:20 AM]:  The girls gone wild of oysters if you will.
 Crtonist84 [11:21 AM]:  No comment??
 Crtonist84 [11:22 AM]:  I mean it makes sense right?
 Crtonist84 [11:23 AM]:  I need a confirmation here, I mean it is YOUR screename, isn't it, you imposter, haha.
 Crtonist84 [11:23 AM]:  Boo-ya, you have just been Talbotronned


#6 7/13/02

 DrCrazyDog [11:37 AM]:  are you going to make more talbotronedationation thingies?
 DrCrazyDog [11:38 AM]:  i know you said one per day but i'm not sure if i can wait that long
 Crtonist84 [11:42 AM]:  dude, 3 per day, its my new minimum
 DrCrazyDog [11:42 AM]:  hehe
 DrCrazyDog [11:42 AM]:  sweet
 Crtonist84 [11:42 AM]:  Or maybe 3 everyother day to build up hype that day when no new ones are added
 DrCrazyDog [11:42 AM]:  yeah
 DrCrazyDog [11:42 AM]:  or maybe irregularly whenever you feel like making them?
 Crtonist84 [11:43 AM]:  maybe
 Crtonist84 [11:43 AM]:  you jackass
 DrCrazyDog [11:43 AM]:  hehe
 DrCrazyDog [11:43 AM]:  but hey
 Crtonist84 [11:43 AM]:  Maybe I will never make them again
 DrCrazyDog [11:43 AM]:  if there's no set time when they'll be made people will have to check the site constantly for updates
 Crtonist84 [11:43 AM]:  exactly , its like selling crack to a baby, too bad you suck, loser
 Crtonist84 [11:43 AM]:  Boo-ya, you have been Talbotronned


#6 7/13/02  This is the end all be all Talbotronnedation.  Not because it is soo funny or good, but because I met my intellectual match.

 Topless oyster [11:56 AM]:  whati i had to eat and brush and floss
 Crtonist84 [11:56 AM]:  what are you smoking?
 Topless oyster [11:57 AM]:  cigar
  Crtonist84 [11:57 AM]:  cuban?
 Crtonist84 [11:57 AM]:  or cheap imitation?
 Crtonist84 [11:57 AM]:  Are you topless now, oyster?
 Topless oyster [11:58 AM]:  those are still illegal
  Crtonist84 [11:58 AM]:  being topless isnt legal either, but that hasnt stopped you
 Topless oyster [11:58 AM]:  now i have half my bivalve on
  Crtonist84 [11:58 AM]:  What re you a car engine?
 Topless oyster [11:59 AM]:  how would you know that crt
  Crtonist84 [11:59 AM]:  are*
 Crtonist84 [11:59 AM]:  Here in the world of IM's and chats, we must judge a book by its cover, or a person by their screename
 Crtonist84 [11:59 AM]:  You see?
 Topless oyster [11:59 AM]:  yes fully compliable with all epa standards
 Crtonist84 [12:00 PM]:  You pass smog okay?
 Topless oyster [12:00 PM]:  yes,you are a cartoonist
  Topless oyster [12:00 PM]:  yes i pass smog fer shure
 Crtonist84 [12:00 PM]:  that I am
 Topless oyster [12:01 PM]:  are you like famous and stuff
 Crtonist84 [12:01 PM]:  Have you checked a dip stick lately?
  Crtonist84 [12:01 PM]:  Famous in an underground unfamous kind of way
 Topless oyster [12:01 PM]:  i love underground
 Crtonist84 [12:02 PM]:  Like sewers and stuff, nasty
 Topless oyster [12:02 PM]:  yum,sewer water,me so thirsty
  Crtonist84 [12:02 PM]:  So what does a topless oyster like yourself do for fun?
 Topless oyster [12:03 PM]:  i like dodging the cops
 Crtonist84 [12:03 PM]:  I am big fan of community dodge ball games as well
 Topless oyster [12:04 PM]:  dodge ball is too controversial for the likes of me
 Crtonist84 [12:04 PM]:  Are you more of a dodge, or try to catch the ball type of dogeball player?
 Crtonist84 [12:05 PM]:  I see, are you more of a Russian roulette person?
 Topless oyster [12:05 PM]:  no,more of a video poker person
 Crtonist84 [12:06 PM]:  hmm...really, so are you like old?
 Crtonist84 [12:06 PM]:  Like "Oops I crapped my pants old."
 Topless oyster [12:06 PM]:  not by my calculations are you
 Crtonist84 [12:06 PM]:  Hardly
 Crtonist84 [12:07 PM]:  I practically still say "Oops I crapped my pants" but on the other side of the spectrum
 Crtonist84 [12:07 PM]:  You see?
 Topless oyster [12:08 PM]:  me no comprende
 Crtonist84 [12:08 PM]:  Spanish oyster, yo comprendo much
 Crtonist84 [12:09 PM]:  mucho*
 Topless oyster [12:09 PM]:  i saw that snl skit too
 Crtonist84 [12:09 PM]:  What snl skit
 Topless oyster [12:09 PM]:  oops i crapped my pants
 Crtonist84 [12:09 PM]:  Based on your name their is a 95% chance you are topless, is it true?
 Crtonist84 [12:10 PM]:  Chance is on our side
 Topless oyster [12:10 PM]:  no,im wearing a wife beater
 Crtonist84 [12:10 PM]:  are you even a girl
 Topless oyster [12:10 PM]:  no,but my wife says she is
 Crtonist84 [12:11 PM]:  she does what?
 Crtonist84 [12:12 PM]:  Your wife is topless
 Topless oyster [12:12 PM]:  she claims to be female
 Topless oyster [12:12 PM]:  if you like
 Crtonist84 [12:12 PM]:  your wife claims to be female??
 Topless oyster [12:12 PM]:  shes got big tits
  Crtonist84 [12:12 PM]:  Isnt it your responsibility ot validate these claims
 Crtonist84 [12:13 PM]:  Your a modest and shy one aren't you.
 Topless oyster [12:13 PM]:  try being married
 Crtonist84 [12:13 PM]:  Can I try it, or do I actually have to do it?
 Topless oyster [12:14 PM]:  no,i implore thee,dont do it
 Crtonist84 [12:15 PM]:  Warning noted
 Crtonist84 [12:15 PM]:  Why so anti-message topless oyster?
 Topless oyster [12:16 PM]:  marriage is for romantics and idiots
 Crtonist84 [12:16 PM]:  Im a romantic idiot, looks like I should get hitched
 Topless oyster [12:17 PM]:  i reckon so billy bob
 Crtonist84 [12:17 PM]:  I will bring by geetar
 Crtonist84 [12:17 PM]:  my*
 Topless oyster [12:17 PM]:  the twanger
 Crtonist84 [12:18 PM]:  exactly
 Topless oyster [12:18 PM]:  fender duo sonic stratocaster
 Crtonist84 [12:18 PM]:  I dont got that fancy stuff
 Crtonist84 [12:19 PM]:  I have a special made geetar with strings and such
 Topless oyster [12:19 PM]:  you got electricity
 Topless oyster [12:19 PM]:  oh that one
 Crtonist84 [12:19 PM]:  I have electricity per say, enough to power this computer
 Topless oyster [12:20 PM]:  do you play that geetar in the electrical mode
 Crtonist84 [12:20 PM]:  but not enough for fancy things like lights etc etc.
 Crtonist84 [12:21 PM]:  Its got one mode
 Topless oyster [12:21 PM]:  ray charles dont need no fancy lights
 Crtonist84 [12:21 PM]:  noise maker
 Topless oyster [12:21 PM]:  so you are goona take eddie van halens job
 Crtonist84 [12:22 PM]:  thats the plan
 Topless oyster [12:22 PM]:  say something funny
 Crtonist84 [12:22 PM]:  If all goes well, as it never does
 Crtonist84 [12:22 PM]:  Im not a machine
 Crtonist84 [12:22 PM]:  Jesus
 Crtonist84 [12:23 PM]:  :now he was a machine
  Topless oyster [12:23 PM]:  whats the difference between a comic and a comedian
 Crtonist84 [12:23 PM]:  from the future to protect John Connor from the Terminator
 Crtonist84 [12:24 PM]:  a comedian can explain the difference between the two and make sure his explantion is funny
 Topless oyster [12:24 PM]:   a comedian says funny things,a comic says things funny
 Crtonist84 [12:24 PM]:  Damn, your good
 Topless oyster [12:25 PM]:  i know,i know
 Topless oyster [12:25 PM]:  i supress myself
 Crtonist84 [12:25 PM]:  Your much more advanced than me, most of my jokes just involve switching words
 Crtonist84 [12:25 PM]:  oh wait.....
 Topless oyster [12:26 PM]:  funny,ha ha
 Crtonist84 [12:26 PM]:  you did just switch the words
 Crtonist84 [12:26 PM]:  Well played old chap, well played
 Topless oyster [12:26 PM]:  its true
 Crtonist84 [12:26 PM]:  This is a game of wits
 Topless oyster [12:27 PM]:  carrot top is a comic for instance
 Crtonist84 [12:27 PM]:  a game of the mind
 Crtonist84 [12:27 PM]:  So clearly I cannot choose the comedian in front of me
 Crtonist84 [12:27 PM]:  But my training in Bangladesh has taught me that I can clearly not choose the comic in front of you
 Topless oyster [12:28 PM]:  chris rock is a comedian
 Topless oyster [12:29 PM]:  God made man Bangladeshi
 Crtonist84 [12:29 PM]:  I didnt realize this had turned from a game of wits to a game of naming
 Crtonist84 [12:29 PM]:  A man of religion
 Topless oyster [12:29 PM]:  no,just examplifying
 Crtonist84 [12:29 PM]:  is a man of Bangladesh
 Crtonist84 [12:30 PM]:  Well thats what my father once said
 Crtonist84 [12:30 PM]:  So, what do you say we call if a day
 Crtonist84 [12:30 PM]:  it*
 Topless oyster [12:30 PM]:  God made man,no?
 Topless oyster [12:31 PM]:  i didnt mean to piss you off crt
 Crtonist84 [12:31 PM]:  You didnt
 Crtonist84 [12:31 PM]:  I pissed before this conversation started
 Topless oyster [12:31 PM]:  oh good
 Crtonist84 [12:31 PM]:  This is normally when I say Boo-ya, you have been Talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [12:31 PM]:  But I feel I have met my intellectual match
 Topless oyster [12:32 PM]:  whats a talbot anyway
 Crtonist84 [12:32 PM]:  Its a long story
 Topless oyster [12:32 PM]:  its not possible crt
  Crtonist84 [12:32 PM]:  Orignial based on a bird who went extinct during the 70's
 Crtonist84 [12:32 PM]:  WHats not possible?
 Topless oyster [12:33 PM]:  original what
 Crtonist84 [12:33 PM]:  It was based on the original bird
  Crtonist84 [12:33 PM]:  original bird=parent
 Topless oyster [12:33 PM]:  its not possible for u to have met your match
 Crtonist84 [12:33 PM]:  Why. please tell me?
 Crtonist84 [12:34 PM]:  Do you feel I have out matched you, or you have out matched me?
 Topless oyster [12:34 PM]:  cause im half in the bag mate
 Crtonist84 [12:34 PM]:  I dont know what to say to that
 Topless oyster [12:34 PM]:  what country are you from
 Topless oyster [12:34 PM]:  aol just dropped me
 Crtonist84 [12:35 PM]:  U.S.A.
 Crtonist84 [12:35 PM]:  United Section of Afganistan
 Topless oyster [12:35 PM]:  aol may drop me any second
 Crtonist84 [12:35 PM]:  and this is why?
 Crtonist84 [12:35 PM]:  Too witty for a major corporation
 Crtonist84 [12:35 PM]:  Trust me I know the feeling
 Topless oyster [12:36 PM]:  cause they said "goodbye"
 Crtonist84 [12:36 PM]:  But never forget the times, when they said.....
 Crtonist84 [12:36 PM]:  "You've Got Mail"
 Crtonist84 [12:36 PM]:  Boo-ya, adios, Talbotronnedation complete
 Topless oyster [12:36 PM]:  outie as well
 Crtonist84 [12:37 PM]:  peace
 Topless oyster [12:37 PM]:  peace out


#7 7/15/02

Crtonist84 [4:16 PM]:  Please be a female

 Boobooinbama [4:16 PM]:  yes

 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  I was worried

 Boobooinbama [4:17 PM]:  why

 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  With a sn that sarted with boob, you either had to be a guy with boobs, a guy infactuated with boobs, or a girl.

 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  I was hoping for the later

 Boobooinbama [4:18 PM]:  my screen name is boo boo

 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  no its not, its clearly boob

 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  followed by a oo

 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  which is follwed by a in bam, representing someone being hit in the face.

 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  Followed by a a, representing the confused person who was hit in the face.

 Boobooinbama [4:20 PM]:  no it is no boo boo is a nickname thank you booboo in bama aka alabama

 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  sure whatever

 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  Mine is better

 Boobooinbama [4:22 PM]:  shut u p you are stupid

 Crtonist84 [4:22 PM]:  your explanation is too, aaaa...ya know, crappy

 Crtonist84 [4:22 PM]:  Im not the one with a screename that says boob, whos stupid now

 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  See I got you??

 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  Now, I was curious

 Boobooinbama [4:23 PM]:  what

 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  The boob in your name is singular, do you have only one?

 Boobooinbama [4:24 PM]:  shut up it is a nickname get it boo-  boo

 Boobooinbama [4:24 PM]:  go on

 Crtonist84 [4:25 PM]:  I get it you singular boob women you

 Crtonist84 [4:25 PM]:  Three would be better than one, damn women

 Boobooinbama [4:25 PM]:  go on

 Crtonist84 [4:25 PM]:  Dont you agree

 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  If you have a child, one boob will not be enough

 Boobooinbama [4:26 PM]:  go on 

 Boobooinbama [4:26 PM]:  i am only 12 

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  12??

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  oh snap

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  You have just been Talbotronned, boo-ya

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  I gotta run

 Boobooinbama [4:27 PM]:  yes no go on

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  I dont want to be a freakin R Kelly

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  Later

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  BOO-YA


#8 7/15/02

Crtonist84 [4:15 PM]:  You like cold showers?

 Lilflowergoddess [4:15 PM]:  yes y?

 Crtonist84 [4:15 PM]:  just curious

 Crtonist84 [4:15 PM]:  They always seem, a little, how do you say, cold.

 Lilflowergoddess [4:16 PM]:  i dont mean really cold i mean a little less then warm

  Crtonist84 [4:16 PM]:  You must clarify these things

 Crtonist84 [4:16 PM]:  I was worried for your safety

 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  I believe I read a cold shower can kill you in under 5 minutes

 Lilflowergoddess [4:17 PM]:  ok im sry

 Lilflowergoddess [4:17 PM]:  wuts ur a/s/l?

 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  I rather not give specific

 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  s

 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  Just think of me as the angel of safety

 Lilflowergoddess [4:18 PM]:  ok r u a male? can u ast least give me that?

 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  Yes

 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  I am a male angel of safety

 Lilflowergoddess [4:18 PM]:  ok

 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  That comes swooping in safely to save the day from unsafe situations/

 Lilflowergoddess [4:19 PM]:  well from ur profile i know ur name is matt and u like to drive and u like tennis 

 Crtonist84 [4:20 PM]:  All angels like to drive and play tennis

 Crtonist84 [4:20 PM]:  Because that is what God loves to do

 Lilflowergoddess [4:20 PM]:  r u sure?

  Lilflowergoddess [4:20 PM]:  do u have a gf?

 Lilflowergoddess [4:20 PM]:  j/w

 Crtonist84 [4:20 PM]:  Are you sure im wrong

 Crtonist84 [4:20 PM]:  ANgels do not have a girlfriend

 Lilflowergoddess [4:21 PM]:  i didnt say u were wrong

 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  We have many girlfriends

 Lilflowergoddess [4:21 PM]:  so who r ur many girlfriends?

 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  what??

 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  please restate the question so it makes freakin sense

 Lilflowergoddess [4:21 PM]:  who r ur girlfriends?

 Lilflowergoddess [4:22 PM]:  angels dont say freakin

 Lilflowergoddess [4:22 PM]:  i think i got u there

 Crtonist84 [4:22 PM]:  I am not a conventional angel

 Crtonist84 [4:22 PM]:  Im an angel of safety, we are like the rebel angels.

 Lilflowergoddess [4:22 PM]:  then wuts ur a/s/l?

 Lilflowergoddess [4:23 PM]:  or no specifics?

 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  approx 545/angel/heaven

 Crtonist84 [4:24 PM]:  I cant believe I told you my age, im soo ashamed

 Crtonist84 [4:24 PM]:  Thats okay

 Lilflowergoddess [4:24 PM]:  then how come u know wut a/s/l means?

 Lilflowergoddess [4:24 PM]:  ur not 545

 Crtonist84 [4:24 PM]:  I checked the books, you will die soon anyway  Lilflowergoddess [4:24 PM]:  do u want to know how old i am?

 Crtonist84 [4:24 PM]:  a/s/l is used everywhere, even Bangladesh

 Lilflowergoddess [4:24 PM]:  ok

 Crtonist84 [4:24 PM]:  Not really, it is pretty easy to find out up here

 Lilflowergoddess [4:25 PM]:  then how old am i wuts my name and were do i live?

 Crtonist84 [4:25 PM]:  Your name is Trisha and you are 20

 Lilflowergoddess [4:25 PM]:  im not 20

 Lilflowergoddess [4:26 PM]:  try 5 years younger

 Lilflowergoddess [4:26 PM]:  or so

 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  Oh im sorry

 Lilflowergoddess [4:26 PM]:  and u looked on my profile

 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  Thats how old you will be when you die

  Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  My mistake

 Lilflowergoddess [4:26 PM]:  and u never told me were i lived

 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  I looked in the wrong column

 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  On earth, right

 Lilflowergoddess [4:27 PM]:  ya but wat city?

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  You leave under heaven that is all that matters

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  Boston

 Crtonist84 [4:27 PM]:  Mass

 Lilflowergoddess [4:27 PM]:  nope

 Lilflowergoddess [4:28 PM]:  i live somewere that starts with a ch

 Crtonist84 [4:28 PM]:  church

 Lilflowergoddess [4:28 PM]:  if u looked on my profile u would know that

 Lilflowergoddess [4:28 PM]:  a city

 Crtonist84 [4:28 PM]:  Good for you, we all need to lie in the church

 Crtonist84 [4:28 PM]:  live*

 Lilflowergoddess [4:28 PM]:  i dont live in a church!!

 Crtonist84 [4:29 PM]:  not yet

 Crtonist84 [4:29 PM]:  you will, at age 20

 Lilflowergoddess [4:29 PM]:  no i wont

 Crtonist84 [4:29 PM]:  Would you like to know how it ends

 Crtonist84 [4:29 PM]:  Oh snap, I got to go, God is paging me, later

 Lilflowergoddess [4:29 PM]:  sure

 Crtonist84 [4:29 PM]:  Boo-ya, you have been Talbotronned

 Crtonist84 [4:29 PM]:  boo-ya

 Crtonist84 [4:29 PM]:  boo-ya


#9 7/16/02Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  When you say, all natural, do you really mean it?  You must not live in Beverly Hills

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:01 PM]:  i'm environmentally aware,right?

 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  So you are for the natural environment, but you got fakes boobies

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:02 PM]:  before you ask,like every other guy on here,it's none of your business what i sahve and what i don't

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:02 PM]:  yea right

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:02 PM]:  go away bad dream

 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  Your right, its not my bussiness

 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  Wait, how are you sleeping and talking to me at the same time.

 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  Hey I have some adivice

 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  If you are so sick of people asking you about your screename all the time, then change it.

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:03 PM]:  look,you might find some bombo with no self esteem and the iq of a donut who buys your sexist lines but it isn't us

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:04 PM]:  I shouldn't have to change my screen name cause some perverts minds are in the gutter,should I?

 Crtonist84 [5:04 PM]:  Thats is quite a compliment, that you even think my lines are an attempt to be sexy.

 Crtonist84 [5:04 PM]:  If you are asking me, then I say yes, change it.

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:05 PM]:  maybe you should change yours. you draw nasty cartoons for playboy mag?

 Crtonist84 [5:05 PM]:  I dont think you are a bombo by the way.

 Crtonist84 [5:05 PM]:  How did you know, I dont say it in my profile

 Crtonist84 [5:05 PM]:  I think you are a bimbo

 AllNaturalGirlie [5:05 PM]:  I'm not a bimbo,which is why i'm so offended by most of the guys in chat

 Crtonist84 [5:05 PM]:  Boo-ya, you have been Talbotronned.


#10 7/16/02

Crtonist84 [5:19 PM]:  I got a shiny dime.  Boo-ya.

 Crtonist84 [5:20 PM]:  You have just been Talbottronned.

 IGotAShinyNickel [5:20 PM]:  lol sure why not

 IGotAShinyNickel [5:20 PM]:  but my nickels better than your dime!

 Crtonist84 [5:20 PM]:  Double the value, double the fun.

 Crtonist84 [5:20 PM]:  I hate to break it to you, dimes pull a little more weight than nickels do around here.

 Crtonist84 [5:21 PM]:  Boo-ya


#11 7/18/02 (This one sided conversation took place with DAoriginalmark)

 Crtonist84 [1:27 PM]:  Woud you be able to help me find the not so origianl Mark.   He got high and kinda just wandered off.
 Crtonist84 [1:27 PM]:  wondered*
 Crtonist84 [1:28 PM]:  :'(


#12 7/18/02

 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  Md sexy babe, as opposed to highsexybabe??
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:32 PM]:  huh
 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  In reference to your sn
 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  IM confused
 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  I associate md with mid
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:32 PM]:  my just a mdsexybabe
 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  Thus making your name mid sexy babe.
 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  What does md truly stand for
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:33 PM]:  md stand for maryland
 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  there are sexy babes in maryland, what
 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  It dosent say that in the tourist brochure
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:33 PM]:  well im in md
 Crtonist84 [1:34 PM]:  so you are
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:34 PM]:  im also a foxysexybabeinmd
 Crtonist84 [1:34 PM]:  Have you seen more os these so called sexy babes in your home state of md
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:34 PM]:  what is your a/s/l
 Crtonist84 [1:34 PM]:  No yu are just getting consceded
 Crtonist84 [1:35 PM]:  Does my age, sex, or location really mean anything.  This conversation will end the same way they all do
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:35 PM]:  why
 Crtonist84 [1:35 PM]:  Boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [1:36 PM]:  :-D
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:36 PM]:  are u black
 Crtonist84 [1:36 PM]:  what?
 Crtonist84 [1:36 PM]:  hehe
 Crtonist84 [1:36 PM]:  you just said something funnier than me
 Crtonist84 [1:36 PM]:  damn
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:36 PM]:  what race are you
 Crtonist84 [1:37 PM]:  the human race you sexy babe
 Crtonist84 [1:37 PM]:  You assumed, because I was intellegent, witty, and rich that I wa black, didnt you.
 Crtonist84 [1:37 PM]:  ??
 Crtonist84 [1:37 PM]:  was*
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:38 PM]:  no not really im not like that
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:38 PM]:  i talk to al kinds on here
 Crtonist84 [1:38 PM]:  thats sweet of you
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:39 PM]:  well i try to be
 Crtonist84 [1:39 PM]:  damn fine job your doing tjere miss
 Crtonist84 [1:39 PM]:  Your country would be proud
 Crtonist84 [1:39 PM]:  there*
 Crtonist84 [1:40 PM]:  Im just tired of everyone assuming im black when i am really a white guy
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:40 PM]:  i take it you are not from here
 Crtonist84 [1:40 PM]:  I cant get jobs, find a women to marry me and have many babies with
 Crtonist84 [1:40 PM]:  Is it that obvious
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:40 PM]:  color dont mean anything
 Crtonist84 [1:40 PM]:  I tried to blend in with your american ways
 Crtonist84 [1:40 PM]:  but so difficult
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:40 PM]:  where yu from
 Crtonist84 [1:41 PM]:  Its not very well know
 Crtonist84 [1:41 PM]:  I will give you a hint.
 Crtonist84 [1:41 PM]:  Starts with a G, ends in Lendora.
 Crtonist84 [1:42 PM]:  and its in Bangladesh
 Crtonist84 [1:42 PM]:  Any ideas??
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:42 PM]:  no
 Crtonist84 [1:42 PM]:  Okay
 Crtonist84 [1:42 PM]:  Well i must go now
 Crtonist84 [1:43 PM]:  Boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned again I guess
 Crtonist84 [1:43 PM]:  What was your name
 Crtonist84 [1:43 PM]:  phone number
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:43 PM]:  ok nice chatting
 Crtonist84 [1:43 PM]:  address
 Crtonist84 [1:43 PM]:  social security number
 Crtonist84 [1:43 PM]:  etc.
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:43 PM]:  sorry i dont give that out
 Crtonist84 [1:43 PM]:  i like you a lot, in my country it is customary
 Crtonist84 [1:44 PM]:  do you have a picture of yourself to be put on my wall
 Crtonist84 [1:44 PM]:  ?
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:44 PM]:  not here its not
 Crtonist84 [1:44 PM]:  i have quite a collection
 Crtonist84 [1:44 PM]:  pictures of all the sexy women i talk to in this great america
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:44 PM]:  i bet yopu do
 Mdsexybabe42 [1:45 PM]:  you^
 Crtonist84 [1:45 PM]:  so, ae you sending or what
 Crtonist84 [1:47 PM]:  are*
 Crtonist84 [1:47 PM]:  i want to see your face, ok?
 Crtonist84 [1:47 PM]:  miss?
 Crtonist84 [1:49 PM]:  :'(


#13 7/18/02

 Crtonist84 [2:33 PM]:  I world of mammals dressed in evening wear.
 Penguin world219 [2:34 PM]:  huh?
 Crtonist84 [2:34 PM]:  You see
 Penguin world219 [2:34 PM]:  oh ok
 Crtonist84 [2:34 PM]:  penguins are the formal animals, whle the camels, not so much.
 Crtonist84 [2:36 PM]:  You see?
 Penguin world219 [2:36 PM]:  kinda, age/sex?
 Crtonist84 [2:37 PM]:  age nor sex is important
 Crtonist84 [2:37 PM]:  Or is it?
 Penguin world219 [2:38 PM]:  not really  just curious
 Crtonist84 [2:38 PM]:  Curious like a cat, or curious like a trained assasin??
 Penguin world219 [2:38 PM]:  lol niether
 Crtonist84 [2:38 PM]:  hmmm.
you are asliperry one penguin girl
 Penguin world219 [2:39 PM]:  nope
 Crtonist84 [2:40 PM]:  You are bold
 Crtonist84 [2:40 PM]:  But are you daring?
 Penguin world219 [2:40 PM]:  huh?
 Crtonist84 [2:41 PM]:  exactly
 Crtonist84 [2:42 PM]:  hmm........
 Crtonist84 [2:43 PM]:  boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [2:43 PM]:  how does it feel
 Crtonist84 [2:43 PM]:  penguin lady
 Penguin world219 [2:43 PM]:  huh?
 Crtonist84 [2:43 PM]:  yup yup
 Penguin world219 [2:43 PM]:  whatever


#14 7/20/02

Crtonist84 [7:48 PM]:  Isnt your screename a bit redundant?

 Crtonist84 [7:49 PM]:  :'(

 MissLadie8 [7:50 PM]:  what?

 Crtonist84 [7:50 PM]:  Isnt your screename a bit redundant

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  Hehehe

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  I was a bit redundant

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  Boo-ya

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  You have been TAlbotronned


#15 7/20/02

 Crtonist84 [7:50 PM]:  Tall and pretty?

 Crtonist84 [7:50 PM]:  really

 Crtonist84 [7:50 PM]:  I would take pretty over tall, but both, that is quite amazing

 TallNprettyOTM [7:50 PM]:  who r u and what do you want?

 Crtonist84 [7:50 PM]:  I was just awe struck that you are noth tall and beautiful

 TallNprettyOTM [7:51 PM]:  oh well i think you should read my profile real quick!!!

 Crtonist84 [7:51 PM]:  ok

 Crtonist84 [7:52 PM]:  I read it really quick

 Crtonist84 [7:52 PM]:  What do I win

 TallNprettyOTM [7:52 PM]:  whats my marital status??

 Crtonist84 [7:52 PM]:  You told me to read it really quick, not really well.

 TallNprettyOTM [7:53 PM]:  well read it again!

 Crtonist84 [7:53 PM]:  one second 

 Crtonist84 [7:53 PM]:  Oh I see your taken

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  Well, I wasnt trying to take you

 Crtonist84 [7:55 PM]:  Promise

 TallNprettyOTM [7:55 PM]:  oh 

 Crtonist84 [7:56 PM]:  I just seem to be flirting when I talk

 Crtonist84 [7:56 PM]:  Its a disease

 TallNprettyOTM [7:56 PM]:  so what were you trying to do then?????

  Crtonist84 [7:56 PM]:  talk to a pretty lady

 Crtonist84 [7:57 PM]:  is that okay anymore

 Crtonist84 [7:58 PM]:  in a society of sexual harassment lawsuits

 TallNprettyOTM [7:59 PM]:  lol

 Crtonist84 [7:59 PM]:  You laugh, but its true

 Crtonist84 [7:59 PM]:  I have 5 filled against me as we speak

 Crtonist84 [8:00 PM]:  What do you think of that?

 TallNprettyOTM [8:01 PM]:  well im not real enthused

 Crtonist84 [8:01 PM]:  Bummer

 Crtonist84 [8:01 PM]:  Usually that is a turn on for women

 Crtonist84 [8:01 PM]:  When I had six against me at once

 Crtonist84 [8:01 PM]:  Women would flock to me

 Crtonist84 [8:02 PM]:  But then, one women settle, and now I am down to five measly cases, women dont flock to me anymore, they walk

 Crtonist84 [8:03 PM]:  :'(

 TallNprettyOTM [8:03 PM]:  well i think its a little psycho

 Crtonist84 [8:03 PM]:  Which part

 Crtonist84 [8:04 PM]:  ?

 TallNprettyOTM [8:04 PM]:  5 suits!

 Crtonist84 [8:05 PM]:  They are all tailored to fit well.  Top of the line

 Crtonist84 [8:05 PM]:  pinstripe etc.

 Crtonist84 [8:06 PM]:  You there?

 Crtonist84 [8:06 PM]:  I never got your name

 Crtonist84 [8:07 PM]:  baby, come on, give me your name

 Crtonist84 [8:07 PM]:  I will write a song for you

 TallNprettyOTM [8:08 PM]:  look idont want to talk to a perve ok bye

 Crtonist84 [8:08 PM]:  Good

 Crtonist84 [8:08 PM]:  I will make sure none talk to you

 Crtonist84 [8:08 PM]:  Boo-ya, you have just been Talbotronned

TallNprettyOTM [8:10 PM]:  well youve just caught a nasty virus!!! hahahah

 Crtonist84 [8:10 PM]:  bro

 Crtonist84 [8:10 PM]:  good bluff

 TallNprettyOTM [8:10 PM]:  not yet but you can expect it!!!

 Crtonist84 [8:10 PM]:  you are scaring me

 Crtonist84 [8:11 PM]:  i still love you though

 TallNprettyOTM [8:11 PM]:  bye!

 Crtonist84 [8:11 PM]:  bye!!


#16 7/20/02

Crtonist84 [7:49 PM]:  I betcha you 8

 UBetcha7 [7:50 PM]:  hello what do you mean 

 Crtonist84 [7:51 PM]:  U betcha 7, so I betcha you 8

 Crtonist84 [7:51 PM]:  See, I win

 Crtonist84 [7:51 PM]:  * beats a 7 in a game of Betcha any day

 Crtonist84 [7:51 PM]:  8*

 UBetcha7 [7:51 PM]:  thats great 

 UBetcha7 [7:51 PM]:  m/f there 

 Crtonist84 [7:51 PM]:  I dont know about there, but there is a male here

 UBetcha7 [7:52 PM]:  you betcha

 UBetcha7 [7:52 PM]:  how old are you 

 Crtonist84 [7:52 PM]:  here*

 Crtonist84 [7:52 PM]:  Do you really wanna know

 UBetcha7 [7:52 PM]:  great

 Crtonist84 [7:52 PM]:  Its not good for my image

 UBetcha7 [7:52 PM]:  im asking aint i 

 Crtonist84 [7:53 PM]:  My age isnt flattering

 Crtonist84 [7:53 PM]:  All I will say is its below 65

 Crtonist84 [7:53 PM]:  ok?

 UBetcha7 [7:53 PM]:  no not ok 

 Crtonist84 [7:53 PM]:  why is that not okay

 UBetcha7 [7:53 PM]:  how old

 UBetcha7 [7:53 PM]:  just curious 

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  Okay, im nopt about 60

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  not*

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  above*

 UBetcha7 [7:54 PM]:  below 20 

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  okay

 Crtonist84 [7:54 PM]:  you got me

 Crtonist84 [7:55 PM]:  below 20

 Crtonist84 [7:55 PM]:  but about 17

 Crtonist84 [7:55 PM]:  above*

 UBetcha7 [7:56 PM]:  well what are you doing tonight besides harassing strangers 

 UBetcha7 [7:56 PM]:  sorry bad speller here

 Crtonist84 [7:56 PM]: strangers

 UBetcha7 [7:56 PM]:  maybe a little

 Crtonist84 [7:57 PM]:  Okay, your right

 Crtonist84 [7:57 PM]:  I am trying to hassle a little stranger, he is a midget

 UBetcha7 [7:58 PM]:  are you slow

 Crtonist84 [7:58 PM]:  Am I slow

 Crtonist84 [7:58 PM]:  Meaning what

 Crtonist84 [7:58 PM]:  Okay im not the fastest runner in the world

 Crtonist84 [7:59 PM]:  I think you are mistaking my quickness for slowness

 Crtonist84 [7:59 PM]:  Because you may be to slow for my quickness

 Crtonist84 [7:59 PM]:  WHat do you think of that?

 UBetcha7 [7:59 PM]:  where are you from

 UBetcha7 [7:59 PM]:  not much 

 Crtonist84 [7:59 PM]:  I am from a place far far away

 UBetcha7 [8:00 PM]:  where would that be 

 Crtonist84 [8:00 PM]:  California

 UBetcha7 [8:01 PM]:  where at in ca 

 Crtonist84 [8:01 PM]:  the south part

 UBetcha7 [8:02 PM]:  you spend a lot of time on the pc

 Crtonist84 [8:02 PM]:  do I

 Crtonist84 [8:02 PM]:  No not really

 Crtonist84 [8:02 PM]:  I spend a lot of time trying to be PC

 Crtonist84 [8:02 PM]:  but its pointless really

 UBetcha7 [8:03 PM]:  i can see that 

 UBetcha7 [8:03 PM]:  you have a girlfriend

 Crtonist84 [8:03 PM]:  I dont really spend much time on my PC, it gets too hot for sitting.

 Crtonist84 [8:03 PM]:  Whoa, whoa, if you want to go on a date, just ask

 Crtonist84 [8:04 PM]:  Dont pull the do you have a girlfriend crap

 UBetcha7 [8:04 PM]:  i have a wife 

 Crtonist84 [8:04 PM]:  thats cool

 Crtonist84 [8:04 PM]:  what ever floats your boat

 Crtonist84 [8:04 PM]:  am i right

 Crtonist84 [8:04 PM]:  am i

 Crtonist84 [8:04 PM]:  am i

 Crtonist84 [8:05 PM]:  ?

 Crtonist84 [8:05 PM]:  I feel like I am in the crying game right now

 UBetcha7 [8:05 PM]:  you probably are 

 Crtonist84 [8:05 PM]:  So true

 Crtonist84 [8:06 PM]:  all too true

 UBetcha7 [8:06 PM]:  i figured with your brains you would be out with alot of women on a sat night 

 Crtonist84 [8:07 PM]:  well, you see, thats the problem

 UBetcha7 [8:07 PM]:  what 

 Crtonist84 [8:07 PM]:  Once you have some much brains that is oozing out of your ears, it becomes less attractive

  UBetcha7 [8:07 PM]:  you BETCHA

 Crtonist84 [8:08 PM]:  Does your wife think im smart

 UBetcha7 [8:08 PM]:  i doubt it 

 Crtonist84 [8:08 PM]:  Bummer

 Crtonist84 [8:09 PM]:  Do you think she thinks im a jackass

 UBetcha7 [8:09 PM]:  probably 

 Crtonist84 [8:09 PM]:  sweet

 Crtonist84 [8:09 PM]:  Thats good enough

 Crtonist84 [8:09 PM]:  U betcha that?

 UBetcha7 [8:09 PM]:  kool 

 Crtonist84 [8:10 PM]:  Boo-ya

 Crtonist84 [8:10 PM]:  You have just been talbotronned

 Crtonist84 [8:10 PM]:  bro


#17 7/22/02

 Crtonist84 [10:05 PM]:  Damn, do typical of you to be a moocow.  Why arent there any barkcows, or meowcows.  Peer pressure changed them all thats why.
 Moocows132 [10:05 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [10:05 PM]:  Why are you laughing
 Crtonist84 [10:05 PM]:  You are the unoriginal moocow
 Moocows132 [10:06 PM]:  cause i laugh at stupid stuff    and stupid comments from people i dont know
 Crtonist84 [10:06 PM]:  So you think you dont know me
 Moocows132 [10:06 PM]:  i dont remember you   
 Crtonist84 [10:06 PM]:  how could you forget
 Crtonist84 [10:06 PM]:  you are on my bd list and everything
 Crtonist84 [10:07 PM]:  You might know me under my other screename
 Moocows132 [10:07 PM]:  i dont know  most people i know dont come into my loft to make fun of me or my sn------and what is that
 Crtonist84 [10:07 PM]:  barkdog132
 Crtonist84 [10:07 PM]:  boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [10:07 PM]:  later gator, oh wait your a cow
 Moocows132 [10:07 PM]:  hmmmm nope i dont think so  what the hell is that  hahahha
 Crtonist84 [10:08 PM]:  boo-ya

#18 7/22/02

 Crtonist84 [10:17 PM]:  Thats what I saw, until he told me he saw she first.
 HeSawMeFirst [10:17 PM]:  lol i'm impressed with that answer.
 Crtonist84 [10:18 PM]:  Are you really?
 Crtonist84 [10:18 PM]:  I I dress to impress
 Crtonist84 [10:18 PM]:  But I also try to be funny
 HeSawMeFirst [10:18 PM]:  yes, really i am..i usually get the "pimps" saying some idiotic answer.
 HeSawMeFirst [10:18 PM]:  im amused at it :) and with the Dexter Icon.
 Crtonist84 [10:18 PM]:  But thats a whole different story
 Crtonist84 [10:18 PM]:  Im glad you like it.
 Crtonist84 [10:18 PM]:  What if I told you I was wearing no pants right now.
 Crtonist84 [10:19 PM]:  And then what if I told you I were only kidding.
 Crtonist84 [10:19 PM]:  Scared for a sec didnt I
 Crtonist84 [10:19 PM]:  scared you for a sec*
 Crtonist84 [10:20 PM]:  :'(
 Crtonist84 [10:20 PM]:  I guess I really scared you
 Crtonist84 [10:20 PM]:  so far waway you can't even respond
 Crtonist84 [10:20 PM]:  then again maybe you blocked me and I can't tell your not getting any of this
 Crtonist84 [10:21 PM]:  hmmm...............................................................
 Crtonist84 [10:21 PM]:  ..............................................................................
 Crtonist84 [10:21 PM]:  ...................................................................
 Crtonist84 [10:21 PM]:  alright then
 Crtonist84 [10:21 PM]:  hmmmm
 Crtonist84 [10:21 PM]:  boo-ya, you have been talbotronned I guess?


#19 7/23/02

 Crtonist84 [7:03 PM]:  You are a stupid idiot, and I hate your stupid screename.
 whiteguywhitewrx [7:04 PM]:  Hey, dont be meanto me like that.  I cry easily cause I am a wussy.
 Crtonist84 [7:04 PM]:  Oh really
 Crtonist84 [7:04 PM]:  Well I cant care
 Crtonist84 [7:04 PM]:  You stupid
 Crtonist84 [7:04 PM]:  You have to be the stupidest idiot I ever maet, are you gonna say something or just stand there and cry about it.
 whiteguywhitewrx [7:05 PM]:  :'(
 Crtonist84 [7:05 PM]:  I thought so, damn you suck
 Crtonist84 [7:05 PM]:  boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned.
 whiteguywhitewrx [7:05 PM]:  :'(


#20 7/2/02

 Crtonist84 [9:30 PM]:  Are you a new flavor.  I have had oatmeal rasin, and cookies and creme, but never evil devil.
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:30 PM]:  huh?
 Crtonist84 [9:30 PM]:  Exactly
 Crtonist84 [9:30 PM]:  It just doesnt make sense
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:30 PM]:  of a jellybean?
 Crtonist84 [9:30 PM]:  does it?
 Crtonist84 [9:30 PM]:  Yes of a jelly bean.
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  oh yeah my jellybean
 Crtonist84 [9:31 PM]:  Im not talking about coffee beans here
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  well ya could
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  i like coffee
 Crtonist84 [9:31 PM]:  I could what?
 Crtonist84 [9:31 PM]:  Are you drunk?
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  ya could say i'm a coffee bean 
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  *an coffee jellybean
 Crtonist84 [9:31 PM]:  I was talking about jelly beans and now you say you want coffee beans
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  lol yeah that's it i'm 12 and i'm drunk
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  hahahhahaahh
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:31 PM]:  no i'm not
 Crtonist84 [9:32 PM]:  But your name says Jelly Bean
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:32 PM]:  i know 
 Crtonist84 [9:32 PM]:  maybe you are dislexic and are 21????
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:32 PM]:  what??
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:32 PM]:  i'm only 12
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:32 PM]:  ur scary
 Crtonist84 [9:32 PM]:  You mean 21?
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:32 PM]:  no 12 12/f/pa herre
 Crtonist84 [9:33 PM]:  You mean ap/f/21
 Crtonist84 [9:33 PM]:  boo-a, you have been talbotronned.
 Crtonist84 [9:33 PM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [9:33 PM]:  Boo-ya
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:33 PM]:  BOO-YA!!!
 Crtonist84 [9:34 PM]:  Dont boo-ya me
 Crtonist84 [9:34 PM]:  you dont know the beginning of boo-ya
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:34 PM]:  I JUST DID
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:34 PM]:  BOO-YA 
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:34 PM]:  BOO-YA
 Crtonist84 [9:34 PM]:  you do not deserve to boo-ya
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:34 PM]:  BOO-YA
 Crtonist84 [9:34 PM]:  You have not earned it
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:34 PM]:  I DON'T EVEN CARE WHAT IT MEANS
 Crtonist84 [9:34 PM]:  Of course you dont
 Crtonist84 [9:35 PM]:  Becuase you, do not respect what Talbotronnedation is all about
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:35 PM]:  UR MEAN =O(
 Crtonist84 [9:35 PM]:  Its people like you, that make Talbotronnedations a rarity today
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:35 PM]:  HUH???
 Crtonist84 [9:35 PM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [9:35 PM]:  you said you didnt care
 Crtonist84 [9:36 PM]:  so you do not get to know
 Crtonist84 [9:36 PM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [9:36 PM]:  cant have your cake and eat it too, sorry, booya
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:38 PM]:  =O(
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:39 PM]:  {S ALERT
 Crtonist84 [9:39 PM]:  boo-ya
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:39 PM]:  =O(
 Crtonist84 [9:39 PM]:  bye
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:40 PM]:  :-D BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Crtonist84 [9:43 PM]:  boo-ya
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:43 PM]:  =o(
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:44 PM]:  if ya don't like me will ya save both of us sum time and stop iming me!!!!!!!!!!
 Crtonist84 [9:44 PM]:  k
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:45 PM]:  thank you!!
 Crtonist84 [9:45 PM]:  your welcome!!
 Crtonist84 [9:46 PM]:  boo-ya
 EvilDevilJellybn [9:46 PM]:  now get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#21 7/29/02

Crtonist84 [1:13 PM]:  I have never really understood that title.

 Crtonist84 [1:14 PM]:  I dont really find kittens all that sexy.

 Crtonist84 [1:14 PM]:  Ya know?

 Sexkitten8319 [1:14 PM]:  ok 

 Crtonist84 [1:14 PM]:  You see what I am saying right

 Crtonist84 [1:15 PM]:  I just think a name like Sexnudegirl8319 makes more sense

 Sexkitten8319 [1:15 PM]:  ok 

 Crtonist84 [1:15 PM]:  do you see what im saying though?

 Sexkitten8319 [1:16 PM]:  no but thats your opinion and everyone has an opinion

 Crtonist84 [1:16 PM]:  Im glad you respect my opinion

 Crtonist84 [1:16 PM]:  Cuasde boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned

 Crtonist84 [1:16 PM]:  cause*

 Sexkitten8319 [1:17 PM]:  what

 Crtonist84 [1:17 PM]:  exactly

 Sexkitten8319 [1:17 PM]:  what are u talking about?

 Crtonist84 [1:17 PM]:  I was talking about how kittens werent sexy

 Sexkitten8319 [1:18 PM]:  what is talbotronned?

 Crtonist84 [1:18 PM]:  remember

 Crtonist84 [1:19 PM]:  You cant ask what is talbotronned.  It is really more a lifestyle, not an object.  A state of mind even.

 Sexkitten8319 [1:19 PM]:  ok 

 Sexkitten8319 [1:19 PM]:  what is your name

 Crtonist84 [1:19 PM]:  Talbotronned

 Crtonist84 [1:20 PM]:  thats what my friends call me

 Crtonist84 [1:20 PM]:  when they hate me

 Sexkitten8319 [1:20 PM]:  where are u from

 Crtonist84 [1:20 PM]:  Because thats what my drunk and abusive step father called me

 Crtonist84 [1:21 PM]:  I come from a land of cows and hummingbirds in a country called Canada, and not even the Swedish can take that from me.

 Sexkitten8319 [1:21 PM]:  age?

 Crtonist84 [1:21 PM]:  Yup, so you kinda get where im coming from right?

 Crtonist84 [1:21 PM]:  If you had to guess how old, would you?

 Sexkitten8319 [1:21 PM]:  no

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  But what uf you had to guess, would you?

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  if*

 Sexkitten8319 [1:22 PM]:  no

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  hmmmm

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  playing hard to guess huh

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  I like that in my kittens

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  My age isnt important

 Sexkitten8319 [1:22 PM]:  sure it is

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  only the diamater of my skull

 Crtonist84 [1:22 PM]:  diameter*

 Sexkitten8319 [1:23 PM]:  bye

 Crtonist84 [1:23 PM]:  boo-ya

 Crtonist84 [1:23 PM]:  talbotronnedation completed

 Sexkitten8319 [1:23 PM]:  what

 Sexkitten8319 [1:23 PM]:  bye


#22 7/29/02

Conversation with DOCKBUILDER101

Crtonist84 [1:18 PM]:  Do you really build docks

 Crtonist84 [1:18 PM]:  are do you just say that cause dock builders are soo popular with the ladies.

 Crtonist84 [1:18 PM]:  or*

 Crtonist84 [1:19 PM]:  ??

 Crtonist84 [1:19 PM]:  Im just curious

 Crtonist84 [1:19 PM]:  I ws thinking of changing my name to dock builder in training

 Crtonist84 [1:19 PM]:  or sexydockbuilder69?

 Crtonist84 [1:23 PM]:  Is that cool with you?

 Crtonist84 [1:24 PM]:  I didnt want to travel onto the one and only dockbuilder101's territory

 Crtonist84 [1:25 PM]:  Us dockbuilders gotta watch out for each other.  Its a cutthroat word out there.  Its us vs. the pier builders

 Crtonist84 [1:26 PM]:  And dont even get me started on civil engineers

 Crtonist84 [1:26 PM]:  heartless bastards

 Crtonist84 [1:27 PM]:  I mean really.  Who do they think they are.

 Crtonist84 [1:28 PM]:  I once asked for a piece of gum from one of those devils

 Crtonist84 [1:29 PM]:  He threw it into the lake and told me to go build a bridge to get it.

 Crtonist84 [1:29 PM]:  I was like, "You didnt just tell me to build a bridge."

 Crtonist84 [1:29 PM]:  So I tazered his ass and threw him in the lake.

 Crtonist84 [1:29 PM]:  So that was pretty cool.

 Crtonist84 [1:29 PM]:  Well gotta go, boo-ya ,you have been talbotronned.


#23 7/29/02

Crtonist84 [1:23 PM]:  You don't know Swiss Miss by any chance.  I have run out of pudding snack and I cant find her anywhere.

 Southernmiss1234 [1:23 PM]:  HA HA 

 Crtonist84 [1:24 PM]:  Is that a sarcastic laugh or what?

 Crtonist84 [1:24 PM]:  usually shor and all caps means get the fu*k away from me

 Southernmiss1234 [1:24 PM]:   Oh, i'm new to online and dont' know all the jargon

 Crtonist84 [1:25 PM]:  now you know

 Crtonist84 [1:25 PM]:  so you werent being sarcastic

 Crtonist84 [1:25 PM]:  This is a pretty serious situtation

 Southernmiss1234 [1:25 PM]:  I'm trrying to learn thanks  No I wasn't trying to be

 Crtonist84 [1:25 PM]:  I kinda get sick with out my swiss miss pudding

 Crtonist84 [1:26 PM]:  have you seen her.

 Crtonist84 [1:26 PM]:  Really hot and sexy, about 28yrs old, wears short skirts?

 Crtonist84 [1:26 PM]:  sound familiar?

 Southernmiss1234 [1:26 PM]:  Oh, I see that was an old joke

 Crtonist84 [1:27 PM]:  what?

 Crtonist84 [1:27 PM]:  An old joke, i dont do any of those miss

 Southernmiss1234 [1:27 PM]:  Well, i thought i hEARD IT SOMEWHERE

 Crtonist84 [1:28 PM]:  that swiss miss was a hottie?

 Crtonist84 [1:28 PM]:  When she did playboy in the summe of 97, thats when we all knew how hot she really was.

 Crtonist84 [1:28 PM]:  summer*

 Southernmiss1234 [1:28 PM]:  where are you from?

 Crtonist84 [1:30 PM]:  California

 Crtonist84 [1:30 PM]:  Its this new development in the west.

 Crtonist84 [1:30 PM]:  I really think it has some potential

 Crtonist84 [1:30 PM]:  But we will just have to wait and see

 Crtonist84 [1:31 PM]:  :-D

 Southernmiss1234 [1:31 PM]:  It must because several people i know moved out there

 Crtonist84 [1:31 PM]:  Hmmm.....

 Southernmiss1234 [1:31 PM]:  Why the name crtonist84

 Crtonist84 [1:31 PM]:  Because some fo your friends moved her, you assumed California would do well.

 Southernmiss1234 [1:32 PM]:  Well, it must have something good.

 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  I have a car

 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  that weighs a ton

 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  and is a model T

 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  and i was born in 1984

 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  make sense?

 Southernmiss1234 [1:32 PM]:  No, should it?

 Crtonist84 [1:32 PM]:  no

 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  I walways say, the less sense the better

 Southernmiss1234 [1:33 PM]:  My daughter was born in 84

 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  always*

 Southernmiss1234 [1:33 PM]:  You type about as good as me

 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  Good for her.

 Crtonist84 [1:33 PM]:  Geez, I make one mistake and you tell me im the worst typer in the world

 Southernmiss1234 [1:34 PM]:  No i said you type like I do!

 Crtonist84 [1:34 PM]:  I know, hehehe

 Southernmiss1234 [1:34 PM]:  Besides it was two mistakes

 Crtonist84 [1:34 PM]:  See, I took what you said to me and subtly turned it against you

 Crtonist84 [1:34 PM]:  So subtly in fact you repeat what you said to me thinking I misunderstood you.

 Crtonist84 [1:34 PM]:  You see?

 Southernmiss1234 [1:34 PM]:  You should not do that , I'm new to online

 Crtonist84 [1:35 PM]:  You call people like you Born Online Yesterday

 Crtonist84 [1:35 PM]:  Im only kidding

  Crtonist84 [1:35 PM]:  We call people like you idiots.

 Southernmiss1234 [1:35 PM]:  Be gentle, i'll catch on.

 Crtonist84 [1:35 PM]:  just kidding again

 Crtonist84 [1:35 PM]:  hehe

 Southernmiss1234 [1:36 PM]:  Gee thanks!!!

 Crtonist84 [1:36 PM]:  If you see swiss miss, can you give her my number.  I want to take her for a night on the town

#24 7/30/02

Crtonist84 [5:29 PM]:  I have never actaully seena cute butterfly.  They all seem kinda ungly to me.
 Crtonist84 [5:29 PM]:  No offense
 Crtonist84 [5:30 PM]:  ugly*
 Crtonist84 [5:30 PM]:  you now what I mean
 Crtonist84 [5:30 PM]:  With there antenas
 Crtonist84 [5:30 PM]:  and buggyness
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:30 PM]:  r u dogging the butterfly's
 Crtonist84 [5:31 PM]:  aaa...I guess I am
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:31 PM]:  well don't
 Crtonist84 [5:31 PM]:  See, I have no doubt that you may be cute, but butterflys, dont get me all hot and steamy, you know.
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:31 PM]:  oh ok
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:31 PM]:  I don't understand
 Crtonist84 [5:32 PM]:  let me break it down for you
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:32 PM]:  what!
 Crtonist84 [5:32 PM]:  You may be very hot.  Butterflies, on the other hand, arent hot.  They dont appear cute to me.  
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:32 PM]:  What is your name?
 Crtonist84 [5:33 PM]:  Just call me sexyant
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:33 PM]:  ok
 Crtonist84 [5:33 PM]:  Now that makes sense you see?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:33 PM]:  Hello Matt
 Crtonist84 [5:34 PM]:  damn
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:34 PM]:  what r u mad?
 Crtonist84 [5:34 PM]:  Son of a bitch
 Crtonist84 [5:34 PM]:  No, I cuss when im happy
 Crtonist84 [5:34 PM]:  f-word
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:34 PM]:  what did u say to me?
 Crtonist84 [5:34 PM]:  never mind
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:34 PM]:  okay?
 Crtonist84 [5:35 PM]:  Well, now that you know my middle name is Matt
 Crtonist84 [5:35 PM]:  I might as well tell you my first name
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:35 PM]:  I'm sychic
 Crtonist84 [5:35 PM]:  My first name is Richardy
 Crtonist84 [5:35 PM]:  So lets put it all together
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:35 PM]:  sure it is
 Crtonist84 [5:35 PM]:  Richardy Matt Sexyant
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:36 PM]:  what a name
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:36 PM]:  send me your pic Matt!
 Crtonist84 [5:36 PM]:  Do I make you horny baby,do I?
 Crtonist84 [5:37 PM]:  DO I?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:37 PM]:  Are you watching the Austin Power's movie?
 Crtonist84 [5:37 PM]:  what
 Crtonist84 [5:37 PM]:  oh no, never had much interest in those
 Crtonist84 [5:37 PM]:  I heard the new one has cameos though
 Crtonist84 [5:37 PM]:  that would be cool
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:38 PM]:  ok
 Crtonist84 [5:38 PM]:  well if you want my pic
 Crtonist84 [5:38 PM]:  you must answer the question
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:38 PM]:  what
 Crtonist84 [5:38 PM]:  Do I make you horny baby, do I?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:39 PM]:  I'm not your baby
 Crtonist84 [5:39 PM]:  but you are someones correct?
 Crtonist84 [5:40 PM]:  if you are not someones baby, you must be an alien
 Crtonist84 [5:40 PM]:  sent you my pic
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:40 PM]:  Than I must be an alien than
 Crtonist84 [5:40 PM]:  whoa
 Crtonist84 [5:40 PM]:  cool
 Crtonist84 [5:40 PM]:  Do aliens have boobs too?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:40 PM]:  shut the fuck up
 Crtonist84 [5:41 PM]:  geez
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:41 PM]:  lol:-)
 Crtonist84 [5:41 PM]:  it was just a joke
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:41 PM]:  okay than
 Crtonist84 [5:41 PM]:  I will take that as a no on the boobs question
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  So, anyways, alien?
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  what do you do for fun
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:42 PM]:  you r being a jack -ass
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  When it is hot in therre, do you take off all your clothes?
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  Im being witty, there is a difference
 Crtonist84 [5:43 PM]:  Oh wait, I just checked my dictionary, I am being a jackass, my bad.
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:43 PM]:  u dumb-ass
 Crtonist84 [5:43 PM]:  I am not a dumbass
 Crtonist84 [5:43 PM]:  I am a smart ass, or a jackass, not a dumb ass.
 Crtonist84 [5:44 PM]:  k?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:44 PM]:  ok smart-ass
 Crtonist84 [5:44 PM]:  thnak you
 Crtonist84 [5:44 PM]:  thank*
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:44 PM]:  Man your pretty cool so far.
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:45 PM]:  Now really send me a pic of you.
Not an aunt neither
 Crtonist84 [5:45 PM]:  Thats what I do.  I make girls(or aliens in this case) think im cool for the fist 10minutes, then I go crazy.
 Crtonist84 [5:45 PM]:  I didnt send you a pic of my aunt
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:46 PM]:  You didn't sent  it  to me.
 Crtonist84 [5:47 PM]:  I dont feel comfortable sending pictures of myself to people
 Crtonist84 [5:47 PM]:  or aliens
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:47 PM]:  Hello I'm really not an alien
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:47 PM]:  Do u have boobs?
 Crtonist84 [5:47 PM]:  nope
 Crtonist84 [5:47 PM]:  But I am a guy
 Crtonist84 [5:48 PM]:  so that makes me still human
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:48 PM]:  I was just joking w/u
 Crtonist84 [5:48 PM]:  oh
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:48 PM]:  ;-) see your cool for now silly
 Crtonist84 [5:48 PM]:  Maybe if I had my own boobs I wouldnt have soo many sexual harrassmnet cases pending if you know what I mean.
 Crtonist84 [5:49 PM]:  ANd I think you do?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:49 PM]:  your a silly ass
 Crtonist84 [5:49 PM]:  why thank you
 Crtonist84 [5:49 PM]:  <(take a bow)
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:49 PM]:  have you gone crazy yet?
 Crtonist84 [5:49 PM]:  <( and shoots an arrow)
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:50 PM]:  jack-ass
 Crtonist84 [5:50 PM]:  I am crazy, just on the inside
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:50 PM]:  What about the inside?
 Crtonist84 [5:50 PM]:  WHat are you talking about
 Crtonist84 [5:50 PM]:  I just said that
 Crtonist84 [5:50 PM]:  I am crazy on the inside
 Crtonist84 [5:50 PM]:  did you hear me or not
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  aaaaaaaaa, I hate it when people dont hear me
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  I hate it sooo much
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  Iyt just makes me go crazy
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  aaaaaaaaa
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  j/k
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  hehe
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:51 PM]:  your not making sence
 Crtonist84 [5:52 PM]:  But I am making sense
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:52 PM]:  your talking in rittedles
 Crtonist84 [5:52 PM]:  I dont know what those are but they sound crazy
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:52 PM]:  u smart ass
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:53 PM]:  R u gay?
 Crtonist84 [5:53 PM]:  Nope
 Crtonist84 [5:53 PM]:  Why do you ask?
 Crtonist84 [5:53 PM]:  :-!
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:53 PM]:  just asking 
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  Just because im witty, smart, intelligent, and a jackass, you think im gay, dont you?
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  dont you?
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  aaaaaaaaaaaa
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  that just makes me go crazy
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  aaaaaaaa
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  !!!!!
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  Im okay
 Crtonist84 [5:54 PM]:  hehe
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:54 PM]:  :-D Look u need some seours help
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:54 PM]:  like 
 Crtonist84 [5:55 PM]:  seours help
 Crtonist84 [5:55 PM]:  WTF is that?
 Crtonist84 [5:55 PM]:  is that some new type of therapy
 Crtonist84 [5:55 PM]:  where people beat the crap out of you and then you feel better
 Crtonist84 [5:56 PM]:  or not?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:56 PM]:  1-800- please I need help I have lost my mind
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:56 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [5:56 PM]:  let me dial that number right away
 Crtonist84 [5:56 PM]:  Oh wait too many freakin numbers
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:57 PM]:  I'm just joking
 Crtonist84 [5:57 PM]:  If I dialed all that crap I would probably end up getting some guy in Bangladesh or something
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:57 PM]:  no wait
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:57 PM]:  It's
 Crtonist84 [5:57 PM]:  Oh I thought you seourusly wanted me to call
 Crtonist84 [5:57 PM]:  i though you are being very seours about things
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  Anyways
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:58 PM]:  1-800-246-5464
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  What number is that??
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  I have internet terret syndrome, so I must apologize.
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  boo
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  ya
 Crtonist84 [5:58 PM]:  what number is that?
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:59 PM]:  I'm joking Matt
 Cutebutterfly5 [5:59 PM]:  ;-)
 Crtonist84 [5:59 PM]:  oh
 Crtonist84 [5:59 PM]:  my head hurts
 Crtonist84 [5:59 PM]:  I have to go and boo-ya or something.   Maybe take some boo-ya and wash it down with some liquid boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [5:59 PM]:  Ya know?
 Cutebutterfly5 [6:00 PM]:  than take something for it 
 Cutebutterfly5 [6:00 PM]:  ok?
 Crtonist84 [6:00 PM]:  If that doesnt work I could use some acient chinese
boo-ya.  Then again made some old american boo-ya could help me out.
 Crtonist84 [6:00 PM]:  ancient*
 Crtonist84 [6:00 PM]:  Why, do you still want to talk to me?
 Cutebutterfly5 [6:00 PM]:  than go away
 Crtonist84 [6:02 PM]:  :'(
 Crtonist84 [6:02 PM]:  you dont mean that do
 Crtonist84 [6:02 PM]:  you
 Crtonist84 [6:02 PM]:  Before I go I must know
 Crtonist84 [6:02 PM]:  one thing
 Crtonist84 [6:03 PM]:  are you there?
 Cutebutterfly5 [6:03 PM]:  what  do u want
 Crtonist84 [6:03 PM]:  Do I make you horny baby, do I?
 Cutebutterfly5 [6:03 PM]:  yes I'm here
 Cutebutterfly5 [6:03 PM]:  would u quit saying that
 Crtonist84 [6:03 PM]:  ok
 Crtonist84 [6:03 PM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [6:03 PM]:  bye
 Cutebutterfly5 [6:04 PM]:  c-ya later jack-ass
 Crtonist84 [6:04 PM]:  sweet

#25 8/04/02

 Crtonist84 [4:34 PM]:  My dreams are more in shades of indigo really.
 LavenderDream55 [4:34 PM]:  each person has their own dreams......
 Crtonist84 [4:34 PM]:  dark and blue
 Crtonist84 [4:34 PM]:  Does each person have their own nightmares?
 LavenderDream55 [4:34 PM]:  doesn't sound peaceful to me
 LavenderDream55 [4:35 PM]:  sure they do
 Crtonist84 [4:35 PM]:  i thought we all had about the same ones
 LavenderDream55 [4:35 PM]:  not at all
 Crtonist84 [4:35 PM]:  Ya know the classic nightmare, where this blad guy runs into your room, and puts snakes on her face, and then starts signing Elvis songs while stabbing you.
 LavenderDream55 [4:36 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:36 PM]:  no.......can't say as i've had that one
 Crtonist84 [4:36 PM]:  really
 Crtonist84 [4:36 PM]:  Me and a bunch of my friends have that one every ngiht
 LavenderDream55 [4:37 PM]:  i see
 LavenderDream55 [4:37 PM]:  and how old  r u?
 Crtonist84 [4:37 PM]:  we decided to join a group becuase of it, what do you call them, ahh yes, a cult.
 LavenderDream55 [4:37 PM]:  and what drugs are you on?
 Crtonist84 [4:37 PM]:  Age is not important
 LavenderDream55 [4:37 PM]:  oh, yessssssssssssssss it is
 Crtonist84 [4:37 PM]:  damn
 Crtonist84 [4:37 PM]:  your right
 Crtonist84 [4:37 PM]:  im 18
 LavenderDream55 [4:37 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:37 PM]:  thought so
 LavenderDream55 [4:38 PM]:  one year younger than my son
 Crtonist84 [4:38 PM]:  oh i see how it is
 LavenderDream55 [4:38 PM]:  lmaoooooooooooo
 LavenderDream55 [4:38 PM]:  do you now?
 Crtonist84 [4:38 PM]:  Just becuase I am 18, you automatically assume I am 
 Crtonist84 [4:38 PM]:  one year younger than your son.
 Crtonist84 [4:39 PM]:  Oh yea, and you also assume I am an idiot
 LavenderDream55 [4:39 PM]:  not
 LavenderDream55 [4:39 PM]:  my son is not an idiot
 Crtonist84 [4:40 PM]:  i know
 Crtonist84 [4:40 PM]:  that is why is he one year older
 LavenderDream55 [4:40 PM]:  so, why would i assume you are?
 LavenderDream55 [4:40 PM]:  he has never been an
 Crtonist84 [4:40 PM]:  oh
 Crtonist84 [4:40 PM]:  Well if your parents keep telling you something, you are bound to believe it eventually
 LavenderDream55 [4:40 PM]:  cept that he is a male    lmao
 LavenderDream55 [4:40 PM]:  then my son believes he can do anything he wants
 LavenderDream55 [4:41 PM]:  and that he is a great person
 LavenderDream55 [4:41 PM]:  ty
 Crtonist84 [4:41 PM]:  well then
 Crtonist84 [4:41 PM]:  isnt he just grand
 LavenderDream55 [4:41 PM]:  he is a good person
 Crtonist84 [4:41 PM]:  I mean, having three fingers on my left hand isnt really a disability
 LavenderDream55 [4:41 PM]:  having adhd and epilepsy isn't really a disability, either
 LavenderDream55 [4:41 PM]:  if you deal with it
 LavenderDream55 [4:42 PM]:  brother in law has 2 fingers on right hand
 LavenderDream55 [4:42 PM]:  still a mechanic
 Crtonist84 [4:42 PM]:  Proabably the most peaceful guy in thw rold
 LavenderDream55 [4:42 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:42 PM]:  obviously you are not........
 Crtonist84 [4:43 PM]:  the world*
 Crtonist84 [4:43 PM]:  Obviously?
 Crtonist84 [4:43 PM]:  obviously!
 LavenderDream55 [4:43 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:43 PM]:  well
 LavenderDream55 [4:43 PM]:  then maybe you need to figure out why
 LavenderDream55 [4:43 PM]:  and do something about it
 LavenderDream55 [4:43 PM]:  i did
 Crtonist84 [4:43 PM]:  I do something about it everyday
 LavenderDream55 [4:43 PM]:  something constructive?
 Crtonist84 [4:44 PM]:  I usually kick some guys ass once or twice a week
 Crtonist84 [4:44 PM]:  and then build Legos
 LavenderDream55 [4:44 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:44 PM]:  ok...part of that is constructive
 Crtonist84 [4:45 PM]:  but I build cages for human with my legos
 LavenderDream55 [4:45 PM]:  must take a lot of legos
  LavenderDream55 [4:45 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:45 PM]:  you got stock in toys r us?
 Crtonist84 [4:45 PM]:  no
 LavenderDream55 [4:46 PM]:  :-)
 LavenderDream55 [4:46 PM]:  maybe you should
 Crtonist84 [4:46 PM]:  i only buy stock in companies I love and believe in
 Crtonist84 [4:46 PM]:  like Philip Morris
 LavenderDream55 [4:46 PM]:  lmao
 Crtonist84 [4:46 PM]:  Can you really laugh your ass off
 LavenderDream55 [4:46 PM]:  dunno
hasn't happened.....yet
 Crtonist84 [4:46 PM]:  That would be a great line of work out videos
 Crtonist84 [4:46 PM]:  Just laugh your ass off!
 LavenderDream55 [4:46 PM]:  true
 LavenderDream55 [4:46 PM]:  2 choices
 LavenderDream55 [4:46 PM]:  laugh or cry
 LavenderDream55 [4:47 PM]:  i choose laughter
 Crtonist84 [4:47 PM]:  i thinking laughing is a bit more fun
 LavenderDream55 [4:47 PM]:  definitely
 Crtonist84 [4:47 PM]:  but dont underestimate crying
 Crtonist84 [4:47 PM]:  I mean I watch bambi once or twice a day, just to get my eyes washed out
 LavenderDream55 [4:47 PM]:  it can be cathartic
  LavenderDream55 [4:47 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [4:48 PM]:  am i annoying?
 LavenderDream55 [4:48 PM]:  no...........but, nice try
 LavenderDream55 [4:48 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [4:48 PM]:  dan, mission failed
 LavenderDream55 [4:48 PM]:  snicker
 Crtonist84 [4:48 PM]:  dan is my sidekick in crime, i tell him everything
 Crtonist84 [4:48 PM]:  or maybe I just meant to say damn
 LavenderDream55 [4:48 PM]:  ah.........good to have one
 Crtonist84 [4:48 PM]:  you will never know
 LavenderDream55 [4:48 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [4:49 PM]:  never
 LavenderDream55 [4:49 PM]:  lmao
  LavenderDream55 [4:49 PM]:  sometimes it's good to wonder.......
 Crtonist84 [4:49 PM]:  if you keep laughing your ass off, you may not have an ass
 LavenderDream55 [4:49 PM]:  dunno
 LavenderDream55 [4:50 PM]:  will take the risk
 Crtonist84 [4:50 PM]:  got some ass to spare huh?
 LavenderDream55 [4:50 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:50 PM]:  they do wonders with plastic surgery now days
 LavenderDream55 [4:50 PM]:  if i laugh it off......i get a new one
  Crtonist84 [4:51 PM]:  sweet
 Crtonist84 [4:51 PM]:  sounds promising but expensive
 LavenderDream55 [4:51 PM]:  yesssssssssss
 LavenderDream55 [4:51 PM]:  hopefully it won't come to that
 Crtonist84 [4:51 PM]:  i nkow
 Crtonist84 [4:52 PM]:  You would hate to have to redo your ass when you really wanted new boobs
 LavenderDream55 [4:52 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:52 PM]:  nah
 LavenderDream55 [4:52 PM]:  don't need that
 Crtonist84 [4:52 PM]:  A little modesty please
 LavenderDream55 [4:52 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [4:52 PM]:  didn't mean that, silly
 Crtonist84 [4:52 PM]:  or a picture to prove it, j/k
 Crtonist84 [4:52 PM]:  unless you were gonna do it
 LavenderDream55 [4:53 PM]:  not
 Crtonist84 [4:53 PM]:  Quoted from Nelly, "hot in Herre."
 LavenderDream55 [4:53 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [4:53 PM]:  well, am i annoying yet
 LavenderDream55 [4:53 PM]:  but there is a site that shows pics that people have sent in of scanned boobs
 Crtonist84 [4:53 PM]:  jesus, what do i have to do.
 Crtonist84 [4:53 PM]:  Thats disgusting
 LavenderDream55 [4:53 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [4:53 PM]:  who would wanna go to that
 LavenderDream55 [4:54 PM]:  dunno.....but they did
 Crtonist84 [4:54 PM]:  send me the link
 Crtonist84 [4:54 PM]:  oooooo groossss
 LavenderDream55 [4:54 PM]:  i don't remember it
 LavenderDream55 [4:54 PM]:  gross?
 Crtonist84 [4:54 PM]:  anyways......
 LavenderDream55 [4:54 PM]:  hmmmmmmm
 LavenderDream55 [4:54 PM]:  never heard anyone say boobs were gross b4
 Crtonist84 [4:54 PM]:  do places outside the U.S. suck
 Crtonist84 [4:54 PM]:  I was trying to act dignified
 LavenderDream55 [4:55 PM]:  ok
 Crtonist84 [4:55 PM]:  but I just came across as gay
 Crtonist84 [4:56 PM]:  im straight
 Crtonist84 [4:56 PM]:  i promise
 LavenderDream55 [4:56 PM]:  i believe u
 Crtonist84 [4:56 PM]:  good
 Crtonist84 [4:56 PM]:  im so straight it hurts
 LavenderDream55 [4:56 PM]:  oh geez
 Crtonist84 [4:56 PM]:  no, i'm serious
 Crtonist84 [4:56 PM]:  fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
 Crtonist84 [4:56 PM]:  man down
 LavenderDream55 [4:57 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [4:57 PM]:  stop laughing
 LavenderDream55 [4:57 PM]:  i can't.....sorry
 Crtonist84 [4:58 PM]:  whats wrong with you
 Crtonist84 [4:58 PM]:  this is not a laughing matter
 LavenderDream55 [4:58 PM]:  nothing with me
 LavenderDream55 [4:58 PM]:  hee hee
 Crtonist84 [4:58 PM]:  it laughing anti-matter
 Crtonist84 [4:58 PM]:  clearly
 Crtonist84 [4:58 PM]:  and thus E=mc^2
 LavenderDream55 [4:58 PM]:  oh boy
 Crtonist84 [4:59 PM]:  F=ma
 LavenderDream55 [4:59 PM]:  oh?
 Crtonist84 [4:59 PM]:  digested food=poop
 Crtonist84 [4:59 PM]:  and an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
 LavenderDream55 [5:00 PM]:  very good
 Crtonist84 [5:00 PM]:  And thats all I have to say on that
 LavenderDream55 [5:00 PM]:  i c
 Crtonist84 [5:00 PM]:  u c
 Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  or do i c
 Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  ucsd?
 Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  no ic ic
 LavenderDream55 [5:01 PM]:  ya dig?
 Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  i dig
 LavenderDream55 [5:01 PM]:  :-)
 Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  =-O
 Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  well, its about time for me to piss you off really bad
 LavenderDream55 [5:01 PM]:  lol
 LavenderDream55 [5:01 PM]:  i have heard and seen everything on here
 Crtonist84 [5:01 PM]:  not quite sure what to say
 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  I have an audience to please
 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  Dont take it personally
 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  You stupid bitch.
 LavenderDream55 [5:02 PM]:  lmao
 LavenderDream55 [5:02 PM]:  sigh
 LavenderDream55 [5:02 PM]:  yawn
 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  aaa......
 Crtonist84 [5:02 PM]:  whore
 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  slut
 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  hmmmmm......
 LavenderDream55 [5:03 PM]:  oh dear
 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  you hairy trash monkey with frog eyes
 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  im sorry
 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  I got nothing
 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  i must leave now, befoer i look like an idiot
 LavenderDream55 [5:03 PM]:  i see that
 LavenderDream55 [5:03 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  boo-ya, you have been talbtotronned  Crtonist84 [5:03 PM]:  boo-ya
 LavenderDream55 [5:04 PM]:  ok
 Crtonist84 [5:05 PM]:  boo-ya
 LavenderDream55 [5:05 PM]:  bye

#25 8/09/02

 Crtonist84 [4:14 PM]:  I would like my two front teeth, and maybe a shiny new bike.
 SOWHATCHAWANTHUH [4:15 PM]:  maybe can do something about the shiny bike but the teeth ya have to see a dentist
 Crtonist84 [4:15 PM]:  damn
 Crtonist84 [4:16 PM]:  I should have seen it coming
 Crtonist84 [4:16 PM]:  Can i continue with my wanted list
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  Have you seen those robotic dogs
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  that can do tricks
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  and walk
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  and bark and stuff
 SOWHATCHAWANTHUH [4:18 PM]:  yeah yeah
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  I hate those things.  I hope they all explode
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  anyway
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  I want a shiny new cadillac escalade
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  with some dubs
 SOWHATCHAWANTHUH [4:18 PM]:  i can do that
 SOWHATCHAWANTHUH [4:18 PM]:  if your female
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  maybe dubs+2 and some 12" subs hitting in the back, shaking the ladies in the bikinis
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  sorry, im a dude
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  you have been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [4:20 PM]:  boo-ya

#26 8/11/02

 Crtonist84 [5:38 PM]:  Lucky me.  I am agent number three.
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:38 PM]:  what?
 Crtonist84 [5:38 PM]:  You hate agent number two, i am number 3
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:38 PM]:  I never said I hate agent anything
 Crtonist84 [5:39 PM]:  you said you hated two
 Crtonist84 [5:39 PM]:  I only name one person named two, and he is an agent
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:39 PM]:  the sn is i hate you two ( as in too as in also )
 Crtonist84 [5:39 PM]:  why not too then?
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:39 PM]:  cause I couldn't get it
 Crtonist84 [5:40 PM]:  Im sorry
 Crtonist84 [5:40 PM]:  Would you like some grief couseling
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:41 PM]:  lmao why would I want that lol
 Crtonist84 [5:41 PM]:  Possibly a Mikes Hard Lemonade?
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:42 PM]:  lol no thanks I dont drink
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  How about a Matt's hard wtaer
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  water*
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:42 PM]:  noooooo 
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  why not?
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:42 PM]:  now, what is it that you want?
 Crtonist84 [5:42 PM]:  What do I want?
 Crtonist84 [5:43 PM]:  All I am looking for is a little lady I can sit and have a nice talk with and eventually body slam.
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:43 PM]:  lmao
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:43 PM]:  I am married
 Crtonist84 [5:44 PM]:  So...
 Crtonist84 [5:44 PM]:  your point is?
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:44 PM]:  I don't know
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:44 PM]:  so why are you iming me lol I am not a nice little lady
 Crtonist84 [5:45 PM]:  you arent?
 Crtonist84 [5:45 PM]:  nice big lady?
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:45 PM]:  lmao 
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:45 PM]:  not nice at all
 Crtonist84 [5:46 PM]:  well then.......
 Crtonist84 [5:46 PM]:  what kind of lady are you?
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:46 PM]:  an irritated one
 Crtonist84 [5:47 PM]:  got a rash
 Crtonist84 [5:49 PM]:  ??
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:49 PM]:  what?
 Crtonist84 [5:49 PM]:  boo-ua you have been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [5:49 PM]:  boo-ya
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:50 PM]:  wtf are you talking about?
 Crtonist84 [5:50 PM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [5:50 PM]:  :-)
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:50 PM]:  omg you are friggin annoying the hell out of me, do you do this on purpose?
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  yes
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:51 PM]:  lol
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  It is a job really
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:51 PM]:  well atleast you are honest
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  that I am
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  And that is whyI must tell you I ama 600yr old alien
 Crtonist84 [5:51 PM]:  boo-ya
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:51 PM]:  hehe do you get paid for drivin people up the wall?
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:51 PM]:  lmao umm ok
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:52 PM]:  well I am goin to get off of here, so take your 600 yr old alien ass and bug someone else now k
 Crtonist84 [5:52 PM]:  boo-ya
 IHATEYOUTWO [5:52 PM]:  and that lil "boo-ya" thing makes me wanna slap you so stop it
 Crtonist84 [5:52 PM]:  aliens are unaffected by human female slaps

#27 8/15/02
PHT 3rd: You arent little kim's little sister are you?
Lilkimmy834: no
PHT 3rd: Damn
PHT 3rd: Well then
Lilkimmy834: okay
PHT 3rd: small talk....small talk?
Lilkimmy834: sure whats up
PHT 3rd: How is the weather in your neck of the woods
PHT 3rd: ?
Lilkimmy834: good its hot and humid
PHT 3rd: Same here
Lilkimmy834: where you from
Lilkimmy834: 19 F VT
PHT 3rd: Canada
PHT 3rd: So everywhere seems hot and humid to me
Lilkimmy834: yeah how far from VT
Lilkimmy834: how old are you
PHT 3rd: My age isnt important
Lilkimmy834: why do you say that
PHT 3rd: I am 18 in Canadian years
Lilkimmy834: oh
PHT 3rd: i dont know what the conversion factor is
PHT 3rd: So do you like it there?
PHT 3rd: Bet ya Canada is better
Lilkimmy834: its okay but it can be boring
Lilkimmy834: i would like to go to montreal
PHT 3rd: the entire state or your area in general
PHT 3rd: Maybe I could take you some time, that is my hometown
Lilkimmy834: cool i want to go out up there
PHT 3rd: I would take you but we have to have.......first
PHT 3rd: i think you know what the blank means
PHT 3rd: well do you?
Lilkimmy834: no
PHT 3rd: well a good friendship of course
PHT 3rd: ;)
Lilkimmy834: okay
PHT 3rd: is that an okay okay, or a wtf okay?
Lilkimmy834: wtf okay
PHT 3rd: i knew it
Lilkimmy834: how is canada
PHT 3rd: cold
PHT 3rd: Lets just say I spelled my name a lot
PHT 3rd: and it wasnt in the sand
PHT 3rd: and I didnt use any type of paint or anything
Lilkimmy834: lol
PHT 3rd: and it was yellow
PHT 3rd: ;)
PHT 3rd: if you know what I mean, and I think you do.
Lilkimmy834: funny
Lilkimmy834: i do
Lilkimmy834: have you ever been to vt
PHT 3rd: was that a i do i do,, or a wtf i do?
PHT 3rd: never been to vt
Lilkimmy834: that i understood
PHT 3rd: closest I have been was when i got an std
Lilkimmy834: you got an std
PHT 3rd: no no
Lilkimmy834: oh
PHT 3rd: I said I dont use msg
PHT 3rd: in my food cooking methods
Lilkimmy834: okay
Lilkimmy834: what do you eat chinese
PHT 3rd: no
PHT 3rd: im confused
PHT 3rd: I only eat Korean people
Lilkimmy834: oh im sorry
PHT 3rd: never eaten a chinese, but I got my whole life ahead of me
PHT 3rd: ya know?
PHT 3rd: Dont leave me kimmy
PHT 3rd: this world is so big and scary and cold
Lilkimmy834: im not
PHT 3rd: I need my little VT girl
Lilkimmy834: im right here
PHT 3rd: on good
PHT 3rd: forget what I just said, I dont need anyone, I am a man. I dont need no one
Lilkimmy834: every man needs someone
PHT 3rd: I know, I need someone so bad. You saw right through me
PHT 3rd: J
Lilkimmy834: smart ass
PHT 3rd: why thank you
Lilkimmy834: your welcome
PHT 3rd: J
PHT 3rd: I will take smart ass over dumb ass any day
PHT 3rd: Jackass is acceptable too
Lilkimmy834: decribe yourself
PHT 3rd: I am a smartass
Lilkimmy834: thats okay
PHT 3rd: I like long walks on the beach
PHT 3rd: Unicorns
PHT 3rd: women from VT
Lilkimmy834: yeah
PHT 3rd: thats about it
Lilkimmy834: what do you mean by that
PHT 3rd: I have no personality
PHT 3rd: no face
PHT 3rd: etc.
PHT 3rd: So I am hard to describe
PHT 3rd: I just have some wit
PHT 3rd: and a smart ass
Lilkimmy834: liar
PHT 3rd: Im not lying
PHT 3rd: It is totally plausible that I have no face.......
Lilkimmy834: no its not
Lilkimmy834: what do you look like
PHT 3rd: Its hard to say
PHT 3rd: A tree I guess
Lilkimmy834: why you tall and thin
PHT 3rd: no
PHT 3rd: redwood tree
Lilkimmy834: i am 5 0 120lbs and blonde highlights green eyes
PHT 3rd: well then
PHT 3rd: I would say you look like a women
Lilkimmy834: of course
PHT 3rd: excellent
PHT 3rd: well I would love to continue but I gotta each some dinner
PHT 3rd: Ya know Korean people
Lilkimmy834: yeah
PHT 3rd: boo-ya, you have been talbotronned
PHT 3rd: boo-ya
PHT 3rd: dont worry it is a Canadian thing
PHT 3rd: boo-ya
Lilkimmy834: ive never heard of it
PHT 3rd: most havent PHT 3rd: boo-ya
Lilkimmy834: oh

Lilkimmy834: all right
Lilkimmy834: bye

#28 8/22/02

Jumbugale: hey justin
Kenjihell: hey Jason
Jumbugale: is there like a special section in I need 2 go to to find used books?
Kenjihell: This is Matt Talbot
Jumbugale: o ok
Jumbugale: hehe
Jumbugale: is he anywhere 2 b found?
Kenjihell: I have seen the picture and am not pleased
Jumbugale: i just have a quick question 4 him
Jumbugale: hahaha
Jumbugale: picture?
Jumbugale: oo
Jumbugale: haha
Jumbugale: o man
Kenjihell: Biting your nails eh?
Kenjihell: not pleased at all
Jumbugale: i wasn't
Jumbugale: noo
Jumbugale: hehe
Jumbugale: it was just near my mouth
Jumbugale: i swea
Jumbugale: r
Kenjihell: I don't think I can love you anymore
Jumbugale: noooo
Jumbugale: i'll bite urs?
Kenjihell: It's gotta be the toes or nothing at all
Kenjihell: deal?
Kenjihell: Tammy is already in on it, you might as well
be too
Kenjihell: go ahead and ask her if you don't believe
Jumbugale: wait wtf?
Jumbugale: o
Jumbugale: she said she'd bite ur toes?
Kenjihell: Matt's toes the other white meat
Jumbugale: haha
Kenjihell: no Tammy doesn't bite my toes, she sucks
Jumbugale: i dun wanna know what goes on between
u and her
Jumbugale: keep things between urselves
Kenjihell: what's a little joke between friends...
Kenjihell: and lovers
Jumbugale: haha
Jumbugale: that's kinda sick though
Jumbugale: suckig on toes
Jumbugale: ewwww
Kenjihell: booya, you've been talbotronned
Jumbugale: lol
Jumbugale: noo
Kenjihell: booya
Jumbugale: dont do me
Jumbugale: NEVER
Kenjihell: too late
Jumbugale: anti-talbotron!
Kenjihell: booya
Jumbugale: no
Jumbugale: bioch
Jumbugale: u're not even on ur SN
Kenjihell: what's done is done
Jumbugale: it dosen't count!
Jumbugale: null!
Jumbugale: hehe
Kenjihell: I have an appointment with Tammy I need
to get to, booya
Jumbugale: i've been had
Jumbugale: okok
Jumbugale: go
Jumbugale: c if I care
Jumbugale: take her for all I care
Kenjihell: I'm not takin' her she's just sucking my toes
Jumbugale: just do whatever
Jumbugale: it's outta my hand officially
Jumbugale: *hands
Kenjihell: You guys can still have a wonderful
relationship if she can still suck my toes on the side
Jumbugale: i'm sorry, i can't deal with toe suckers
Jumbugale: tell her that
Jumbugale: usually they get bad breath
Jumbugale: and i'm not a fan of bad breaths
Kenjihell: who is really?
Jumbugale: let alone bad toe breaths
Kenjihell: I'm not the one kissing her she's just sucking
my toes
Jumbugale: well god damn it
Kenjihell: booya?
Jumbugale: alright alright
Jumbugale: booya me
Jumbugale: post the damn thing
Kenjihell: BOO ya
Jumbugale: c if I give a damn
Jumbugale: gah!
Jumbugale: i DO
Kenjihell: I heard Tammy was majoring in Toe
Sucking at irvine
Jumbugale: i heard u're the professor
Jumbugale: /TA/janitor
Kenjihell: I personally think it's a waste since she's so
good already
Jumbugale: hehehe
Jumbugale: o sick
Jumbugale: this is getting sick
Kenjihell: I'm not the professor I'm the practice
Jumbugale: haha
Jumbugale: speciceman A
Jumbugale: the other white meat
Kenjihell: don't worry, just in case I wear socks
Jumbugale: hah
Kenjihell: can't be safe enough these days
Jumbugale: u know... I haven't shaved/shower/brush
my teeth in days
Jumbugale: I really dont care about anything anymore
Jumbugale: i think i forgot to eat lunch...
Jumbugale: hehehe
Jumbugale: what a life i lead
Kenjihell: it's easy to forget things...
Kenjihell: when your toes gettin' sucked
Jumbugale: but I dont get my toes sucked
Kenjihell: but that doesn't really apply to you does it?
Jumbugale: hah
Jumbugale: i try sucking my own toes
Jumbugale: does that count?
Kenjihell: booya
Jumbugale: aite
Jumbugale: that's it
Jumbugale: wherez justin?
Jumbugale: is he around?
Kenjihell: okay here he is
Jumbugale: i got a quick question 4 him before I can
let u move onto ur sick escapade
Kenjihell: Sorry Talbot made Tammy suck my toes
Kenjihell: He said I had to try it
Jumbugale: lol
Jumbugale: u bastards
Jumbugale: give her a lil diginity
Jumbugale: even I"m feeling the flame
Kenjihell: I'll give her a little digit
Jumbugale: and I"m not the one getting directly
ridiculed here
Kenjihell: okay okay
Kenjihell: What do you need?
Jumbugale: is there like a section i need 2 go 2 on to get used books?
Kenjihell: No
Jumbugale: cuz I found the books, and I couldnt find
the used books option
Kenjihell: Just put in the ISBN and it'll show you both
used and new books
Kenjihell: I think
Jumbugale: yea, that's what I figurd
Jumbugale: it didn't though
Jumbugale: crappy thing
Kenjihell: hmm
Kenjihell: Maybe they don't have any used books in
Jumbugale: bleh
Jumbugale: POS
Jumbugale: ok
Jumbugale: thanks
Jumbugale: i'm using amazon then
Kenjihell: sorry
Kenjihell: Wait, what was the URL for ecampus?
Kenjihell: my bad, that was Matt
Jumbugale: hehe
Jumbugale: o
Jumbugale: i get it
Jumbugale: u guys r sucking too much
Kenjihell: haha
Jumbugale: i thought ur the ones getting sucked
Jumbugale: but apparently u enjoy giving more than
Kenjihell: Dude, you know we love you
Jumbugale: hah
Jumbugale: i know...
Jumbugale: love me with DISDAIN!
Kenjihell: just read this
Jumbugale: LOL
Jumbugale: that's just great
Jumbugale: "shit originated from the mountain of
himmalaya... the origin of life..."
Jumbugale: wtf
Jumbugale: what's with these shit?
2303 = Tammy's pick of the week
Jumbugale: god damn it
Jumbugale: u guys leave her alone
Jumbugale: this is getting sick
Kenjihell: I'd like to make this clear
Kenjihell: We're not ridiculing her
Kenjihell: We are praising her Toe sucking abilities
Jumbugale: ok
Jumbugale: this is going too far
Kenjihell: ok ok ok ok
Jumbugale: i'm irritated
Kenjihell: we're sorry
Jumbugale: i'm signing off
Kenjihell: Matt left
Kenjihell: don't go
Jumbugale: i dont want to tolerate this anymore
Jumbugale signed off at 2:12:47 PM.

#29 8/24/02

 Crtonist84 [2:05 AM]:  Can I speak to the owner of Kevins Brain?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:05 AM]:  Mayhaps
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:06 AM]:  Let me get him
 Crtonist84 [2:06 AM]:  Thanks you
 Crtonist84 [2:06 AM]:  I will wait
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:06 AM]:  What do you draw?
 Crtonist84 [2:06 AM]:  cats and rasins mostly
 Crtonist84 [2:07 AM]:  This this Kevin's brains's owner
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:07 AM]:  Yeah, I kicked my brain off
 Crtonist84 [2:08 AM]:  I hate to be the one to tell you this...but....
 Crtonist84 [2:08 AM]:  Kevins Brain has some unpaid taxes
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:08 AM]:  How so?
 Crtonist84 [2:08 AM]:  Well it seems the last two years have gone by ignored by Kevins brain
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:08 AM]:  I think i pay waaaaaaay too much in taxes really
 Crtonist84 [2:08 AM]:  you may
 Crtonist84 [2:08 AM]:  But kevins brain hasnt
 Crtonist84 [2:09 AM]:  His occupation
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:09 AM]:  Huh?
 Crtonist84 [2:09 AM]:  is listed as
 Crtonist84 [2:09 AM]:  Master Thinker
 Crtonist84 [2:09 AM]:  at a prestigious univeristy
 Crtonist84 [2:09 AM]:  Yet him claimed to have no salary
 Crtonist84 [2:10 AM]:  We here at the IRS arent buying it
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:10 AM]:  Ah.....I make so it seems
 Crtonist84 [2:11 AM]:  Im sure it is as low as it seems, and even less to women
 Crtonist84 [2:11 AM]:  But we at the IRS dont like to get personal
 Crtonist84 [2:11 AM]:  We only kill peoples families after 3 years of unpaid taxes, not two
 Crtonist84 [2:12 AM]:  So, whats it gonna be?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:13 AM]:  How about you pay my taxes for me?
 Crtonist84 [2:13 AM]:  Hmmm..
 Crtonist84 [2:14 AM]:  Do you thnk thats what we do here at the IRS
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:14 AM]:  You don't wanna know what I think what you guys at the IRS do
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:14 AM]:  Haha
 Crtonist84 [2:14 AM]:  Actually we do
 Crtonist84 [2:15 AM]:  I am part of the WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF THE IRS commitee
 Crtonist84 [2:15 AM]:  So please lay it on me?
 Crtonist84 [2:15 AM]:  How bad could it be?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:15 AM]:  From what I read, you guys spend like 30 cents for every dollar collected
 Crtonist84 [2:15 AM]:  Thats a bit low, but yes
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:15 AM]:  Just to collect the dollar
 Crtonist84 [2:15 AM]:  Did we ever say we didnt spend any of it
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:16 AM]:  I say....we should look into a flat tax and simplify the tax laws abit, although that will never happen
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:16 AM]:  Because the rich won't have that happen
 Crtonist84 [2:16 AM]:  The rich would be for it
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:17 AM]:  And the rich control this country....not the voter
 Crtonist84 [2:17 AM]:  A flat tax couldnt be too high because poor people would have to pay the same as rich people
 Crtonist84 [2:17 AM]:  Voters never controlled the country
 Crtonist84 [2:17 AM]:  and the rich always has
 Crtonist84 [2:17 AM]:  whats the surprise there
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:17 AM]:'re right there....industry does
 Crtonist84 [2:18 AM]:  ANd whats your convoluted and extendedly non-possible solution
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:18 AM]:  My solution? Live life as best I can. I can't and won't try to change the world
 Crtonist84 [2:18 AM]:  Im playing Devils Advocate here
 Crtonist84 [2:18 AM]:  so dont take it personally
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:18 AM]:  Of course, Mr. IRS
 Crtonist84 [2:18 AM]:  I am niether for or against anything
 Crtonist84 [2:19 AM]:  How do you know I really work for the IRS
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:19 AM]:  You must be for taxes! Lol
 Crtonist84 [2:19 AM]:  You just assumed
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:19 AM]:  Oh, I have no idea
 Crtonist84 [2:19 AM]:  I do, but it is the principal of the thing
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:20 AM]:   Crtonist84:  We here at the IRS arent buying it 
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:20 AM]:  We? We meaning you?
 Crtonist84 [2:20 AM]:  I guess I let it slip a bit
 Crtonist84 [2:20 AM]:  but still
 Crtonist84 [2:20 AM]:  Can I be frank
 Crtonist84 [2:20 AM]:  pb?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:20 AM]:  You can be frank....or who ever you want to be
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:20 AM]:  Lol
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:20 AM]:  Jk...go ahead
 Crtonist84 [2:21 AM]:  Think how hard it is to pay my taxes when I know all the stupid places it is going
 Crtonist84 [2:21 AM]:  You should see
 Crtonist84 [2:21 AM]:  We got a fusball table
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:21 AM]:  Hey, that's true I know how go about it?
 Crtonist84 [2:21 AM]:  for christ sake
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:21 AM]:  I work for the local gov't
 Crtonist84 [2:22 AM]:  Elaborate?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:22 AM]:  So when ever I pay taxes, II just think I am helping pay for my paycheck
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:22 AM]:  I work for my County
 Crtonist84 [2:22 AM]:  exactly
 Crtonist84 [2:22 AM]:  thats a good way to look at it
 Crtonist84 [2:22 AM]:  Or look at it like this...
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:22 AM]:  And not for welfare...waste....ect
 Crtonist84 [2:22 AM]:  you just dripped some soap in prison and.......
 Crtonist84 [2:23 AM]:  You see what I am gettign at here
 Crtonist84 [2:23 AM]:  I too hate the irs
 Crtonist84 [2:23 AM]:  but I get payed ridiculously well
 Crtonist84 [2:23 AM]:  So I dont leave
 Crtonist84 [2:24 AM]:  but I might be able to break it down from the inside
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:24 AM]:  Riiiiiiiiight
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:24 AM]:  Okman
 Crtonist84 [2:24 AM]:  You dont believe me
 Crtonist84 [2:24 AM]:  You will see
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:24 AM]:  This is really great
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:24 AM]:  I will? 
 Crtonist84 [2:24 AM]:  What is really great?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:25 AM]:  You're crackin me up
 Crtonist84 [2:25 AM]:  This si serious
 Crtonist84 [2:25 AM]:  is*
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:25 AM]:  si? Si senor
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:25 AM]:  Lol
 Crtonist84 [2:25 AM]:  Some of my friends have died trying to destroy the IRS
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:26 AM]:  Well, I am sorry to hear that. 400 ponnies is not so much btw
 Crtonist84 [2:26 AM]:  I should change that
 Crtonist84 [2:26 AM]:  I have a car with over 400hp
 Crtonist84 [2:26 AM]:  thanks to my IRS paycheck
 Crtonist84 [2:27 AM]:  anyways
 Crtonist84 [2:27 AM]:  Im serious here
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:27 AM]:  I guess it all depends on the application
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:27 AM]:  400 for a grocery getter is aweful
 Crtonist84 [2:27 AM]:  I already have the wiring and neccesary combustion
 Crtonist84 [2:27 AM]:  I got an M5 with a litte tweaking done
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:27 AM]:  For what?
 Crtonist84 [2:27 AM]:  for what?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:28 AM]:  M5? I don't know what that is...soryy
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  BMW
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  its a car
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:28 AM]:  sorry
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  oh my god
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  you have disgraced me
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  you have been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  boo-ya
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:28 AM]:  Oh, Ok...I should have known
 Crtonist84 [2:28 AM]:  should have known what?
 Crtonist84 [2:29 AM]:  boo-ya?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:29 AM]:  Yeah....I should have known what a M5 is
 Crtonist84 [2:29 AM]:  oh
 Crtonist84 [2:29 AM]:  Its okay
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:29 AM]:  I'm sorry. I am into older stuff is all
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:29 AM]:  I don't really like new cars much
 Crtonist84 [2:29 AM]:  like how old
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:29 AM]:  No soul
 Crtonist84 [2:29 AM]:  But they can smoke the oldies
 Crtonist84 [2:30 AM]:  unless the older has major work done
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:30 AM]:  My first car was a 65 Dodge Dart GT 
 Crtonist84 [2:30 AM]:  your first car?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:30 AM]:  Yeah.....but how often do you have people asking if your car is for sale? 
 Crtonist84 [2:30 AM]:  often
 Crtonist84 [2:31 AM]:  M5's are rare
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:31 AM]:  I had people weekly to sell it
 Crtonist84 [2:31 AM]:  is that a good thing?
 Crtonist84 [2:31 AM]:  :-$
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:31 AM]:  Are they? if I had the money, could I buy it?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:31 AM]:  I think so
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:31 AM]:  It made me feel good
 Crtonist84 [2:31 AM]:  aaa, boo-ya
 Crtonist84 [2:31 AM]:  Well anyway
 Crtonist84 [2:31 AM]:  The IRS will contact you
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:32 AM]:  I mean....could I buy one...not yours I mean
 Crtonist84 [2:32 AM]:  Im not sure
 Crtonist84 [2:32 AM]:  There is a year waitng list
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:32 AM]:  Ok....I think they already the form of a aol speed frwak
 Crtonist84 [2:32 AM]:  so yeah, eventualy you could
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:32 AM]:  freak
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:32 AM]:  Lol
 Crtonist84 [2:32 AM]:  I dont like speed
 Crtonist84 [2:32 AM]:  I do lines of coke
 Crtonist84 [2:32 AM]:  later
 Crtonist84 [2:32 AM]:  boo-ya
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:32 AM]:  No power
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  oh
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  my bad
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:33 AM]:  Tschüß mein fruend
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  let out another secret
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  dont worry my friend?
 KEVINS BRAIN [2:33 AM]:  Bye my friend
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  damn
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  I took spanish
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  and korean
 Crtonist84 [2:33 AM]:  Adios amigo
 Crtonist84 [2:34 AM]:  booya

#30 9/06/02

 Crtonist84 [5:17 PM]:  See, you have what I don't.  Confidence.  You know you are a hot girl.  Me on the other hand.  I think....well.....that no one will ever love me.
 Crtonist84 [5:18 PM]:  Clearly you dont care.
 Crtonist84 [5:18 PM]:  I think I need to seem less desperate next time.
 HotGurl55 [5:18 PM]:  whoa, FREE PORN</
 Crtonist84 [5:18 PM]:  I just sound sad don't I
 Crtonist84 [5:18 PM]:  Why are you giving me a link to free porn
 Crtonist84 [5:18 PM]:  That wont fix my problems
 Crtonist84 [5:18 PM]:  or will it????
 HotGurl55 [5:19 PM]:  no 
 Crtonist84 [5:20 PM]:  So you seem talkative
 Crtonist84 [5:20 PM]:  I like that in a girl
 Crtonist84 [5:20 PM]:  Gives me time to form an opinion
 Crtonist84 [5:20 PM]:  and then disregard that opinion and hope the girl wont ditch me
 HotGurl55 [5:21 PM]:  im not a girl 
 HotGurl55 [5:21 PM]:  I wanted to show you this, FREE PORN</
 Crtonist84 [5:21 PM]:  Hmmm......
 Crtonist84 [5:21 PM]:  I wanted to talk about my problems
 Crtonist84 [5:21 PM]:  I think if you look closely our goals are very similar
 HotGurl55 [5:22 PM]:  in a guy 
 Crtonist84 [5:22 PM]:  Wait
 HotGurl55 [5:22 PM]:  im on my friends computer
 Crtonist84 [5:22 PM]:  you are in a guy
 HotGurl55 [5:22 PM]:  was up
 Crtonist84 [5:22 PM]:  yikes
 Crtonist84 [5:22 PM]:  booya
 Crtonist84 [5:22 PM]:  you have been talbotronned
 Crtonist84 [5:22 PM]:  I am out of here
 Crtonist84 [5:23 PM]:  boo-ya

#31 9/07/02

Crtonist84 [12:57 AM]:  I have only been kissed by a butterfly once in my lifetime.  I

 Butterflykisss67 [12:58 AM]:  nice huh?

 Crtonist84 [12:58 AM]:  It turned out to be poisonous and I lost half my lip.  Damn Vietnam.

 Butterflykisss67 [12:58 AM]:  uhhhh ok

 Crtonist84 [12:59 AM]:  Long story

 Crtonist84 [12:59 AM]:  Actually its a short story

 Crtonist84 [12:59 AM]:   It turned out to be poisonous and I lost half my lip.  Damn Vietnam. 

 Crtonist84 [12:59 AM]:  But seriously

 Butterflykisss67 [1:00 AM]:  how old are you?

 Crtonist84 [1:00 AM]:  Old enough to have been in Nam

 Crtonist84 [1:00 AM]:  but seriously

 Butterflykisss67 [1:00 AM]:  ok, and you're a student of what?

 Crtonist84 [1:01 AM]:  Mechanical engineering

 Butterflykisss67 [1:01 AM]:  ok

 Crtonist84 [1:01 AM]:  I am only 18 okay.  This is the point where you say, you are too young.  Leave me alone.

 Crtonist84 [1:01 AM]:  etc etc

 Butterflykisss67 [1:01 AM]:  lol, I talk to several younger guys

 Crtonist84 [1:01 AM]:  I see

 Crtonist84 [1:02 AM]:  THis is most excellent

 Butterflykisss67 [1:02 AM]:  how do you know I'm older anyway?

 Crtonist84 [1:02 AM]:  Being pessimistic would lead me to believe, well ,the worst.

 Crtonist84 [1:02 AM]:  I don't.

 Crtonist84 [1:02 AM]:  The fact that it is a 20's room doesnt mean jack

 Butterflykisss67 [1:02 AM]:  this is true, cuz I'm 35....lmao

 Crtonist84 [1:03 AM]:  born in 1967 eh?

 Crtonist84 [1:03 AM]:  should have known

 Butterflykisss67 [1:03 AM]:  it's just if I go in thirties rooms, they're all old geezers

 Butterflykisss67 [1:03 AM]:  yes

 Crtonist84 [1:03 AM]:  regardless

 Crtonist84 [1:03 AM]:  Yea, you come to the 20's room, you get to talk to witty teenagers like me

 Butterflykisss67 [1:03 AM]:  lol, true

 Butterflykisss67 [1:03 AM]:  with half a lip

 Crtonist84 [1:03 AM]:  exactly

 Butterflykisss67 [1:04 AM]:  which sounds completely nasty by the way

 Crtonist84 [1:04 AM]:  no middle ground

 Butterflykisss67 [1:04 AM]:  npe

 Butterflykisss67 [1:04 AM]:  nope even

 Crtonist84 [1:04 AM]:  old geezers, half lipped teenagers

 Crtonist84 [1:05 AM]:  quite a selection

 Butterflykisss67 [1:05 AM]:  lovely

 Butterflykisss67 [1:05 AM]:  yeah

 Crtonist84 [1:05 AM]:  Lets not forget the perverted stalkers

 Butterflykisss67 [1:05 AM]:  oh god, please let's do forget them

 Crtonist84 [1:05 AM]:  Forget who?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:06 AM]:  the perverted stalkers

 Crtonist84 [1:06 AM]:  damn you

 Crtonist84 [1:06 AM]:  I was proving that I had already forgotten them

 Crtonist84 [1:06 AM]:  I already told you I was witty

 Crtonist84 [1:07 AM]:  You have to stay on top of things.

 Crtonist84 [1:07 AM]:  You may be out of your prime, but you can stil catch my flow.

 Butterflykisss67 [1:07 AM]:  lol

 Butterflykisss67 [1:07 AM]:  out of my prime

 Butterflykisss67 [1:07 AM]:  how do you figure?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:08 AM]:  women are in their primes at 35

 Crtonist84 [1:08 AM]:  well

 Crtonist84 [1:08 AM]:  I just assumed

 Butterflykisss67 [1:08 AM]:  don't assume

 Crtonist84 [1:08 AM]:  biological clocks ticking

 Butterflykisss67 [1:08 AM]:  you know what they say

 Butterflykisss67 [1:08 AM]:  why should I care

 Butterflykisss67 [1:08 AM]:  I have two kids

 Crtonist84 [1:08 AM]:  ass out of u and me

 Crtonist84 [1:09 AM]:  i know i know

 Butterflykisss67 [1:09 AM]:  and that problem is taken care of

 Crtonist84 [1:09 AM]:  so are you trying to tell me you are a hot mom?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:09 AM]:  I have been given milf status once or twice

 Crtonist84 [1:10 AM]:  This is most interesting.

 Butterflykisss67 [1:10 AM]:  is it?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:10 AM]:  and you said I was out of my prime

 Butterflykisss67 [1:10 AM]:  please

 Crtonist84 [1:10 AM]:  I was gonna use the term "milf" but I thought it may be a bit risque

 Butterflykisss67 [1:10 AM]:  lol

 Crtonist84 [1:10 AM]:  Clearly I didnt know who I was dealing with

 Butterflykisss67 [1:10 AM]:  clearly

 Crtonist84 [1:11 AM]:  How old are your kids?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:11 AM]:  where are you located

 Crtonist84 [1:11 AM]:  Did you earn the milf status from some 10yr olds?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:11 AM]:  10 and 14

 Crtonist84 [1:11 AM]:  Lets not be too specific

 Crtonist84 [1:11 AM]:  Soutehrn California

 Butterflykisss67 [1:11 AM]:  lol

 Crtonist84 [1:11 AM]:  Southern Cali*

 Butterflykisss67 [1:11 AM]:  you're safe

 Crtonist84 [1:11 AM]:  I know

 Butterflykisss67 [1:11 AM]:  I'm 3000 miles away

 Crtonist84 [1:11 AM]:  damn

 Butterflykisss67 [1:11 AM]:  let's see, milf status has come from anywhere from 18 to 22

 Crtonist84 [1:12 AM]:  Things to Do:

#123.  A "milf"

 Crtonist84 [1:12 AM]:  looks like I wont be able to check that off for a while

 Butterflykisss67 [1:12 AM]:  never been with an older woman?

 Crtonist84 [1:13 AM]:  nope

 Crtonist84 [1:13 AM]:  Why, is that expected?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:13 AM]:  no, not at all

 Butterflykisss67 [1:13 AM]:  just lots of young guys like to

 Crtonist84 [1:13 AM]:  I said I havent.  I didnt say I wouldnt lie to

 Crtonist84 [1:14 AM]:  like*

 Butterflykisss67 [1:14 AM]:  and do you have a gf?

 Crtonist84 [1:14 AM]:  Not currently

 Butterflykisss67 [1:14 AM]:  good too young to be tied down

 Crtonist84 [1:15 AM]:  I wouldnt mind being tied down

 Crtonist84 [1:15 AM]:  If you know what I mean, and I think you do

 Crtonist84 [1:15 AM]:  ;-)

 Butterflykisss67 [1:16 AM]:  lmao

 Crtonist84 [1:16 AM]:  Yea baby

 Crtonist84 [1:16 AM]:  You know my game is fly

 Crtonist84 [1:16 AM]:  but you say you I'm just a friend

 Crtonist84 [1:16 AM]:  ;-)

 Butterflykisss67 [1:17 AM]:  I could never stand "being tied down" literally

 Butterflykisss67 [1:17 AM]:  I would flip out

 Crtonist84 [1:18 AM]:  I see

 Crtonist84 [1:18 AM]:  note to self: Would flip out if tied up

 Butterflykisss67 [1:19 AM]:  lol

 Butterflykisss67 [1:19 AM]:  brb

 Crtonist84 [1:19 AM]:  brb, we talking like 1 minute, or like 10?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:20 AM]:  maybe 5

 Crtonist84 [1:21 AM]:  ok

 Crtonist84 [1:21 AM]:  5 minutes is okay I guess......:-\

 Crtonist84 [1:24 AM]:  :'(  I am not an independent machine here. I have feelings too.  Why must you leave me alone for so long.  Why? 

 Butterflykisss67 [1:24 AM]:  ok sorry

 Butterflykisss67 [1:24 AM]:  oh

 Butterflykisss67 [1:24 AM]:  the phone rang

 Crtonist84 [1:24 AM]:  You dont need to explain

 Crtonist84 [1:25 AM]:  I was doing just fine without you

 Crtonist84 [1:25 AM]:  <is lieing

 Butterflykisss67 [1:25 AM]:  lol

 Butterflykisss67 [1:25 AM]:  you're a goof

 Crtonist84 [1:27 AM]:  That may be true

 Crtonist84 [1:27 AM]:  but I am not the one and only Goofey

 Butterflykisss67 [1:27 AM]:  certainly not

 Crtonist84 [1:27 AM]:  well not anymore, that whole Disneyland gig was just a part time thing.  Got too hot inside the suits

 Butterflykisss67 [1:28 AM]:  yeah, now there's a job

 Crtonist84 [1:29 AM]:  Now there is a crappy job

 Butterflykisss67 [1:29 AM]:  no doubt

 Butterflykisss67 [1:29 AM]:  do you have a pic you want to send me

 Crtonist84 [1:30 AM]:  hmmm....

 Crtonist84 [1:30 AM]:  do you have a pic you want to send me?

 Butterflykisss67 [1:30 AM]:  if you do

 Crtonist84 [1:30 AM]:  ok ok

 Crtonist84 [1:30 AM]:  i will send one

 Butterflykisss67 [1:30 AM]:  and don't answer a question with a question

 Crtonist84 [1:30 AM]:  im sorry miss

 Butterflykisss67 [1:31 AM]:  no problem

 Crtonist84 [1:31 AM]:  sent

 Butterflykisss67 [1:32 AM]:  k brb

 Crtonist84 [1:33 AM]:  Oh no, not this brb thing again

 Butterflykisss67 [1:33 AM]:  to look at your pic

 Butterflykisss67 [1:34 AM]:  who's the chick?

 Crtonist84 [1:34 AM]:  She is an import car model

 Crtonist84 [1:34 AM]:  Dont be impressed

 Crtonist84 [1:34 AM]:  It is her job to take pictures with dorks like me

 Butterflykisss67 [1:34 AM]:  lol, I figured something like that

 Butterflykisss67 [1:34 AM]:  mail

 Crtonist84 [1:35 AM]:  The fact that it is fowarded tells me two things

 Crtonist84 [1:35 AM]:  I am not the only man in your life.

 Butterflykisss67 [1:35 AM]:  well, if you'll notice, it is forwarded to myself

 Crtonist84 [1:35 AM]:  And you are an internet whore!!! J/k

 Butterflykisss67 [1:36 AM]:  I mean sent there first......

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  oops my bad


 Butterflykisss67 [1:36 AM]:  ok, ya know what

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  forget what i said

 Butterflykisss67 [1:36 AM]:  cya

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  I kid I kid

 Butterflykisss67 [1:36 AM]:  yeah ok

 Butterflykisss67 [1:36 AM]:  whatever

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  booya

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  you have been talbotronned

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  but if you wanna stay

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  i will be happy to talk to you

 Crtonist84 [1:36 AM]:  boo-ya, seriously

 Butterflykisss67 [1:37 AM]:  that's ok, I don't need to talk to someone who judges me.....

 Crtonist84 [1:37 AM]:  I don't judge

 Crtonist84 [1:37 AM]:  I assume

 Butterflykisss67 [1:37 AM]:  either way

 Crtonist84 [1:37 AM]:  Very different

 Butterflykisss67 [1:37 AM]:  dont

 Crtonist84 [1:37 AM]:  no problem

 Butterflykisss67 [1:37 AM]:  don't need it

 Crtonist84 [1:37 AM]:  i understand

 Crtonist84 [1:37 AM]:  boo-ya

 Crtonist84 [1:37 AM]:  bye

#32 9/10/02

 Crtonist84 [4:06 PM]:  So, you have taken 0 fish?  I heard the number may be something a little higher, like 2 or 3.  What do you think about that?
 TeKn0FiSh [4:08 PM]:  i was never an advocate of stealing, taking more than 0 fish would make me a hypocrite
 TeKn0FiSh [4:09 PM]:  so...u seem to know about me, anything you'd care to tell about yourself?
 Crtonist84 [4:10 PM]:  not really
 Crtonist84 [4:10 PM]:  I just work for the Fih Stealing Department
 Crtonist84 [4:10 PM]:  Fish*
 Crtonist84 [4:10 PM]:  FSD
 Crtonist84 [4:10 PM]:  Have you heard of it?
 TeKn0FiSh [4:11 PM]:  no, but if i ever plan on stealing fish i'll think twice thanks to you
 Crtonist84 [4:11 PM]:  No probelm
 Crtonist84 [4:12 PM]:  See, we at FSD dont want to put people in prison for stealing fish
 Crtonist84 [4:12 PM]:  We want to warn them, to prevent the crime from ever happening.
 TeKn0FiSh [4:12 PM]:  as you should
 Crtonist84 [4:12 PM]:  I mean we do draw a line.  You start stealing exotic fish and we will come down hard.
 Crtonist84 [4:12 PM]:  Death penalty and all
 Crtonist84 [4:13 PM]:  I don't want to worry you, but someone is keeping an eye on you at all times.
 Crtonist84 [4:13 PM]:  If you steal fish, we will hear about it.
 TeKn0FiSh [4:13 PM]:  yeah i couldn't think of anyone more deserving of a death penalty than a fish stealer
 Crtonist84 [4:13 PM]:  You may want to think about the enemies you have made inthe past.
 Crtonist84 [4:13 PM]:  Thats how we feel sir.
 Crtonist84 [4:13 PM]:  Glad you agree.
 Crtonist84 [4:14 PM]:  If you give us the names of some fish stealers you may know, we might be able to cut you a deal when the time comes.
 TeKn0FiSh [4:14 PM]:  so where's the FSD located?
 Crtonist84 [4:14 PM]:  We have offices in Long Beach, Miami, Boston, and New York.
 Crtonist84 [4:15 PM]:  We arent entirely goverment funded
 Crtonist84 [4:15 PM]:  Some private contributions really keep on going
 Crtonist84 [4:16 PM]:  us*
 Crtonist84 [4:16 PM]:  So no names you would like to give us?
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  It might have an affect on your treatment in later proceding
 TeKn0FiSh [4:17 PM]:  i've nothing to hide
 TeKn0FiSh [4:17 PM]:  no names to give
 TeKn0FiSh [4:17 PM]:  sorry
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  We understand
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  It takes time
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  You will realize
 Crtonist84 [4:17 PM]:  what is the right or wrong thing to do
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  Here at the FSD we dont hold grudges
 Crtonist84 [4:18 PM]:  We just want justice to be served on a silver platter
 TeKn0FiSh [4:18 PM]:  could i get ur name in case i need to contact you again  in the even i meet a malevolent fish abductor?
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  Would you like a number FSD can be reached at, so if you do think of any names later on
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  Oh exceelent
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  you are certainly on top of things
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  one second
 TeKn0FiSh [4:19 PM]:  i'd wanna talk to the same person; i figure if u nab this guy urself you could probably get some kind of promotion or something
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  exactly
 TeKn0FiSh [4:19 PM]:  you only deserve it for your adamant work
 Crtonist84 [4:19 PM]:  Your gesture is appreciated
 Crtonist84 [4:20 PM]:  FSD
(818) 242-0718  
 Crtonist84 [4:20 PM]:   my name is Thomas Bender
 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  I got the nickname Bendy
 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  but ask for Mr. Bender
 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  if you wanna talk to me
 Crtonist84 [4:21 PM]:  ok?
 TeKn0FiSh [4:22 PM]:  sounds like a plan
 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  I appreciate your help
 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  I will send you an email in 4-5 hours
 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  with my information so you can keep it on record
 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  What email address should it be sent to
 Crtonist84 [4:23 PM]:  ?
 Crtonist84 [4:24 PM]:  boo-ya, you have just been talbotronned, expect an email between 8:30 and 9:30pm
 Crtonist84 [4:24 PM]:  Can you give me your email address please
 TeKn0FiSh [4:25 PM]:  people don't call me, i call them
 Crtonist84 [4:25 PM]:  thats fine
 Crtonist84 [4:25 PM]:  But can I have your email address
 Crtonist84 [4:25 PM]:  Is this boo-ya possible
 TeKn0FiSh [4:26 PM]:  dun even worry about it
 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  Okay
 TeKn0FiSh [4:26 PM]:  i like conducting my business more personally over the phone
 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  Just trying to help you
 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  Alright
 TeKn0FiSh [4:26 PM]:  i'm much obliged
 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  I can get your email if I need it
 Crtonist84 [4:26 PM]:  Goodbye

#33 9/19/02

 Crtonist84 [11:40 PM]:  YOUA4FUN too?
 MEA4FUN [11:41 PM]:  u look for girl ? nope i am man  
 Crtonist84 [11:41 PM]:  I am actually looking for a chimp
 Crtonist84 [11:42 PM]:  but they arent smart enough to have there own AOL accounts yet
 MEA4FUN [11:42 PM]:   oh  so what up  ? 
 Crtonist84 [11:42 PM]:  you know
 Crtonist84 [11:42 PM]:  same old same old
 Crtonist84 [11:43 PM]:  life is rough, kinks in cuffs
 Crtonist84 [11:43 PM]:  laying cards, dodging the guards
 Crtonist84 [11:43 PM]:  Bring home the bacon for the wife and kids
 MEA4FUN [11:43 PM]:   yeah i know what u mean
 Crtonist84 [11:43 PM]:  its a cycle ya know?
 Crtonist84 [11:43 PM]:  lifeless
 MEA4FUN [11:44 PM]:  yes but only u can make change not other  only you 
 Crtonist84 [11:44 PM]:  My only boost for the week is when me and some friends from the office go snort some "stuff" in the alley
 Crtonist84 [11:44 PM]:  I know
 Crtonist84 [11:44 PM]:  I wanna change it
 Crtonist84 [11:44 PM]:  but seem so pinned down
 MEA4FUN [11:45 PM]:   u can do it why u  bigger than stuff 
 Crtonist84 [11:45 PM]:  I want a new job
 Crtonist84 [11:45 PM]:  but bills need to be paid
 Crtonist84 [11:46 PM]:  Wife willing to work again, but thats the last thing I want.  Who wants to see there 30yr old wife go back to stripping
 Crtonist84 [11:46 PM]:  I dont care how classy the club is
 MEA4FUN [11:46 PM]:  u can show ur power than have begin pinned down  yes bills is a pain 
 MEA4FUN [11:47 PM]:  whatever it need to get paid off that called done the job 
 Crtonist84 [11:47 PM]:  would you let your wife strip if she wanted to?
 Crtonist84 [11:47 PM]:  21st century is a bitch
 Crtonist84 [11:48 PM]:  Husbands letting there wife strip so they can live in the all american city with a nice house 2 kids and a dog
 MEA4FUN [11:48 PM]:   first of all  respect ur wife if she does want to  and if she does not want  dont force it  work out somehow have faith once u have faith lord are all there  for u 
 Crtonist84 [11:48 PM]:  I try to be supportive
 Crtonist84 [11:48 PM]:  I have been
 Crtonist84 [11:49 PM]:  but ever since I caught her cheating on me
 Crtonist84 [11:49 PM]:  trust diminishes
 Crtonist84 [11:50 PM]:  SHe brought home a rotwiler
 MEA4FUN [11:50 PM]:   also everyone seems to keep forget one miracle is what  simiple  is  breath becuase lord has give u free air to live . 
 Crtonist84 [11:50 PM]:  Said she picked it up from the shelter
 Crtonist84 [11:50 PM]:  I find out
 Crtonist84 [11:50 PM]:  it was a gift from the guy she was cheatin on me with
 MEA4FUN [11:50 PM]:   ohhh man  she must bad listen to someone 
 Crtonist84 [11:51 PM]:  the card said, i hope this dog takes care of the only person stopping us from being together
 Crtonist84 [11:51 PM]:  I cried for 4 hrs that night
 Crtonist84 [11:51 PM]:  I then i took the dog to the street corner and shot it
 Crtonist84 [11:52 PM]:  dont worry
 Crtonist84 [11:52 PM]:  it was only with a paintball gun
 Crtonist84 [11:52 PM]:  but it was symbolic as all hell
 MEA4FUN [11:52 PM]:   cry is good for u .  all u have to is tell her u still love her and try make work forget the problem  just take her out for a walk   oh mna u scare me for a min 
 Crtonist84 [11:53 PM]:  Glad I didnt really shot the dog
 Crtonist84 [11:53 PM]:  turned out to be my best companion
 MEA4FUN [11:54 PM]:   yep me too because  kill is not solve it 
 Crtonist84 [11:54 PM]:  I dont want to wory you
 Crtonist84 [11:54 PM]:  worry*
 Crtonist84 [11:54 PM]:  dont take this the wrong way
 Crtonist84 [11:54 PM]:  but having that dog around on those night when I was all along in the house was a life savee
 Crtonist84 [11:54 PM]:  saver*
 Crtonist84 [11:54 PM]:  ;-)
 MEA4FUN [11:55 PM]:  if somebody want to talk to me i take as a neighbor as a kindness all i understand what jesus was try to .
 Crtonist84 [11:55 PM]:  You remind me of Flanders
 Crtonist84 [11:55 PM]:  from simpsons
 Crtonist84 [11:55 PM]:  I love that guy
 MEA4FUN [11:56 PM]:  yes i saw that  yep it was good 
 Crtonist84 [11:57 PM]:  Ya know
 Crtonist84 [11:57 PM]:  this is gonna sound wierd
 Crtonist84 [11:57 PM]:  but bear with me
 MEA4FUN [11:57 PM]:  what ? 
 Crtonist84 [11:57 PM]:  nothing was more liberating
 Crtonist84 [11:58 PM]:  then running around in my back yard with my k-9 friend, naked as a j bird
 Crtonist84 [11:58 PM]:  broke the cycle that day
 Crtonist84 [11:58 PM]:  thats for sure
 MEA4FUN [11:58 PM]:  haha  good for u feel   free  and breath through it 
 Crtonist84 [11:59 PM]:  god isnt anti nudity is he
 MEA4FUN [12:00 AM]:   i wonder  too  i bet he is too open mind   understand 
 Crtonist84 [12:01 AM]:  is god against casual sex?
 MEA4FUN [12:02 AM]:  unless u stay with one woman i amsure he dont mind  
 Crtonist84 [12:03 AM]:  sweet
 Crtonist84 [12:04 AM]:  i appreciate the guidance
 Crtonist84 [12:04 AM]:  my friend
 MEA4FUN [12:04 AM]:   u cool now  ? ehh  yes  everyone  say that that me 
 Crtonist84 [12:04 AM]:  may i boo-ya you and wish you a happy talbotronnedation
 Crtonist84 [12:04 AM]:  Just a little local lingo
 Crtonist84 [12:04 AM]:  Goodbye my friend
 MEA4FUN [12:05 AM]:   good bye my nieghbor  stay cool okay remeber  lord has give u free to live by air

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