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You may of heard of a new show called Crank Yankers.  It is kinda funny, but not hilarious like Family Guy or something.  Well after watching that show I got an idea.  I will IM random people and attempt to have funny conversations with them.  This page might end up suckin, and suckin bad.  Email me and tell me what you think, and whether an idea like this has any legs.

I will probably update the Talbotronnedation every other day.  Check back often.

Here is a simple sample of being Talbotronned:

Crtonist84 [1:57 PM]:  Is your refrigerator running?

 Blondie0627 [1:58 PM]:  what

 Crtonist84 [1:58 PM]:  Is your refrigerator running?

 Blondie0627 [1:59 PM]:  what is that supposed 2 mean

 Crtonist84 [1:59 PM]:  Is your refrigerator running?

 Blondie0627 [2:00 PM]:  ya????

 Crtonist84 [2:00 PM]:  Then you better go catch it

 Crtonist84 [2:00 PM]:  Booya, you have just been Talbotronned

 Crtonist84 [2:00 PM]:  Later Blondie

 Crtonist84 [2:00 PM]:  Bet your cute, ahh, never mind, booya.


Click here for the real Talbotronnedations

Email me at if you think this page sucks.