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This page has come to be thanks to popular demand, aka the four people that voted for a journal written only when exciting things happen.  New Entires will be at the top of the page now, so the newer the higher.  Eliminates the need for excessive scrolling.

12/10/02- Maybe updates soon, maybe not.


11/15/02- New updates coming soon.


11/03/02- I am at home.  It is 2:10am.  The perfect time to make some much needed updates to my website.  Hope everyone had a better Halloween than mine, but no need to explain why mine sucked.  I will start making really entries soon again.  Don't worry, be happy.  What kinda statement is that.  Ridiculous, just ridiculous. 

It is now 6:45pm and i am in my dorm alone typing this.  Jade is at church.  I woke up at 10:00am, and had a nice breakfast with my mom and sister.  I just relaxed with my family until 12:45pm and then I made my way to Vanessa's house to pick up Tin and Vanessa and then made the drive back to school.  It took an hour and 40minutes, thanks to a much needed bathroom stop.  We were back in our dorms by 3:20pm.  Good to be back but something feels different.  Something missing in my head mentally and I am not sure what it is.  I will get back to you on that.


10/27/02- Today is Sunday.  Why lie, alright it is Monday and I am writing my entry for what I did yesterday.  I woke up at 10:30am alone in my room.  It was a weird feeling.  Same thing happened Saturday morning.  I took a shower and got ready for the errands ahead.  I was to go Halloween costume shopping with my friend Shannon and some of her friends.  Supposedly 12 people were supposed to come, but of course the really number is always less.  I dont blame Shannon for it, but we were one too many for my car, so we still had to take the scary scary bus.  Next time I go I will bring my digital camera and take some pictures of the things that scared me there and some of the signs that made me laugh.  Costume shopping was fun and interesting.  The first store we went was filled with women wearing revealing costumes.  All were employees of course.  It was a disgrace and completely distasteful, except there was this one girl in a cheerleading costume that caught my eye..After two hours of shopping this is what was created: A French maid, a punk rocker, an angel, a devil, and one still undecided.  I eat dinner with them upon returning and then went over to Tin and Vanessas place to say hello and welcome them back from LA.  After eating some nasty beef jerky I returned to my room to do a little homework, and organizing of future homework.  Eventually 7:00pm rolled around and we headed out to pick up Jade from the airport.  Linda, Manee, and Tin accompanied me on my journey.  The pickup was uneventful and efficient and we were back to UCSD by 7:50pm.  Later that night I had the spiciest thing I had ever had.  It was a Vietnamese sandwich which contained jalapeņo seeds.  It burned for a good 20 minutes in which I had 4 sodas, some bread, and a kudos bar.  My eyes watered, my nose began to run, and my mouth went num, but it was really fun(sarcastic)  Even later last night we watched the Ring(yes it just came out on Friday, but Jade already downloaded a copy)  It was scary, but watch able.  I went to bed about 3:30am.  Not too late.

10/25/02- Well today is Friday, and that means it is the weekend. I should be celebrating, but most of my friend have gone home this weekend.  My roomate Jade is gone.  Tin, Vanessa, James, Tawn, Christa, Jan, Otto, Allison, Dana, Mai, Linda, and Karen all are going home.  I am now forced into plan B.  Make new friends or hang out with the ones I havent seen for a while.  I havent seen for a while.  Other than that I really don't know what I am gonna do this weekend.  There is a meeting for the Automotive Engineers Association tommorow at 10:00am that I really want to go to, but other than that I will play it by ear.  Tommorow I plan to go to Pann Motorsports and hang out with Aaron and Steve at their apartment and the SDSU area, and maybe hang out with with Shannon and Nicole saturday night, if they aren't too busy for me.  I will do some hw and and some reading to catch up, work on my website, and try meeting new people.  I will tell you how it goes.  I will tell you what methods I used to introduce myself annd how successful they were, thus saving you the time and humiliation.  I might update later tonight.  Its is only 8:04pm right now.  Later Oh yea.  Funny story for ya.  Upon waking from my nap, I put on my shoes and my jacket.  I put my phone, my keys, my pens and pencils into my pocket and ran out the door.  Upon reaching the hall of argo floor two I realized I had forgotten what class I had to go to, so I ran back inside to look at my schedule.  To make sure I looked at my watch.  I sat back down on my bed, wondering what the hell I was thinking.  It was 11:30pm on a Thursday, and I had no class for a good 10.5 hours.
10/22/02- Today is one of my easier days.  Went to music, learned a few cool things, especially about the Mozart Music Dice Game.   After that class I have an enormous break till 5:00pm, but I had a few errands to run.  We wanted to go to the Laker exhibition game at the San Diego sports arena but the only place they were still being sold was the deans office of Warren College.  Vanessa and I walked all the way to Warren to the Res Life office, only to come back to the Literature building in which the dean's office resided.  We came to the Literature building at what we thought was the back, only to find no door after covering 7/8ths of it.  When we had almost came all the way around we found a small door that was the so called main door.  We went inside, and up the ambiguous elevator.  The elevator floor buttons did not light up as well as the indicator about the elevator door.  After a few more minutes of walking around we had come to the right place and purchased the right tickets.  I was late to my Physics class because my super strong bike lock was giving me trouble.  We left for the Laker game at 6:45pm, and it started at 7:30pm.  After being stuck in traffic for 45minutes, we entered an $8 parking lot.  Upon reaching the back, we asked one of thetraffic directors if there was any parking in here.  He answered no.  We asked why they let us in here then, and again he replied rudely with I don't know.  After getting a refund and parking at Home Depot we walked over to the stadium and got to our seats.  They were pretty high up but not too bad, and it was still fun.  We got there with 9 minutes left in the second quarter.  Lakers lost by 1.  Oh well.  Thats it for today.

10/21/02- It is 3:28am and i am about to go to bed, but I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updating.  I wil try a little harder this week.


10/16/02-  I woke up at about 9:30am for my 10:00am MAE1 class today.  That gave me more than enough time to get there.  It went by quickly thanks to a good topic.  Mr. Tynan has a passion for cars so he often put an automotive spin on our discussions.  Today we were taught how to find informational that would be useful on any engineering venture.  In this case a new turbocharger.  By using search engines for different engineering journals, newspapers, and books one can find what has worked on past turbochargers and what hasn't.  It is also possible to find specfic factors that can be changed to raise  the pressure, the operatiing temperature etc to fine tune the turbo for its application.  After that class I headed over to Jamba Juice got a smoothie and came back to my dorm.  After doing a little music hw I went and got some lunch in the cafeteria with Danny.  Late Alex and his friend Laura met up with us. Laura was quite a character talking about her time as a Target employee and how entertaining it all was.  After lunch I headed back to take a nap till 1:30pm.  Upon awakening I felt less sleepy, did a little more homework, and headed off to physics class.  The lecture began focusing on some repetitive things and old concepts so I pulled out my Import Tuner and did a little reading..  Although there is only an hour and ten minutes between my physics and math class, and they sit right next to each other I still make the 12 minute walk back to the dorms.  I figure 46 minutes is actually a good amount of time to do almost nothing in my dorm.  At 3:45pm I went back to Warren Lecture hall for math.  I was hoping a good review would be in store for us, having the midterm on Friday and all, but when asked if we would review as stated on the syllabus Van Vu simply said, " I only review what we did on last lecture."  and in the chapter we went.  I guess I will have to review on my own.  After that I made the walk again only to arrive at my door without my keys.  I planned to sit in the lounge and read my magazine until Jade got back from the CSO meeting, but when Jan and Tawn told me they were gonna go to Costco I couldnt refuse.  I bought one bag of beef jerky, and some Apple Crumb muffins.  They are damn good.  As soon as I returned Jade, Karen, Tawn, Otto, and I went down for dinner.  Some steak and mash potatoes tasted decent and made me full.  Unfortunately after returning I did homework up to the typing of this entry.  Typing these things are a good homework break.


10/13/02- I woke up late today, but it didnt matter too much.  I had only one goal: To get as much homework done as possible.   I didnt get right to the actual work part right away.  I thought it would be a good idea to do some organization things now to help me later.  I filled out my planner with all my homework assignments, midterms, and finals that I had already been made aware of.  I always seems like nothing was accomplished after these organizational processes, but I am always glad I did it later on before my schedule gets too busy.  I did homework for a couple of hours, before going out to get something to eat with Linda, her friend from high school, Michelle, Michelles suitemate Adriane, and Lindas suite mates Kat and Carrie.  It was good to do something social with them because other than Linda I had never really had a chance to interact or get to know them better.  The food was nothing special but it didnt matter so much.  I wasnt even hungry.  After eating and walking back our dorms and went and moved my truck into the proper week day parking to avoid a second parking ticket.  On the way back up I spotted a couple girls carrying a fridge.  It didnt really look like they needed help until they came to a stop and nearly dropped it.  I came over, and offered to carry it.  It wasnt heavy, and I was able to carry it by myself.  One of the girls was Sofia, and unfortunately I cannot remember the others name.  Sofia lives on the 4th floor as the same building as I, but the other was her friend that lived in Warren.  When I walked into her room to drop off the fridge I saw two turn tables in the corner.  I had heard from some of my suite mates that there was a girl on the 4th floor that had two turn tables.  It wasnt Sofias but actually her roommate, Ninas stuff.  What a small world huh?  I returned to my dorm and began during homework and did it fairly consistently until 1:30am when I began to feel pretty tired and ready for some sleep.  I did actually get a lot done, so it wasnt a complete waste of a day.


10/12/02- After a late night last night( I was purposely non-specific with the times in my last entry) I woke up at 1:00pm today.    I took a shower and watched Predator with my roommate, Tawn, and James.  After that we went and eat a late lunch and then returned to our dorm to check movie times.  Jade, Mane, Otto, Linda, and I went and saw the Transporter at 5:25pm at the La Jolla AMC 12.   It was a good action movie with very crappy dialogue and weird sappy moments out of no where, but the action was sweet including the driving and fight scenes.  I will give a more professional review in my movie section soon.  After the move which got out about 7:15pm we went over to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  After a 25min wait we were seated.  Out waitress was pretty bad.  She didnt refill our drinks often, she never bought us our water, and brought our bill a long time after we had finished our meal.  Regardless it was still a fun dinner trading slices of our own pizza for those of our friends.  I ad hoped by ordering one pizza per person we would have had some left overs, but that wasnt the case.  I guess we were all too hungry for that.   We returned to find our suite mate Alex had returned from his hospital adventure.  He had gone to the student health center hoping to find some guidance on his chest pains he had been experiencing.  Finding they were closed he called the number on the door.  Promptly the police came and rushed him off to the hospital, in the back of the police car mind you.  We received a call from him earlier that day.  He simply told us he was in a hospital getting checked out, but he didnt know what hospital he was in or when he would get out.  They had diagnosed him with a case of bronchitis and he had been given a prescription for antibiotics.  We decided the sooner he got it filled the better.  Linda, Alex, and I drove over to Ralphs to get it filled.  Unfortunately Alex had forgotten the prescription so we drove back picked it up and drove to Ralphs again.  Upon returning to my dorm I worked on this journal entry for a little while, talked to some people online, and replied to some emails that needed returning.  Linda, Erika, and Erikas best friend from high school, Brook, wanted to go to the cliffs.  They had yet to go and they needed someone who knew the way to take them.  walking to the cliffs isnt really my thing, but I didnt have a problem walking them down there.  After sitting and watching the view, we returned and just hung out in the suite and dorms.  That was that day.  


10/11/02-  I am writing this Saturday night so please forgive me if the details aren't.  I have four hours worth of class on Fridays.  At 10:00am I have my first hour of MAE1 till 10:50am but this is followed by an hour of MAE1 discussion but in reality it is just another hour of MAE1 lecture.  Today we had a quiz.  I think I got 44 out of 50 which isn't too bad.  Well after that second hour Sean, my suite mate, and went and got some Panda Express to go for lunch.  They take my Triton Plus Account making it a great option instead of cafeteria food.  I am hoping to perfect a system in which I only eat Panda, Jamba Juice, and fruit.  Some say it is impossible, but all say its a stupid idea.  I returned to my dorm, ate my food, and studied for my Physics quiz.  Brad came over and studied a bit too.  Jade had a practice quiz for physics on his comp and Brad wanted to take it.  It gave me a chance to introduce him to some of my friends in my building and it helped me study a bit.  Unfortunately the quiz was a lot more difficult than I was expecting.  On the positive side I think I missed questions becuase I didnt know how to do them, not because I made stupid mistakes like the last quiz.  My guess is a another 7 out of 10.  Well afte that I walked back to Revelle, arriving at my dorm at 3:05pm.  Its worth coming back, but it does kinda suck I have to leave again at 3:45pm for my math class, giving me only 40minutes of chill time.  Although I find Mr. Vu's math lectures very helpful, because it is my last class of the day it is very difficult to stay awake.  I feel alseep twice, but only for a few seconds.  Luckily it went by incredibly fast.  I only looked at my watch twice.  Once at 4:20pm and one at 4:40pm.  After that class I headed straight to RIMAC,  to wait in line for Fall Fest.  Fall Fest is a concert with three bands: Blacklicious, MXPX, and Jurassic 5.  There was a big group of us waiting in line and after waiting from 500pm to 7:00pm in line playing cards and mafia.  Well the concert was crazy to say the least.  I was down the pit section where it gets crazy and after being pushed around a lot I got kinda angry. I am not one to go with the flow.  I just get mad and want to punch someone.  Blackalicious is cool, but MXPX did this one thing where they just rocked out and went crazy playing crazy guitar licks.  I liked that part.  After the concert we went back to the dorm and relaxed and then met the other group at the super late special cafeteria.  Its sucked there and I got ripped off on what I got.  3 crappy chicken tenders for like $2.95.   Upon returning we decided watching a movie.   I wanted everyone to enjoy what is "Top Secret." I think everyone did, but they wanted to enjoy even more movie madness so they began to watch Zoolander.  At this point I left and hung out up stairs with Linda on the 5th floor.  The day ended shortly after that.  A good day I guess.  Nothing too bad, but plenty good.


10/10/02- Lets see.  Its so hard to remember what I do each day.  Activities confuse themselves with different days and such.  Well today is Thursday, so lets get the basics down.  I woke up at 10:00am today.  I actually got up when my alarm went off which is a first for this week.  It allowed me to take my edicine, take a shower, get dressed, get my binder, and walk to my 11:00am Music 14 class( Contemporary Music)  Just to give you an idea of that class and that teacher, today we listened to a piece that is an amplification of some man's heater.  He was a painter and while painting he would hear his heater turn on and off, so after recording and amplifying the sounds he cut it together.  It didn't sound bad, but I have a hard time considering it music.  I sat next to the same girl as I did on Tuesday and we talked again.  I am enjoying this dynamic we are having.  The first day we began talking I was sick and out of it, so I didnt do the normal conversation thing.  We just started making comments and talking without ever formally introducing ourselves, and to this day I do not know her name.  It's wierd becuase we passed the point and saying names so now it seems awkward to do so.  To be honest I dont know if I ever will.  After that class I headed back to Revelle.  There is a good gap from my MUSIC class to my math discussion at 2:00pm, so I was able to get some food with some of my suitemates and finish my math hw.  THe math discussion was productive and the TA willingly went over all the problems that were asked of him.   After that I returned to Revelle and quickly left for Borders book store, with Sean my suitemate.  He wanted to get the second book in the Trilogy he was trying to read, and as always I wanted to look at the latest car magazines.  It didnt take too long and it was a good experience because it gave me an idea visually where the Westfield Mall is.  Just take the 5 south to the 8 east and get off at Mission Center Dr.  The drive there and back went without problems and without traffic.  Uppon returning I read some of my car magazine, and went to dinner with a good group from my suite and floor again.  After that I did some homework for the first time since I have been here.  Most the time it had been sporadic but I actually did hw for a good 3 hours today in a row.  I am now done with all hw for tommorow.  I took a practice test to help me for my Physics quiz, and read all the necessary literature for my MAE1 class concerning ethics and failure for the sake of improvement.  Goodnight and a pleasent tommorow to my loyal readers, and even to my not so loyal ones.


10/09/02- I wrote a nice long detailed explanation of todays activities but when I clicked done, the page got disconnected and all I was lost.  Today I slept through MAE1 woke up just in time to go to Physics.  After Physics chilled and then went the Math.  I will give more details tommorow.  Dont feel like writing this entry right now.  Don't take it personally.  It is actually 2:38am on Thursday the 10th.  Goodnight.


10/08/02- Well I woke up today at 10:00am as I do on every Tuesday and Thursday.  My Contemporary Music Class isn't till 11:00am in Mandevile which is only a five minute walk from my dorm.  Being early in actually counterproductive for that class.  To reach the class room you must take two flights of stairs down.  People line up on the right side of the stairs in anticipation for the current students to be let out.  it is a bit ridiculous to say the least.  to avoid this I arrive about 3 minutes before class starts.  The line is just beginning to move.  There were about 10 seats left so no worries there.  The teacher arrived 5 minutes late, but no one complained.  I had forgotten what it was like to sit through class while sick.  I never put this frustration into word before, but heres my chance.  I hate worrying about things people should nevr have to worry about.  Example: conserving tissues.  When sick and cursed with a runny nose one brings tissues to class.  No the number of tissues brought with greatly affect the difficulty of my life the the next hour and twenty minutes.  If all this seems over dramatic, it is.  I make it so, so it is more interesting for, you, the reader.  Normally coughing isnt too much a problem, but when listening to music in a music class silence is golden, or platinum these days.  To be courteous I would attempt to hold back my cough, slowly bringing tears to my eyes which is a bit embarrassing within itself.   Well after listening to three contemporary pieces that I actually liked class was done.  I have always enjoyed movie scores, and these pieces reminded me of that style.  Its the kind of music that forces your imagination to create images and scenes that go along with the music.  I love that stuff.  Anyways after that class I met up with Danny and Shannon for lunch.  Nothing special, just the Plaza.  Nothing like chicken strips and a salad to fill you up for lunch.  Shannon's friend Nicole joined us and spoke of her Sorority rushing adventures.  I couldn't help poking fun, its just too damn stereotypical, but I think in the end it is a good thing for a good amount of people.  I think Nicole is one of those people.  After lunch with no class and no place to go I happily walked Nicole to the library, a halfway point between Revelle and her home college ERC.  Beingsick and all I deicded to just sit and relax for a while.  I felt bad when a few people came by.  Usually I am quite good at entertaining guests, but I wasn't my usual self.  I wasn;t mean, but I couldn't make jokes or comments like I normally would.  Christia and Tawn came in and out sporadically only to sit and talk to me for a bit as I chatted with friends on AIM.  Before I knew it 4:40pm came and it was time to treck to Warren Lecture Hall.  A good mile away, I can usually make it there in 12 minutes or so.   On the way I ran into the two girls who I helped a few days ago with their fridge.  I remebered Gow, but unfortunately  I said Felicia instead of Fiona.  After making small talk and feeling a bit like a jerk, I continued on my lonesome journey to my class.  Upon arrival I questioned myself as I always do.  Is this the right lecture room.  See, my math is in one, and my physics in another.  One designated 2005 and the other 2001.  Almost everytime I eventually ask someone entering if this is Physics 2A, or Math 21C.  As usual, Physics was great.  It is by far my favorite class.  I always liked physics, but the true reason I enjoy the class is my professor, Thomas Hanak.  He is from Germany and very German, but speaks english quite well.  He is always nice and very thoughtful.  He goes above and beyond what I would expect from a teacher, let alone any human being.  It is hard to explain but by giving some examples I hope his personality will show through.  He tells jokes to give us a break half way through the lecture.  He cleans the chalk board with a sponge and removes the water with a squeegee.  The condition for taking our first quiz were quite bad.  We were cramped together with very little room to work, but I figurd no one noticed and thats the way things would be.   Althought that is how things will be, Mr Hanak apologized for the terrible conditions which we had.  It was just to nice to know he cared.  One last cool fact that puts Mr. Hanak above the rest.  Instead of jhaving common office hours he has coffee hours in which he sits at a coffee bar for an hour and is available for talking about physics or anything else you might have on your mind.  The class went by quickly as usual and I began to walk back, this time with someone, a highschool compadre, Brad Carter.  He is sick as well adn the walk seemed a bit more difficult than usual.    Atfer passing through the old student center we came upon a mass of girls wearing black shirts and shorts.  Some how Nicole reconized me from about 100yards away and yelled, "Hi Matt."  I hhope that describes her personality a bit.  We turn onto the main path from Revelle.  After walking for 30 seconds or so we hear a chant behind us.  It is that group of Sorority girls rushing.  As we get farther up the path we see another group of girls.  As we approach they too start to chant.  We realize the group behind us is marching towards us.  We tried to out run them but we are both too sick.  I recommended taking cover in the siding concrete building.  Brad says no as we march on.  We reach the end of the walkway and enter the plaza just in time.  The two groups of girls collided, but by then we were a good 70 ft away.  After returning to my room and working on my website( what a waste of time, no one reads it) I decided to make a run over to Megan's.  I owed her some cookies.  After another lonesome walk I arrive at Megan's with some cookies.  Vance and Phil were watching the game and Linda and Megan were in their room studying.  SHe was intensely working and the cookies delivery was a nice break.  In exchange I got some cold-eeze and some Dayquil.  I walked straight back to the cafeteria and met with some people for dinner.  A bacon cheesburger and a soda later I was full.  After downloading some music and talking some more online, it was time for Jade and I to make a trip to the store.  It was quite a lengthy grocery trip due to different lists and wants.  Combined with the lack of item location knowledge the trip took a bit longer than it should, but it was productive.  A quick stop at Trader Joes and we were on our way home.  With some suite mates working full time, all the groceries were taken in quickly.   Vanessa, Tin, jade and I just chilled in our dorm talking, laughing, and whatever people do.  12:30am rolled around and some people made claims of being hungry so we headed over to OVT.  Some bike crashes later we arrived, only to realize they were pretty much closed and we had bought enough stuff at Ralphs to feed a small army.  Upon returning Matt Talbot typed this journal entry and then continue to talk and laugh the night away.  More to come....


10/02/02  2:58am- coming soon, regular updates.  Look for them!!

8/19/02- Too out of it for detail or funny story.  Dad gets rear ended when by himself in WRX.   Pushed into car in front of him. WRX totalled. He is ok.
8/20/02-Have to decide what stuff I will put in here.  Everyday stuff? Exciting stuff? Personal stuff?  Tell me what you want me to put.
8/23/02-Listened to the best radio station in the world, thanks xmajik420x.  I listened to his radio station at about 1:00am this morning.  The rest of the day was quite boring until later.  I ran some errands in the only car I can drive now, the 330ci convert.  That night I went with Aaron to the resturant/club called Score Boards.  It is right off the 57 on Temple.  It is a nice place.  When the football season and baskeball season starts, it seems like a kickass place to go.  There are tvs at each table and two huge tvs in different areas of the resturant.  Aaron's sister has always been nice to me.  She is a good person, and she gave us our meal for free which was great.  I did some stuff later but nothing too cool.

8/25/02- Took care of Wyatt today, which was pretty fun, for a while.  It wears on you.  I realize what a commitment a child is.  Reafirms my desire to wait till 25 or 26yrs old.  I went to see Blood Work with Sue.   I liked it.  It was a pretty serious movie, but it was funny too.  Had some dry humor, and some accidental, like Clint Eastwood shirtless.  Whoa.  Went to Chiles. Went to Starbucks.  Saw Aaron and Steve there. They were making out so I didnt bother them. Saw Aarons Corsica.  It is sick yo!!  Goodtime and good talks with Sue.   Took her home.  Went out and g-teched Aaron's new ride.  How does 0-60 in 12.7 sound with a 1/4th time of 17.99seconds.  Oh yea, you read it right, kickass.

8/26/02- Went to Magic Mountain today.  Walked onto every ride but X which had a 3 hour wait.  We were only there for 4 hours ot so and went on 5 different coasters, but had 7 rides. ( 2 on riddlers and 2 on batman) Got to drive the Legend to and fro.  It was a good highway car.  We went to Chiles for lunch afterward which was good.  Got home at 3:30pm or so and then it went to hell.  Its a long story and I dont want to get into it. Conflict of interest between me and my father.  It is solved now and we have two rental cars.  I can drive when I want with three cars, which means good times.

8/27/02- I lied when I said I would write in this journal only when exciting things happened.  Today I got some stuff done.  Made a haircut appointment for myself, mailed in my accident report, called L and G about my truck, went to Best Buy,and helped a friend.  Went Chile's for the third day in a row.  I went with my family this time and got an Old Timer no onions.  Yesterday I got a turkey sandwhich.  The day before that I had some fajitas and buffalo wings. Maybe I can eat a Chile's tommorow. Hopefully not.  I am soo tired of that place.
8/29/02-9/02/02- Berkeley.
8/31/02-    I got up at 10:30am or so and got dressed quickly.  Everyone seemed to be kinda sick so I decided to make my own plans.  The football game was supposedly a must, at least from my cousins point of view.  Owen met me at at Unit 3 Ida Sproul and tehn we met Katia who would come with us to the game.  It was good to see Katia again.  I got to know her more thatday than I had the whole year of school.  It ws nice.  The three of us met my cousin, Craig, and his gf Sara.  Craig and I get a long really well.  We have a lot in common and have similar senses of humor.  They showed us the best way into the game and we sat in the crazy student section.  The game was the most exciting I had ever seen on tv or in person.  CAL had 42 points at the end of the 1st quarter.  It was amazing.  One cool and scary thing was CAL students hate of red  It is the color of their rival, Stanford.  Anyone wearing a red shirt is instantly chanted at.  "Take off that red shirt, take off that red shirt."  Eventually everyone gives in, becuase the students don't stop yelling.  It was pretty hot outside and I began to melt, so Katia, Owen, and I decided to leave.  Katia had to go, so after taking her home, Owen and I went to Kips for some pizza.  It was just ok, not great.  Owen went back to Alena's house and I went back to Unit 3.  Some people were working on various homework and what not so I just chilled for a while.  Eventually Scott came over.  He is a nice guy and he drives a sweet ass sport bike.  We decided it would be a good night to go to San Francisco.  Scott, Ting, Andrew and I went back to Scott's building to meet up with a nice girl by the name of Hailey.  After that it was to SF we went.   After a 15 minute or so walk we were to the station.  Thanks to my terribly bad luck my third dollar got stuck in hte ticket machine, but after a 10 minute delay we were on our way.  While in basic terms the trip was made from waiting and more waiting, I found it really fun.  It was good to be in a city I didn't know with people I did.  It is something I won't be able to do very often, if ever again.  We had to wait for this bus like thing that ran on a track.  It took so long to get to our station that we nearly thought it wan't running that night.  When it finally did come some crazy old guy was sitting at the front making wierd comments.  One being "I could make a house back there with all that room."  I mouthed off a little back, but we moved to the back of the bus.    We arrived a Pier 39 and after a short debate we decided to go to this Chowder place.  I was the only one that got chowder, but whatever.  It was good.  We then went o the nearest station and waited another 30 minutes or so, but when the bus thing finally did come, only Scott and Hailey were able to get on.  We waited another 10 minutes for our and met the other two at the BART station.   We got back kinda at 11:30pm or so.  I had been calling Dwight the last couple days trying to set up a meeting, but now he had called me.  I had to take advantage of the situation.  After going to Scott's room and starting Fight Club and went and met Dwight at his house, which was not far from Scott's.  I was quikly introduced to his roomates.  They all seemed cool.  I can remember three of them well, Grant, Bernard(nickname), and Amy.  Grant grew up from Hawaii and Amy had a good sense of humor.  I decided to bring Dwight back with me to Scott's room so we could hang out a little more.  He stayed for a good 45 minutes or so and then went back home.  Ting and Andrew got pretty tired so we left about 30minutes shy of the finale.  No biggie. I had seen the ending a few times.  I wasn't really tired at all so I forced Ting to stay up and talk to me until Abhi came home.  I then went to bed.  What a day.
9/10/02-  I thought I should make an entry just in case people were starting think I would never update this section again.  I went out to lunch with my mom today to Chelseas.  Then we went to Sport Chalet to buy me a cheap plain backpack for school.  I then drive myself in the Trailblazer to discount tire center to pick up the new replacement tires for the WRX.  Toyo Proxes ST-1 225/40-18.  Last night was pretty fun.  Went out to dinner with some old friends from highschool and some new ones.  At first I was skeptical but I began to enjoy myself about 20 minutes in.  Meeting new people is almost always fun, especially when they turn out to be nice.   Drove the Grand Prix last night.  Its actually a fun car to drive.  Who knew, a Pontiac?
9/11/02- I took my sister out to lunch today.  I hate going back the the higschool.  I really despise that place.  I can deal with it.  I really get pissed off when our cars keep getting delayed.  I tell my friends when I am gonna get them back and then sure enough delayed again.  The subaru isnt gonna be ready till Saturday now.  The tech guys that put the body kit on are off until Friday, and Desiri(owner of the dealership) doesn't want anyone else putting it on.  I guess that is a good thing.  I don't know whats going on with my truck.  It will definitely be done this week, but they said maybe today.  I still don't know for sure. Last I heard they were waiting for my tonneau cover.  I have to drive over there today no matter what to pick up my sisters learners permit which is in the glovebox.  Well, it is only 1:31pm, so there is plenty of the day left.
9/13/02-  Today was a good day.  Went to Korean BBQ with some friends.  First time ever going there for me.  I ate way too much meat, but in the end it was worth it.  Atfer that we went to the Devils Milk shop, Boba, or something like that.  Sat there for a while not taling and not getting to know the new people I just met including Booty and Hoe.  AFter that we Bryan and David came back to my house.  Wanted to see my room I guess, but I really think Bryan was just trying to make a move on me.  He was denied.  Well took them home and tehn came back to my house and did nothing for a while.   Went to dinner in Brea with my family at about 7:00pm to a place called Fitness Grill where everything is "healthy."  I wonder why a place like this has deserts.  Whatever.  Went over to Tower Record and Books and whatever.  Best car magazine selection ever.  Got a new Max Power and a new Super Street with the Skyline from F and F 2.    Got back and went over to Teresas house to watch a movie which I just made fun of the whole time. I played some GT3 which is always fun.  God I love cars.  Played with Teresas kick ass RC cars and then called it a night.  I walked all the way home.
9/14/02- The first part of the day was a bit boring.  I eat a turkey sandwich and played some GT3, but all that changed when we left to get REX II.  We got there around 3:00pm I think.  We had two tires with us to replace the ones that had been messed up in the accident.  We took the Trailblazer down and loaded the two tires in back.  When we arrived we looked at our beautiful car.
It was being washed when we got there.  We rolled out the rims and tires.  There was an American Tire Depot near by where we would take the car, the four rims and tires, and the two new tires.  We needed something to carry the four rims and tires.  Desiree the big boss at the dealership gave me the keys to her brand new Subaru Baja.  We put the rims in the pickup bed part and I climbed inside.  To my surprise it was manual, but that was not a bad thing.  I drove over to ATD, and my mom drove the trailblazer over with the tires.  WE unloaded everyhting and a few minutes later my dad came over with the Subaru.  It took about an hour to get everything on there.  We drove back and spent another hour doing paperwork and what not.  After that, my dad and I took the WRx, and my mom and sister took the Trailblazer.  We drove to Banderas in Newport Beach for dinner.  It is my favorite resturant.  After that we drove home and watched the last half of the De La Hoya vs. Vargas fight.  A damn good fight.  The Alex and I took the REX II out for an hr and 45 minutes.  I missed her so.(the car)  Now I am back writing this at 12:00am. 
9/17/02- After much mental debating and talking to Brad I decided to drop by Vance's house.  It is not like me at all the drop in and the last thing I wanted to be was a nuisance.  Luckily I knew everyone there, some better than others, and unless they hide their disgust with me well, I seemed to be welcome.  Playing pool (which I am terrible at_, talking about college(which I may soon be terrible at), and playing mafia(which luckily I am not terrible at).  Nice to be around a group of people again. I feel the most comfortable in this environment, not to say I don't like one on one.    Its more "fun: to be in a group, but I never minded being serious if necessary.  I needed more of a mix of the two and I got it.   Combining serious and funny is a juggle for me.  I feel that the real me is both, but the me that people enjoy with no negative side effects is half of me.  I don't mind this most the time, especially if the more serious side of me is integrated even if just for a bit.  I also like being around people I can see good in.  Being around people that are so internally good, makes me have a purpose, to be there friend, and be there for them if they need me.  Sounds so lame doesn't it.  Maybe this should be in the passworded section.  Oh well, if you read this and actaully care, call me on it.  If anything I will learn thinking on paper should be hidden better.  I will use my cliche, until I find something that I think represents it better.  I would die for anyone of them.  Yes, even Brad.  Yes, even Joe.   Good people.  
9/21/02- Arrived at UCSD.  Explain when have more time. Adventures abound. Small dance
9/22/02- Big dance. 
9/26/02- Most likley I will not update this section anymore.  Just take too damn long.  I cant talk about winning the golden shoe, seeing improv, getting smoothies, going to UTC, and meeting tons of people.

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