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Martin F
1st-I had a dream I was already in my second quarter of college. Things were going well, I just had one thing which stood out of place. It started after my comparative lit class, I biked to my dorm room to pick up scuba gear and some heavy artillery shells. I I kept asking myself why I needed these, then I remembered. i had just enrolled in a class titled "underwater basket weaponry" and I was running late. I get to the pool ten minutes late and jump in. when I reach the pool floor everything is set up just like a preoject class, tables arranged in rows and a chalkboard at the end. the teacher was jamaican and apparently could talk and breath underwater. (through a glitch in my dream or the subconscious stereotype that jamaicans have superhuman lung capacity) He looked like bob marley. Everyone turns around to see my entrance. He brings the class back to attention,"anyway, as we were, we were placing the barrels in our baskets"
I look at my desk and see a hybrid between an a cannon and a basket. thats the most I can remember, oh and I had a cookie after the class.
2nd-I had a strange dream a few nights back, I was at a party with my girlfriend.
The setting was a dimly lit art deco mansion, high wals, plaster pillars
painted peach. Most of the crowd was of the hollywood glamour after-party
scene, with a few familiar faces every now and then. Katia is mad at me for
some reason bt I cant fathom why. Next thing I know I 'm carrying her and laying her down on a bed, she's sound asleep. I walk out of the room and find myself in a roman bathhouse filled with eels and snakes, katia's mother is sitting on the steps at the far end smirking. I walk out and see katia storm off again into the crowd. I follow her and end up at a bar, where the entire cast of Spin City is bartending. I see that everyone is making drinks and I notice three empty bottles and a glass by charlie sheen. He's not serving anyone drinks. Then some random guy behind me says, "when theres and empty glass at a bar, charlie sheen has got to be around." Sitcom laughter pours in
from nowhere. thats the most I can recall.
3rd-Ok this happened on the night I had a moderately severe migraine. I went to sleep at seven thirty. well, first it starts out as a collection of jumbled images, a countless multitude pass by until tthey form space around me. The jumbled space forms into a classroom. It looks like hoffmeisters room one moment, then shifts to a different class, the walls continuously shift. I am seated at the far back of the class. Some people I knew from high school are there, Don for one, he sits next to me. The teacher is an  actor I know (but for the life of me I cant remember his name, he played a teacher on Boston Public, the one who wanted to teach that controversial lesson about racism and the "n" word.) he sits down on his desk and starts cracking jokes. He's a funny guy. For some reason I dont pay attention while the class is rapt. when I do pay attention he's finishing up an old joke I had in  previous dream, one about charlie sheen and alchocol. Anyway he finishes wisecracking. I can tell I like this guy. He pulls down the projector screen and starts a homemade movie about him. Nothing memorable happens until the end. He's a dj at a school dance. Suddenly I'm standing behind him with my friend victor. We're wearing zoot suits. We push him aside and begin scratching on the turntable. Everyone loves us. Don is laughing his ass off. My next class is art class and there's a new teacher, a kind old english woman. Suddenly I realize everyone there is in ninth grade, as well as myself. well we all draw the same picture of a big headed cartoon kid, and class ends. I walk out thinking of a fictional female Director who in my dream I adore. I walk along the quads and realize its dark and damp, like its just rained. Not only that the quads are twice as large, and there's no space between the 100 and 400 quads. I try to find my locker but forget where it is. As I'm searching I see different events. A few students are jumping across the rooftop like in crouching tiger hidden dragon. A little kid is bullied by a huge kid, the little kid does a barrel roll somersault and kicks the bullie's head into the lockers. A senior tries to pick up a sophmore. There's a guy who's spinning five yo-yo's at once. I give up and walk home. Along the way the streets turn into a blend of glendora avenue and san francisco. I see some of the friends I used to talk to outside a restaurant. first tammy walks out, she looks surprised, but then gives a cold and embarrased hello.  next comes jason who does the same. The twins come out, then shawn, then ting, they all go through the same routine. I feel lonely in front of all of them, and pace off quickly, hurt.  They cram into a gray Ford Focus.  Reality shifts again, and I'm sitting down in this stranger's house.There's a girl abuot my age seated next to me. She's smiling, This entire house is warm and quiet, and the windows are pouring in the orange yellow sunset. Everything has this cozy slightly moldy dark cornered cottage feel to it. This girl to my understanding, likes me. I try to brush her off, by drawing on a peice of paper, Next thing I know she's giving me a back rub, but it hurts. yet in my dream I couldnt stop her. So she kept hurting me, until she stops and yells triumphantly "lets take out the trash!"  I follow her, and theres no trashcan anywhere. She stops, and yells again "lets take uot the trash!" I'm worried at this bizarre behavior and try to just walk away. The house is a maze of sorts. I walk into a prison area, cells to the left and right. To the left there is an open cell with two huge samoan guys trying to lift someone. when I get closer I eralize they are fat version of Don and Matt talbot, and they're carrying ting, who's unconscious.
   They're trying to fit her through a tiny window, but its too small. In my logic at the moment I realized she had to wake up first, then she could fit through the window. I talk to her, trying to wake her up. she comes to then squeezes through the window, as well as the two fat guys. I'm stuck inside the house. I somehow get angry, turn into the incredible hulk and punch through the wall. I'm on the street to Jason's house, only everything is different, except for the street sign and joson's house. I begin to walk down to foothill, only to find a freeway there, and I realize I'm in seattle. I walk along the freeway and it becomes wider. Daytime sets in. A ford Focus screeches by me and stops. Ting opens the door, except she's dressed like some guy (whats his face, who has the song, "I'm walking away") she says "get in" very happily, I get in the back, and her sister is there, and she's dressed like an asian pop star. Their mom is driving, but for some reason, she isnt her mom. anyway I begin to wake up at that time so the dream dissolves. Longest dream in a while.