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1st-I am at a small one-screen arty movie theater in New York with a group of friends and see Maya Rudolph (from SNL). Ive had a crush on her for a while so my friends badger me into talking to her. I do, and we hit it off. I end up ditching my friends and spend the rest of the day with Maya Rudolph. We end up dating, and I, a successful doctor teaching at Columbia, dont necessarily always have time for her. After four months I notice her attitude begin to change, and she seems withdrawn. I get the urge to follow her one night when she leaves my apartment, and do. It turns out she is cheating on me with Jim Gu! (Who would have thought?) She runs out of the apartment and I chase her for a couple of blocks back to her apartment. She tells me well talk about it the next day. She comes over in the morning of the next day and apologizes about the fact that she had been cheating, and asks for my forgiveness. At that moment the windows of my apartment are broken and men in black suits jump through the windows, they have no faces and some where sunglasses. I scream what the hell? As they kidnap Maya and carry her out the window. Then I woke up.
2nd-Two nights ago (August 11, or early morning on the twelfth) I had this crazy ass dream. It was a year from now and I had transferred from UCI to Berkeley. The year went normally for about a month, but then a nuclear war broke out. We all hid in the Berkeley Library (because its underground) and were saved. However, only about half of the schools population could fit down there, and since the campus was bombarded with radiation it was pretty tough to get out and get food. Some people from the food staff went up into one of the interconnected research libraries and got some emergency rations from the adjacent café. After three or four months underground people started dropping off. The rations started getting pretty thin, and then I blacked out. I woke up one day in the ruins of UC San Francisco Medical Center. There was no one around, so I stood up and walked over to the bay, to the crumbled entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge. From there I was able to see the Campanile, the only building left Standing at Berkeley. I climbed down the cliff to the water and found Don running a Venetian gondola back and forth across the bay. He was dressed like a French Mime and refused to speak on the way back to Berkeley. We got back to the campus a couple hours later after arriving at the Shore of Berkeley and hiking back up to the campus. It turned out that government relief had come in the form of portable classrooms, like the type Mr. Sims had at GHS. These were also used for housing in the evening. After a day or two, Matt Talbot and Errol Klein arrived, carrying documents about the evil Chancellor of the UC system and his connection to the nuclear war. We all (Andrew, Don, Matt, Errol, and myself) met in the ruins of a building and plotted the murder of the chancellor, the whole time during the meeting I was shaking my head and saying I dont know guys, this could jeopardize our standing as good students. Don hit his forehead, then shook his head each time I said this. The next day we went to the ruins of the Chancellors mansion at Berkeley. Andrew was the bait, he was supposed to argue with the chancellor about the cancellation of the extension program. Don, Matt, and I all had knives. Errol had a video camera. The chancellor comes running out of his ruined mansion about ten minutes later. Don jumps out in front of him, the chancellor trips, and knocks Don unconscious. Matt throws his knife, and it sticks in the side of the chancellor, the chancellor just laughs and lunges toward Matt. Then I, rousing my courage, make a mad dash toward the chancellor with my knife, and another nuclear bomb obliterates everything. Then I woke up.
3rd-Last night (August 18th) I had one of those sweet embedded dreams. Well, sorta sweet. It started out that I was in this small apartment watching it for someone (it picked up where another dream had left off). I was watching TV, and every so often Id go out and drive one of the guys several cars, then park it back in his driveway (they were all different kinds of sedans hooked up with hydros). Then after a while I thought Id run to my house, while I was on the way back to his apartment in one of his cars I spotted the elephant men. One gray and the other pink, running on their hind legs, with mens faces (still had trunks), toward my street. So I drove to the apartment quick and parked the car. Jumped out, and ran like a demon toward my street. I saw the elephant men were already halfway to my house so I ran as fast as I could, they tried to grab me but I busted out some football moves and evaded them. Upon making it to my house, I dove down on the floor and grabbed my 50mm sniper rifle from under the couch. I broke a hole in the large front window of my house and shot both elephant men before they got onto my property. Then I crawled to my laundry room and pulled a document out of my dryer. It said something like Jesus Christ Contradiction Report and was written in Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Hieroglyphics. Damn. Then I woke up (but not really) to find that we (my family) had moved into a huge mansion. My teeth hurt, and there was a house-warming party going on. The house was gorgeous, and had been featured in my dreams before. I told my mom my teeth hurt, and she looked at them, and told me to see the first aid man at the water park. I went to the water park, which is approximately 1,000 times the size of Raging Waters, and featured an artificial ocean and the tallest waterslide in the world (approximately 100 stories tall). I asked one of the employees where the first aid man was and they directed me to a long hill, paved in asphalt. My teeth by this time hurt extremely, before I could enter the park, though, they said I would have to take off my shoes and clothes and put on swim-trunks. I did so, and then my teeth fell out. I woke up again, back in the gorgeous house, holding my teeth in my hand. I looked in the mirror at my missing teeth and screamed, my mom and grandmother came rushing in and asked what had happened, I showed them the teeth. Then I woke up again, back in the gorgeous house, but this time with all my teeth. I told them about the dream about losing the teeth, and then woke up in reality, teeth intact.

 4th-Last night (August 19th) I had three dreams, but can only really remember two. In the first dream it was Glendora High Schools one month reunion. Our graduating class gathered at GHS to celebrate our extensive lives outside of school. Our first activity was something with these huge black parachutes designed to catch wind and carry the user long distances. We were on this huge plain of rolling hills and every six or seven miles there was a derelict looking house next to a road. There were only five or six parachutes, and I happened to get one, and while I couldnt figure out how to use it at first, the other five people were flying little short distances having a great time. I eventually figured out what they were doing and I caught a gust myself, taking me farther and higher than the rest of the crowd. Then I caught a series of gust that carried me miles and miles away from everyone, flying over the houses and the semi-trucks on the road. I couldnt stop my own acceleration, so I decided to run into the wall of a house to stop, and it worked. Only the house was on flatlands, and there was no wind. It was getting dark and I was far away from everyone else, carrying a huge black parachute. I dropped the chute and began to run back toward the others, who had rented out a nearby city that was deserted. Several hours later in the pitch black night I came back to where the city was, people were running around like crazy with high powered water guns shaped like desert eagles. Eventually, I ran across a couple of people I knew, Don and Valerie Mendoza. They told me to be quiet and then squirted me with the water guns. I dropped to the ground coughing and they ran off. Jason Chu came by dressed like a male nurse and took me to the infirmary, they told me I was getting sick and that I should lay down for the rest of the trip. I said something like: I must have revenege! And ran off. I arrived at a strange building, made entirely of rusted out iron, there were collections of pipes running up and down the sides in all manner of directions. I went inside, and standing there were Don, Scott Pooley, and Valerie. I said Whats going on? and Don said: Fugitive, guerilla style! Valerie said something to Scott and they went down one of the large open pipes in the floor. Don said: Come on, Talbots on our tail We jumped down a pipe and went through a connection of passages, occasionally wed hear the roar of a Ford Explorer Sport Trac and see its headlights even though we were underground. Eventually we ran into this area with housing insulation and exposed wood boards, a house, built underground. We jumped into an aluminum air conditioning shaft and came out this hatch that lead into a near perfect replica of my aunts house, except that it had secret passages and rooms. It seemed abandoned, but even so, we crawled military style through the house looking for an exit, there was none, so we tried to go back to where we came from, but I couldnt remember the way. Eventually I said: Don, what type of floor was it that we entered the house on to? Don said: Hard wood, pine finish Then I heard a saw. I peaked around a door way, and there was a priest sawing something. We went past the door onto the pine finished hallway and went into one of two passageways that lined the bottom of the hallway. I said: Shit, this isnt it! Then Don jumped like a frog out of the room, past the hallway and past the priest, I poked my head out after Don, saw the passage we should have gone through, looked toward the door with the priest, and the priest came out and said: bastard, honey! Then a woman with a large hammer came and hit me on the head. I woke up, but then fell back asleep, and the woman kept hitting me on the head, each time with a clanking sound. Then I woke up, drank some milk, and went back to bed again.

 5th-In the second dream I was in LA, sort of. Someone had kidnapped someone, I didnt know who, but I knew I needed to get them. So I jumped on to a train headed for LA. There was a man in a black coat who said: you need a ticket to get to dream town. How do I get a ticket? I asked. You need to talk to the engineer, and offer him a sacrifice. Like what? A small child. I dont have a small child. Then you need to steal a train. Its the only way. How, get off now, and talk to the other me at the station. I got off the train, to a floating concrete station in the middle of nowhere. Clouds surrounded the station, and there was one person there: the man from the train, or his twin. Take the 102 train to 102 avenue, then give this to the other me. I waited for the 102 train, and took it to 102 avenue. 102 avenue was just a floating street, much like the other station, only this one had a pole and another man. The man at the last station had handed me a pink envelope, I gave it to the other him on 102. Jump on top of the 104 train, take it to the hideout. I climbed the pole, and when the train came, I jumped on top. After maybe ten minutes a sign popped up that said the hideout next left. I saw an alcove on my left up ahead and got off. I walked up stairs into a room full of gangsters, all wearing pinstriped suits. They eyed me suspiciously. One of them approached me and said: take this. I did, it was a small machine with an LCD screen that said: train controller I pressed the button that said call train. An engine came within seconds, one of the gangsters told me that I had to ride on top, and not inside, in case the train was stopped. The train got stopped several times on the way to the final station before dream town, but it was fun racing trains to their stops. I jumped off at the last station and talked to the conductor, she told me that if I didnt have a ticket, it was better not to go, that Id get caught even with my own train, then I hopped back on and rode into the darkness, and then I woke up.


6th- I wake up in my room and my teeth are hurting like hell. There is sound from outside my room as if a party is going on, and upon looking out, one is. It was odd, a house I had never seen before was filled with people who appeared to be friends of my mom and grandmother. There is dance music, and my grandma looks perfectly healthy, dancing the night away. The living room of the house is a huge white dome, with intermittent windows. I wonder where I am. I walk outside and gaze at the scenery only to find that I am on my grandparents street, but across the street from their house, theyve acquired a new property. Apparently it turns out that my grandmother (in the dream) was previously married and got the house as a result of this. I go back inside and tell my mom that my teeth hurt. She tells me to go swimming. I do, but then there appears to be a rumbling. I look up and see a cloud heading straight for us, or were we heading for it? Anyhow, I jump out of the pool and look down, only to see a red abyss with scattered clouds. My mom comes out and tells me to go back to sleep. I do, and when I wake up, everyone from the party is at a giant futuristic train station. Then I started screaming about my teeth hurting and needing to see a dentist. Some one in the crowd shouted that he was a dentist, and I woke up.