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Car and Driver

June 2003 
0-60 4.6 
0-100 12.4 
0-130 24.5 
1/4 mile 13.2@103mph 



Well the Kartboy Short Shifter, shifter bushings, and Whiteline Steering Rack bushings did all they were supposed to do and more.  Its hard to really explain how huge of a difference the steering rack bushings made.  It gives such a secure feeling now, so much tighter. One thing that had bothered me from day one about the sti was its floatiness in relatively high speed sweeping turns.  In theory this is still there, until I put my springs in, and or get a functional front lip, but it all feels much more secure now.  Specifically when transitioning from the 210 west to the 605 south, there is a bump in the sweeping freeway change, that normally was unsettling, but after the bushings it felt secure and stable.  There was less free movement in the steering wheel, so if I was holding the wheel steady, the car was staying steady.
The short shifter is great because it hasnt gotten me back to what I was used to on my sister's WRX.  Plus the timing of the shifts now matches much better with my foot work.  Additonally I find it much more fun to downshift to a stop, which I tended to do anyways, which isnt the best for gas mileage, but a must in a sports car.  Well thats the report for now, once I get my springs and top mounts put in, I will update you on that effect as well.
Past Sti Updates
I will give an update on Sti soon- 8/11/04
Well my car isnt so brand new anymore, but that doesnt mean its old.  It has about 6,000 miles on it as of 3/26/04 but it is extremely happy.  Why you might ask.  Well at Buttonwillow Raceway it got half a tank of 100 octane bringing the tank up to about 95.5  More than enough to make it 93 octane happy. I cant believe how much better it drives, how much smoother it feels, and how much faster it feels. 
Here it is.  My brand new 2004 Subaru WRX Sti in Java Black.  I got my new baby on 8/5/03.  On 8/29/03 I bought 17" Wed Racing Rims in bronze to match the flake in the Java black paint.  I think they look bad ass.  Then recently on 9/9/03 I dropped off my baby to get some I.C.E.  I got her back on 9/12/03 and it sounds great.  Thanks Automotive Entertainment!! Enjoy the pictures.

Click here to see the STi in action

Thanks to Myles at for helping me decide whats the best for my needs on my car, and thanks to Vick as Discount Tire Center in El Monte who has always helped me with all my car needs.
8/12/04- I think I have finally made a list of the parts I want to add to my Sti.  I have thought about it a long time, whether going all for looks, all for speed, and for handeling, and if not what combination of each.  Because the sti was meant to be a handler anyway, I want to keep that focus. I do want to make it faster in a straight line, and I do want it to look even better, but handling will get a lot of attention.  Anyway, here is the basic list. They are in no specific order.  The items in pink have already been purchased. Additionally I will put pictures of all the different items on the right, and number them according to their place on the list.
1. Kartboy 6 speed short shifter (installed 9/9/04)
2. PDE Downpipe with Race catalytic converter.
3. Perrin Twin Tip Catback Exhaust
4. Turbo xs Utec Engine Management
5. Turbo xs Utec map selector
6. Front and Rear Group N Strut Top Mounts (Installed 10-02-04)
7. 2004 Lightweight STi Racing Lateral Link Set
8. Sti Sport Trailing Link Set, 2 pc.
9. Sti Pink lowering springs (installed 10-02-04)
10. Cusco Lower Arm Bar, Version 2
11. Cusco Front and Rear Sway Bars
12. Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings (installed as of 9/9/04)
13. SAA Sedan Rear Underspoiler Kit
14. JDM Clear Headlights ( either purchase, or bake in the oven to remove orange)
15. Sti V Limited Front Lip Spoiler
16. Tinted Windows (8/27/04)
17. Quaility Sound System
18. Sti Floor Mats
19. Get blue interior changed to red
20. Get the blue strip on weds SA90's changed to red, custom.
21. Defi BF Gauges (3 gauges in gauge pod)
22. Defi Gauge Link II

See, stock is pretty good too!




#!4 and 15


#4 and 5






My 12" Alpine Sub L bracketed in...1000watt max, 300watt rms.

My Eclipse head unit. Its hard to really capture the coolness of it, but this will do.




8/25/03- Hit 1000 miles!!!
8/24/03- 954.5 miles
8/23/03- 901.6 miles
8/22/03- 771.5 miles
8/21/03- 685.3 miles
8/20/03- 638.2 miles
8/19/03- 627.8 miles
8/18/03- 522.6 miles
8/17/03- 470.2 miles
8/16/03- 420.6 miles
8/15/03- 359.4 miles
8/14/03- 272.0 miles
8/13/03- 225.6 miles