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SD RaceTek

I have written some quotes.  If you have any you would like me to put here, send them to me via email at

"Guys are like shoes, you can never have too many of them....And the pretty ones that hurt you are always the ones you love the most."
 ~Sex and the City

That sucks for us guys because its true.


(Said while watching Making the Band 2) You know what show this is a lot like.....American Idol- Steve Nguyen


"TOILET OUT OF ORDER. PLEASE USE FLOOR BELOW." ~a sign in office building restroom


"A naturally aspirated engine, is an engine with never-ending lag" - member of forum


Ambition is hard to find, especially if you dont have enough to go look for it. Matt T 3/31/02 12:30am


Have things gotten weird, or have they just gotten weirder.- Matt T

 3/31/02  12:27am


Its all fun and games until someone dies.  Then its just fun.- ???


Boy: "Why are you smiling"

Hitman: "Cause it's all so f*cking hilarious."


What I like about laptops is that you can take them anywhere-Owen L


If you're  a circus clown, and you have a dog you use in your act, I don't think it is a good idea to also dress the dog up like a clown, because people see that and think, "Forgive me, but that is just too much."- Jack Handy


If you dont think having one good friend is enough, at least you have one good friend to contemplate it with.- Matt T 3/31/02 12:29am


The world is wierd but so am I, so lets do this thing.-Matt T


Hey guys, can you see your eye brows?- James Bahn


the vs kit for the supra has a mouth wider than the continent of Eurasia- David Chu


Oh my god, that stance!!!-Don W


If we want to make it, we must run now!!-Matt T 7/12/02 11:37pm


c0oKiEdOh [8:04 PM]:  to me, that's love

 c0oKiEdOh [8:04 PM]:  u wanna fuck them but then talk to them forever after really great sex

c0oKiEdOh [8:04 PM]:  i konw it's pessimistic...but like tht's just how i think sometimes


The few times one can say what they are thinking, be careful, you may even surprise yourself.-Matt T 7/14/02


Why do we always have to treat grandma so specially.  We always give her birthday presents like 1 year early-Alexandra T


Don't believe anything you hear, and half of what you see.- Evil Kenival


Yep Yeo-Aaron S  1:04am


"Life is fair in the long run but the long run lasts longer than any of us will."-zambocello


The truth shall set you free-??



"I would be more comfortable if mom drove to the bank" Matt said.

"I would be more comfortable if you shut up." said Alexandra.


Aznkaliguy3 [12:26 AM]:  i apologize if i offended u in any manner. i know you are not accustomed to the taste of defeat in your mouth but there is a first time for everything. i will help you, comfort you and be by your side if, excuse me, when that first time does indeed come by own hand in one week at puddingstone. please do not view this upcoming event as a competition but as a motivator for both of us to excel in our car craft and modification of our raw, untamed street power-machines. godspeed. 


today korea, tomorrow the world.-Ting Chin


If it dont grow  its got to go-Michael d daws


This quote was uttered upon leaving Chiles resturant

"I am glad we are leaving.  It was getting a little chilly in there."-Gail T


"Everybodies first night in Berkeley is a drunken one."- Ting Chin


Ben- I think I am gonna stay up all night.

Matt- Why?

Ben- Because sunrise is in 2 hrs.

Matt- Do you get up at sunrise?

Ben- Of course not!!


"It is one of those things that is okay until they get caught."- Ben


"Procrastination is like masturbation, it feels good until you realize you're only screwing yourself"- Someone smart

"The boy band N'Sync said they recently recorded a safe-sex ad in order to set a good example for their audience. During the ad, N'Sync claims they always use condoms when having sex with Backstreet Boys." -Conan O'Brien
"President George W. Bush has announced yesterday that he wants to construct a 200-billion dollar outer-space missile defense shield. Apparently, George W. said that he is certain that the missile shield will work because he saw one just like it in Spy Kids."-Conan O'Brien
"The other night, after her concert was canceled due to a power failure, Britney Spears became very upset because her fans started booing her.  Britney felt better after her manager told her, 'They're not booing, they're saying 'Booooobs.' "-Conan O'Brien
"A man was arrested for stalking a women yesterday.  He had only one explanation.  He claimed to be doing research for an unauthorized biography on the women.  When asked why he had been seen with a camera by her bedroom window, he quickly answered, 'All good unauthorized biographies have nude pictures, don't they?'   The officers quickly released him after hearing his explanation.  It truly made too much sense to be illegal."
whiteguywhitewrx (11:13:08 PM): If a monkey was given the proper utensils do you think it could fly?
xXaZnRiCe4uXx (11:16:25 PM): no
xXaZnRiCe4uXx (11:16:29 PM): dey 2 stoopid
JimmyJFH (11:16:37 PM): of course
ms tingy (11:13:51 PM): i think if i was given the proper utensils i'd murder ellie's children
mraaron2002 (11:13:31 PM): huh
mraaron2002 (11:13:39 PM): they sent them into space
mraaron2002 (11:13:43 PM): so i guess
mraaron2002 (11:13:48 PM): with proper training
Jumbugale (11:21:56 PM): definitely
Jumbugale (11:22:40 PM): because monkeys are extremely intelligent and a hard working group of people
Bartek98 (11:21:46 PM): only if it flapped hard enough
fLiPbOy2002 (11:31:28 PM): no email me please, so lonely, and cold.