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04/8/03- The 240 project has been updated.  The UCSD places page has been updated greatly.  I have a new song recommendation as well.  Thanks.  Also check out my Guest Map on the guestbook and links page, and tell your friends about my site, with the TELL A FRIEND FEATURE.
03/24/03- Home on spring break!!  Whoa!!

Awesome...but very disrespectful.

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Table of Contents


Question of the (amount of time it take for at least 5 people to answer)  What is the first thing you see in this picture? Email your response to
Bonus Question:  When you type LOL are you actually laughing out loud?

Thank God for Photoshop and Thank God for Rowena Galam!!

MAKE THEM SEE A SITE ABOUT ME CAMPAIGN is becoming a one man operation.  I will call on you when the time comes.

This is when he is calm.
Imagine when he gets excited.

I am excited to share this wonderful new experience with you.  My good friend has created his own radio station.  Here is what you need to do to hear it.  First download winamp if you do not already have it.  Once installed and opened, hit Ctrl + L.  Then paste   This will allow you to listen to his radio station.  He has an excellent music selection but the station is really at its best when Bryan is taking questions and shout outs.  Be sure to check it out.  IM him at goose240 or email him at with your ideas, questions, shout outs, and comments for his radio station.  If you are tired of Bryans Radio station or you just want to ry something new put in  You can IM this radio stations DJ at xmajik420x. He is kick ass.
Lots of People have been asking, where's your guest book.  It is on the links page.  Go sign it.  Oh yea, and I suck.  I didn't pass my econ or gov AP's.   Also , even if you have emailed Conan, do so again under a different alias.  SIGNS is a sweet movie.  Oh my god!!!

Here you'll learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, my pets, and more.(All, for you to poop on)  I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.  Most people dont include a list, but i'm not most people.

On this home page, I'll put pictures, and funny captions.  And maybe I will put funny captions with pictures.  When I become more advanced I may put pictures with no captions at all, what do you think about that?

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