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1st-10/5/02: I am sleeping in my bed on my back. I awake
and open my eyes to see the shadow of a man projected
on the ceiling by a dim blue light from outside the
door. He is standing calmly in my doorway, but I do
not look at him, I keep my eyes on his unmoving shadow
thinking he believes me to be asleep and wonder who he
is, why he is here. Suddenly the shadow's hand reaches
out and grabs me, then covers my face with a huge
shadow hand. I find myself inside him! Everything is
blue, a bluish forest, there are shadow men everywhere
here, all different sizes but all shadows, just
standing in the air with no real men attached to them.
And they quickly begin to walk towards me, I run, I
cover my face, I scream, and then I wake up for real.