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    This is Matthew Talbot writing, and I would like to welcome you to the Talbot Autos website.  I hope this section will illustrate who I am, what my business does, and most importantly, what we can do for you.

    The company was born in Fall 2004 from my undeniable passion for everything automotive.  I deeply desired to find an effective and productive way to share my interest and knowledge of cars with the world around me.  Automotive procurement, sales, and aftermarket modifcation all seemed to be a perfect fit with my goals.  A business flexible and innovative to participate in these activities was the logical choice.  Am I the first to bring these business practices together?  Of course not.  However, Talbot Autos combines intelligence and automotive enthusiasm in one place.  I can't even count the times I have visited multiple manufacturers dealer's lots only to deal with a salesman less interested and educated about cars than I was at the age of 5.  Similarly, on numerous occasions have I spoke and dealt with employees of the aftermarket industry unaware of potential implications and fitment issues of their products, let alone the overall affect on style, performance,and drivability.  When you are making a purchase this large, you want someone who knows and cares.  With the advent of the the internet, information is readily available.  I am a avid visitor of many automotive sites including www.edmunds.com, www.worldcarfans.com, www.supercars.net, and www.tuningnews.net  however there is a certain satisfaction and peace of mind dealing directly with someone who knows what they are doing and saying.  I am here to offer you just that.  Proving substantial and certifiable intelligence is best done in one on one conversation and interaction.  I understand this is not always possible.  When faced with the myriad of options and choices that exist for such purchases today, time is at a premium.  In hopes of elucidating my automotive connection (and for my own personal enjoyment), I started an automotive blog (www.autothoughts.blog.com) which includes editorials, among other things, on a wide range of automotive topics, general automotive news, and innovations of interest. 

  Not everyone needs a"car guy." This is why, beyond my ability to offer such "car guy" esque consulting, I place such an importance on both the treatment of the customer and the overall customer experience.  Feel free to contact me regarding any of your automotive needs. 

What we can do for you.

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