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This page will be a journal of the dreams I have.  I may not put all of them up, for certain reasons, but some nights I just don't seem to have any.( Therefore if I don't put a dream up one night, don't assume it was because it was dirty.  Ok?)  Also if you want to submit a cool dream of yours, with your name attached or anonymously.  Email them to me at and put dream in the subject title.  I may put a form to fill out instead in the future if enough people participate.  Thanks.  Other people's dreams are below mine.  Scroll down to read them, they are much better than mine.

Night of 8/02/02- I am sitting in a out door patio section of a nice resturant.  With me at the table is Conan O'Brian, Sylvester Stallone, and Rachel Leigh Cook.  I try to tell Conan about my website but he is too busy talking to Sylvester.  Rachel leans over and tells me to not even try.  We begin talking and getting along very well.  Her deamenor is very similar to that in most of her movie rolls.  I guess Rowena Galam was at the table because next thing I can remember is walking with her towards my car.  I am going to drive her home.  She sees to find some of my jokes amusing as I attempt to flirt with her.  After some others she stares blankly at me.  We both enter the car.  I forget to open the door for her and become angry with myself.  I quickly back out of the parking lot but into traffic nearly getting clipped by a car.  Then I woke up.
Night of 8/03/02- I cannot really remember a dream.  For some reason I have a vivid image of me jumping out a window.  I can't remember anything else.
Night of 8/04/02- Aaron S and Iare in a red rx-7(newest body style). He is driving when we pull up to a run down grocery store.  Aaron attempts to back into a parking space, but freaks out, and parks somewhere else.  We enter the grocery store and buy movie tickets for XXX off of a grocery shelf.  I then proceed to run out of the store screaming with the tickets in my hand, only to be stopped by security. I then whip out the receit for the tickets.  I wake up after this.
Night of 8/05/02- No dream.  Sorry, damn.

Night of 8/06/02- No dream again. Sorry. 


Night of 8/07/02- This dream was very realistic.  I wake up in my bed and hear my cell phone ringing.  It is sitting on my nightstand.  I look over at my clock which says 8:45am.  I pick up the phone.  It says number blocked. I click ok and someone says hello.  I am kinda confused and say hello back.  She quickly hangs up.  I set the phone back down and fall back alseep.  I really woke up at 10:30am.  I checked my phone just to make sure it was a dream.  It was.


Night of 8/08/02- The dream started with me an a car.  It was fast and turbo, but I cannot remember what it is.  I go into a parking lot where a few other cars are.  We are setting up to street race.  There is a girl there that I know from a while ago.  Possibly ex-girlfriend or something.  I am really happy to see her and she is happy to see me.  Must have ended on good terms.  We start talking and hit it off again, but after ten minutes or so I have to leave for my race.  I am in something blue and turbo.  I can't remember what it was.  Maybe skyline, maybe subaru, im not sure.  I feel like I will never see her again.  I am worried I am going to crash or something.  I have a gut feeling I will never see her again. I pull up to the line against a red twin turbo rx-7.  I beat him by a few car lengths without incident.  I am happy because I won $500 bucks.  I pull back into the parking lot and hop out of the car.  The girl is gone.  I woke up after that.


Night of 8/09/02-I cannot remember much of it. I think I am the same age as I am now, but I am in the Goddard cafeteria.  I walk in and a bunch of people I know are there.  They start to sing happy birthday for me, and I get really embarrassed, but at the end some other people start booing.  Then almost everyone starts booing at me.  I woke up after that.


Night of 8/10/02-I know I had a dream last night but it keeps poping out of my head.  I will try to write a proper description when i can remember some details.


Night of 8/11/02- This was one of my wierder dreams.  I am in some short of theme park like area.  It is outer-space themed, and there is some short of monorail that goes by overhead.  My friend's Aaron and Don are there too.  This entire place is enclosed by some cave.  It is huge.  It seems as if we are on some sort of field trip and are being ushered around by teacher like people.  As we get to one end, I see a buffet.  It is composed of two things; rice and noodles.  The noodles look a bit like Chow Mein and the rice looks like normal steamed rice.  All of a sudden as I grab some for my plate Kenny G leans in and begins talking about the rice and noodles.

"They are common in Jamaica and have addictice tendencies because they are sauteed in weed.  It all tastes really good though."

Then Kenny G disappeared walking backwards in to the crowd.  I was a bit hesitant to eat the noodles and rice, but everyone else dug right in.  I joined the crowd and dug in as well.  It tasted great, but after only a few minutes men with guns stormed the area.  Don, Aaron, and I ran on to one of the monorail rails and jumped inside only to see Kenny G sitting there.  This is when I woke up.


Night of 8/12/02-I had four dreams last night and I would wake up after every one.  The only problem was as soon as I had a new one I would forget the one that came before it.  The last one I had was a little wierd  It started with me leaving my house in my truck. Clouds started gathering in the sky and I said to myself  "It looks like it is going to rain."  Before I was even out of my driveway it started pouring rain.  Next thing I know I parked the car where Stater Brothers is.  What is wierd is after I start walking I walk past my own truck.  Steve Nguyen runs up and starts talking about some car stuff he is going to do.  After a little while of walking and crossing Lonehill I got to this cafe.  It looked a lot like a coffee shop they have on the UCSD campus.  I saw a lot of people I reconized on my way in incluiding Jim, Amy, Steve K, Katia, Martin, Don, and Andrew.  I walk up to the ordering counter that looks more like a podium.  Don is next to me.  The person working there looks familiar too, but I am not sure who it was.

Don said "Haven't I seen you before" to the person working.

He quickly said "President of Christian Club for 2 years."

"Aaaahh" Don said.

He then asked us what we wanted, but I realized I was not hungry.  Don orders a sandwhich.  The guy working there keeps saying the peanut butter cookie is the best and how I should buy. Eventually I said ok, but then he said "Why are you buying the peanut butter, the chocolate chunk is much better."

I am a bit angry with this change but I quickly buy the chocolate chunk cookie.  I only take a bite before throwing it away.  It tasted terrible.  All of a sudden Brian Lucett pulls up in his Mercedes C class(older bodystyle, it looked black)

I turn back to the podium and see someone completely different working there.  I don't know who she is either, but just as I began to talk to her someone walked up and said "You are Lauren Daniels right?"

"Yes" she answered. 

I am not sure whether there is a Lauren Daniels that I know, but it is possible.  She started talking to me about Christmas presents and how she didnt like what she got most of the time.  Se seemed nice enough but her topic of conversation was wierd at best.  After a short conversation I got up and went to leave.  I  noticed everyone was amused by Brian in the cowboy hat and I asked someone what people find so funny about some guy wearing a cowboy hat. 

He replied "It is freakin hilarious and he could probably kick your a*s."

I did not take kindly to this comment and I decked him.  Layed him down cold.(This is not my normal reaction to comments like this by the way)  I walked outside and thats when I woke up.


Night of 8/13/02-  This was a lame dream.  I was in my house and the guy from Howard Stern, his producer with the huge lips, came in and asked me if I wanted to particpate in a survey.  I said sure.  He asked me to turn on the tv.  After every question he would ask me to change the channel.  What was wierd was what was on each channel.  Every show had Chris Rock in it dressed or acting as some different character.  I can't remember any of the questions, but they weren't really crazy or anything.  I woke up right after he left and the survey had been completed.


Night of 8/14/02-No dream.


Night of 8/15/02-No dream again.  As an interesting tidbit.  I found that I could remember my dreams the past when I had been looking foward them the night before.  I began to enjoy writing them down for this page, so I would go to bed hoping for a good one.  Lately I havent been thinking about my dreams, and thus I havent been having any or am unable to remember them.  Oh well.


Night of 8/16/02- I had a dream but I cannot remember it.  I remember pulling up in front of a large house, and waiting out front.  I remember a green Acura RSX type-s driving by.  I remember it transitioning from night to day very quickly.  I can't remember anything else.

Night of 8/17/02-No dreams.
Night of 8/18/02-No dreams.  Sorry
Night of 8/19/02- I was running down foothill.  I was just passing Togos and Mailbox etc before grand when I saw Alex Kwok.  I am running mind you, but I ask him if he wants a ride.  I then realize I don't have  a car and we just end up running side by side.  We eventually get to Sandberg middle school.  We walk into this portable class room and inside is a bunch of people I know.
Jaymin, Don, Andrew, Justin, Firas and his sister, Ting, and Sue.  Slowly as Alex and I came in people started leaving.  Eventually everyone had left.  I turned around to ask Alex what was going on and he was gone too.  The shutters on the windows closed and suddenly the floor began to drop.  This is when I woke up.
Night of 8/20/02-No dream
Night of 8/21/02- No dream again.  I think I need a hot women or a hot car to dream about.  If you are a hot girl, email me so we can meet.  If you have a hot car, email me so I can drive it.  If you have a hot car and are a hot women, will you marry me?
Night of 8/22/02- In this dream I remember driving on a curvy residential street for quite some time before reaching the house  I would be staying in.  My sister was there but I cant remeber who else.  Someone was showing us the house, it was very modern but in a 1960's type way.  House of the future when they didnt know what the future would be like.  There was a computer set up and some other high tech equipment.  Alfter settling into the house my sister and some other people that were there sadi they were hungry.  I drove back up the street and found this hot dog stand.  It looked pretty dirty but the people around said the dogs tasted great.  I ordered 4 hot dogs.  The man inside the stand told me about a special deal that was going on.  Buy 4 and get 6 free.  I thought 10 hot dogs was a bit over kill, but if I was getting them for free what was the harm.  I ordered them all with ketchup and mustard.  He put them all in a large box that covered the entire passenger seat of my truck.  I came home and was kinda excited to tell my sister and friends about all the free hot dogs I had recieved.  I walked in with the large tray holding all the hot dogs.  My sister quickly asked if I had remebered to get hers plain.  I said, sorry, but I had forgotten.  She quickly hit the tray out of my hands and onto the floor.  This is when I woke up.
Night of 8/23/02- This dream scared me a bit.  I was having my first night at UCSD, but it didn't look anything like the actual campus.  It was more a cross between a hotel and some lake resort.  No one was talking to me and I wasn't getting to know anyone very well.  I was trying to make some friends that night with some people getting in a limosine.  Suddenly before I hope in with them, some campus security guard runs up.  Oddly enough it is Adam Carolla.  At first I thought it was wierd that it looked like him, but once I began talking to him he told me that he was indeed the same Adam from the Man Show and Loveline.  We walked back and talked for a second until we seemed to reached the scene of an incident.  A dog had been killed when the side of some truck fell onto it.  After this I walked back to my dorm which was really more like a suite from a hotel with a kitchen etc and there were 4 guys in there.  One looked familiar and I began talking to him about the people I had met at orientation.  I remembered I had there cell phone numbers in my memory.  When the guy saw I was calling Rob he quickly told me that Rob had decided not to go to UCSD.  I didnt have the number of anyone else and I began to realize I was alone here.  The next day( I dont remember anything else from that night) I was driving my truck all around the campus.  There seemed to be some sort oif carnival set up and a band was performing.  Harvey Danger was the band performing and they had about 10 people standing and listening to them.  It was pretty sad.  I made a left turn and kept on going.  Some fixed up trucks were on the right.  The looked pretty good.  Suddenly I heard some guy yell, Sport Tracs suck.  I looked to see if it was one of my friends first joking around with me, but it wasnt.  There was a group of 5 or so 16 ot 17 year olds standing behind me.  I wasnt in the greatests of moods at the time and I quickly jumped out to show these guys what ws up.  I tossed the first one I reached into the side of a fixed up Expedition.  The other backed off right away.  I climbed back into my truck and drove off only to be pulled over by a police man a short time later.  The police man that walked up to my window was Adam Carolla.  He said that he understood why I had tossed that kid and that I could go on my way.  Then I woke up.
Night of 8/24/02-  I am outside of a 7/11 or something waiting for Chris Serjeant who is buying something inside.  As I stand in he parking lot I hear some type of muscle car accelerating quickly.  Suddenly it pulls into the parking lot and pull a 180 degress turn, but hiting me in he process knocking me backward.  I slie for about 6 feet scraping the the skin off my elbows.  The passenger of the muscle car hopped out to see what they had hit.  As soon as he saw it was person he jumped back inside the car and drove off.  I felt a pain in the back of my head.  I reached back and felt a broken bottle sticking out.  I knew it was bad.  I came to my feet slowly and walked over to the window of the 7/11 signaling Chris to come out.  I showed him the bottle and told him to pull it out hard and fast.  I felt the blood pour down my neck.   For some reason he had a towel and he quickly held it against the wound.  This is when I woke up.
Night of 8/25/02- No dream. No dreams.
Night of 8/26/02- No dream.
Night of 8/27/02- No dream, or so I thought.  When I woke up this mornign I had no recollection of a dream, but then at lunch I began to rememebr it.  I was at the 10 year highschool reunion, and I saw Michael Murray there.  He was in full army general dress with a bunch of medals on the front.  He was telling everyone how he was going to be the next to Mars.  He had taken an astronaut test and had done great in almost every subject.  That is all I can remember.
Nights of 8/28/02-9/01/02- No dreams.  Im am very sorry.  Maybe tommorow night.
Night of 9/02/02- No dream.
Night of 9/03/02- I dreamed I went and picked up my Sport Trac from the shop, and it hadn't been fixed at all.  When I asked what had happened I was told the accident was my fault.  Not only would my truck not be fixed but I could be sent to prison.  I woke up shortly after.
Night of 9/04/02- No dream.
Night of 9/05/02- No dream.  I miss dreaming.
Night of 9/06/02- This is getting ridiculous.  I need to take some E or something so I can dream.
Night of 9/07/02- This dream was really wierd.  I had some relative that was inside the white house.  I had been invited to stay an night there.  I'm not sure what room it was but there was an inflatible matress for me and everything.   I never saw Bush.  I can't be totally sure if he was even the President in my dream.  There was a parking space just for me.  I guess I drove all the way there becuase I didn't have a rental car.  I had my truck.  I specifically remeber all the secret service agents looking at me suspicously.  I went through the metal detector without a hitch when I first arrived, but when I was leaving I had to go through one again.  This time it beeped.  I was surprised.  The agents quickly took me aside and began searching me.  They found a knife in my left cargo pocket, and then one in my right.  They found another in my shoe.  After a collection had been amassed they whisked me away down many flights of stairs.  I was quickly tossed into a dark room with no windows.  They shut a large metal door and this is when I woke up.
Night of 9/08/02- No dream.
Night of 9/09/02- No dream.
Night of 9/10/02- I was in an airport, and trying to get my boarding pass.  The line was moving quickly.  I got up to the counte and gave the women my information and ticket.  I began to fall asleep.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  She kept talking.  I couldn't even pay attention to what she was saying.  She showed me this wierd sutcase bag that with a bunch of candy and handed it to me.  I was rushed onto the plane.  Everyone ws already aboard. My luggage was taken from me.  There was one open seat left for me.  Although my eyes were closed most of the time I could see that everyone on board was alseep too.  I began to worry and thats when I woke up.
Night of 9/12/02-  On of my best dreams ever.  Went up to Berkeley again.  Not only saw all my friends that are actaully going there, but a bunch of people I know from highschool.  Everyone was getting a long great.  Let me lay things out first.   I go by myself and this time I drive, but for some reason I have to go to this place that looks like an airport when I get there some of my friends are there.  Most of them seem like new people, but they are friends that my other frriends had made at Berkeley.  Ting is there and has 3 or 4 friends there as well as Don who has brought a couple guys with him.  They are very outgoing and fun and we just hang out and ge to know each other in this food court thing.  We then go to this car performance shop in berkeley.  I walk down and see a lot of nice cars and then I see two eclipses.  One looks like Steve Nguyens gsx.  Sure enough there he is standing there.  I talk to him and he tells me how he heard this was the best shop in the state.  Next to his car is a gst convertible being fixed to the gills with equipment, not to mention a huge custom made NOS bottle that goes from the throughtout the center of the car.  I found out the owner is a women about 19 or 20.  I ask her about her car and how fast she expects it to run after all the mods.  Very modestly she replies, "11."  I assume 11 seconds in the quarter mile and I am correct.  I see some other people I know there incluiding Daniel ???(forgot his last name) but I played soccer with him, and Rose from Berkeley.  She is friendly as usual and sits beside me as I talk to the owner of the gst convertible.  At this point I see Chris Searjeant and Michal Murray there.  I notice they are looking behind me.  I turn around and see a huge room with all glass windows and sliding doors full of people, I do and do not know.  I turn back and all the cars are gone.  In the room is Don, Andrew, Abhishek, and many others.  The one unifying factor: They are all smoking something.  The entire room is filled with smoke, and as they open the door the smoke pours out.  Everyone is smiling and sees me instantly as they leave the room.  Usually in my dreams everyone I see is very cold to me, but not in this one.  People say hello and even give me a hug.  As they spill out into the parking lot with giant grins on their faces.  The smoke hits me and I too begin to smile.  Some friends Imeet in the food court thing are there.  One specifically, this cute asian girl, comes over and says hi again.  I began to giggle a bit.  She asks why I am laughing but in a non-angry and non-critical tone, eventually saying "Oh, I know why." and then giggling herself.  I am informed of a party that is going on later that night.  I then see Sue Zhou who informs me the party is gonna supposedly be "kickin."  Quite an endorsement from Sue so I had to go.  Quickly it turns to night and I am in my night clothes, whatever that may be.  The party is being held in the same place that held all that smoke.  I go inside and fine it is composed of two large flat areas.  One being a few steps elevated of the other.  Thw wall opposite of the glass and sliding door wall is also class but has only one sliding door.  Both lead to Jacuzzis outside that each have 3 or 4 people in them respectively.  On the adjacent wall is a single dorr where numerous people are entering not to mention rap stars LL Cool J and Snoop Dog.  Both have two or three women with them but they look respectable and cute, no trashy at all.  Everyone is talking.  No one seems snobby or unfriendly.  Its just a great feeling.  I cant specifically remember music.  I just remember mingling and talking to all my friends from years past and days recent.  I see Ting and some of her friends that I had met earlier that day on the eleveated level of the house.  I walk over and say hi to her friends who are still  nice and cute as they were earlier that day.  I saw hi to Ting who says hi back, and then walks away.  Her friends say goodbye very kindly and follow behind her.  I see Don and Brian Lucette sitting in lawn chairs by the jacuzzi in the backyard.  Don is signaling me to come outside.  I figure no harm.  I come outside.  Seems Bryan and Don were just outside talking, observing the whole party and enjoying themselves.  Don tells me," Dont force it , just kick back and talk to everyone."  I think that is wonder advice and quickly go back inside and meet hundreds of new people.  Well the party is coming to an end and I go to a couch that sits on the far wall of the elevated floor.  As I take a seat I notice there are two jackets sitting there.  A balck one on my left,and a pink one on my right.  I wonder if someone has forgotten there jacket.  sure enough snoop dog walks over and grabs the black jacket for one of his girls.  I say "Whats up" and he kindly says "Whats up homie" back.  I then ask him if this other one is his, but I quickly realize it pink and most likely not.  he then says "No problem. Its not mine but  I will ask around and see if anyone forgot a jacket."  He says "later homie" and walks off with the jacket asking everyone about the jackets ownership on the way out.  I am sitting there thinking about how amazing that Snoop Dog encounter just was when Ting walk over and takes a seat on the couch next to me.  She says "Whatsup" is a friendly tone.  I reply with "not much." I ask if she had a good time, she says "hell yes."   I agree with that statement. I realize this has been one of the best days of my life.  She says "see ya later." and I reply with, "ok, cool."  She leaves and I quickly lean of and fall asleep on the couch.  This is when I woke up.
Night of 9/13/02- No dream.
Night of 9/14/02- No dream.
Night of 9/15/02- I am in northern California somewhere.  I am in a stadium, or some sort of sports arena.  Some performances go on almost like a talent show.  I am with some people who are my friends but I don't reconize them.  After the performances we walked out to the car.  It was the subaru but all the gold had been stripped off the rims.  They had been ruined as if they were scraped with a knife to get the entire gold coating off.  I was extremely angry and began to ask the people around who had done this to my rims.  No one knew so i was forced to climb into the car and start driving.  I have no transition for this.  Me and my "friends" were walking up the hill to my house.  As we pass this one house with toweirng black gates in front some man rom inside starts yelling at us.  The voice sounds familiar but I brush it off.  The comments from the man become increasingly angering to me.  I stop in front of his house.  He comes down out ot and through his gate and starts yelling at me.  I can't remeber about what but I was very angry.  It is the annoyin guy from Princess Bride.  The fairly short character actor guy.  Well I beat the crap out of him.  After throwing him on the ground a final time, we ran up to my house and culdesac only to find a public transportation bus parked side ways.  I quickly enter the house angry and puzzled.  I ask my sister April why a bus is there.  She replies, "What are you talking about?  Buses come here all the time to pick up people."  I look back and see it drive away.  Thats when I woke up.
Night of 9/15/02- No dream.
Night of 9/16/02- No dream
Night of 9/17/02- Don, Jaymin, a few other people and I enter this fairly famous looking bar.   We enter and it is clear something is going on at one section of the bar.  We quickly walk over to go check it out.  Behind the bar serving drinks is Steven Tyler and the rest of Arrowsmith.  We eventually get to the front of the crowd and we begin talking to the band.  I guess they found an interest in us.  We were getting along really good and they were treating us like friends.  About 10 minutes into our "friendship" Mr Tyler asks if we owuld like to try some sh*t out.  I am a little worried but Don and Jaymin quickly say yes.  Before I know it different things appearing the be drugs are layed out across the table.  I tell them I have to use the bathroom.  I am a bit overwhelmed by the scene.  Drugs to shoot up, drugs to sniff, and drugs to smoke are all there.  As I walk towards to bathroom to rinse my face with water I see Dr. Drew from Loveline playing pool.  I am worried about my buddies so I go to him for advice.  I begin talking to him and explaining whats going on.  He seems very helpful and is willing to help me out becuase I could actaully coherently explain my problem.  I ask if he could casually walk through the bar and try to determine the drugs that sat there.  He quickly changes the subject by asking for the name of my wesbite.  I am confused as hell.  How did he know I even had one?  Well quickly spit out the URL.  He then goes back to the task at hand.  He tells me he will go and investigate but that I need to wait outside.  As soon as I exit the bar a women who does not look familiar runs up to me and give me a hug like she hasnt seen me for years.  In the dream I reconize who it is becuase I do not act alarmed or confused.  This is when I woke up.
Night of 9/18/02- No dream.
Night of 9/19/02- No dream.
Night of 9/20/02- No dream
Night of 9/21/02-No dream
Night of 9/22/02-No dream
Night of 9/23/02- No dream
Night of 9/24/02-No dream
Night of 9/25/02- No dream
Night of 9/26/02-No dream
Night of 9/27/02-No dream
Night of 9/28/02-No dream
Night of 9/29/02-No dream
Night of 9/30/02-No dream
Night of 10/01/02-No dream.  People please submit your dreams.  This page needs more material more than ever,  no matter how disturbed they may be.
Night of 10/02/02- No dream.
Night of 10/03/02- No dream.
Night of 10/04/02- No dream.
Night of 10/05/02- No dream.
Night of 10/06/02- No dream.
Night of 10/07/02-  This is my first dream I can remember in a while.  Unfortunately I have not had time to type it up until now.  It would have been very descriptive if I had typed it up soon after it woke me at 5:45am.  Here is what I can remember.  I park my truck on this pier which is quite large and has parking spots marked out.  Next to it is a fish and fresh food market which I go into and purchase a few items.  I leave with a few bags in hand to find a man standing next to my truck.  As soon I reach my truck he lays his insurance information onto the tonneau cover.  I am confused.  He angrily asks for my information.  I ask him whats going on.  He leads me to the front of my truck and shows the damage.  While parking in front of me he had backed into my truck.  As we walked toward the back of my truck, a man pulled up in a red Porsche Boxter S.  He introduces himself as an Enterprise Rental Car Agent and hands me the keys to the car.  I am told that the accident will be take care of and I shouldn't worry.  "You will be contacted when your vehicle has been repaired and all problems have been settled." he said.  Without questioning I hope into the Porsche, fire it up, throw it into reverse, floor in and pull a 180.  I then put it quickly into first a speed off.  I look in my rearview mirror only to see that Enterprise Agent toss the man wo had hit me into the water that surrounds the pier.  This didn't cause any reaction from my dream self as I continued to speed off.  I come up to an intersection and prepare to turn left on green when I see a older firebrd preparing to run a red light on my left.  I start to slam on my breaks in anticipation of a collision as I watch him pull a quick 180 and go off into the direction he has come from.  In anger and follow and begin to chase the firebird.  The Porsche handled great and was quite fast.  I was pulling fast powersliding oversteering turns of beauty as the the Firebird pulled sloppy tail wagging turns around the streets of some hilly and road covered city.   Just as we reached a long bridge it started to rain.  The porsche speedometer read at least 130mph.  There were only a few cars to manuever around.  Suddenly the road disappeared leaving oly the exposed cross members of the bridge.  The firebird attempted to stop safely but lost control and spun off the side of one of the members.  The Porsche stopped straight and quickly.  I hopped out of it and began to run back towards the road.  Seconds after I reached the non-expsed section of the bridge the same Enterprise Agent pulled up in a brand new creame color Escalade.  I got inside and drove off back to where I had been.  After a few minutes of driving about 90mph I entered a suburban area.  I pulled up to a small house, parked the car, and walked inside.  This is when I woke up.
Night of 11/01/02- No dream.  I have been having no dreams again.  I wonder if this page will ever be updated regularly again?
Night of 11/02/02- No dream
Night of 11/16/02- The dream starts in this large parking lot a quarter mile away from this huge mansion.  I see this car rolling backwards with no one inside.  It is rolling towards a group of cars and I begin to run over to stop it.  I lunge behind it an stop it from hitting another car with relative ease, as if the car was simply a 50-100 pound cart. Just as the car has come to a complete stop I see Don roll up in his boxers on the back of a shopping cart.  The interaction seems to be the same between us as it would be on a chance meeting today.  After a quick meeting I am suddenly inside that mansion that was once a distance away.  Its seems to house quick a few people, similar to the suite I am currently in.  Something has been spilled back in the suite within the mansion, and to clean it up my suite

 mate, Alex, has this super strong cleaning stuff that isnt supposed to be used in a closed in area.  Alex accidentally spills most of the contents of the bottle onto the floor and because of the health warning I quickly run outside a door into a hall and continue to run.  After a maze of doors I reach a large central dining room area in the middle of construction. I look around and find no and no doors except those that lead outside. As I peered out the window I saw some one walking slowly in an odd creepy manor.  I go out side because I dont know where to go anymore.  The door I came from I cannot find.  Once outside I see this white bald person walking and staring at me, he gets close and pulls out an axe and starts chasing me.  I feel as if I can run very fast at this point and easily out run him only to find another person, but this time with a wolf mask and two knives, to start chasing me.  At this point it was light out and I could see everything clearly.  I didnt feel so alone anymore, but just as scared because I saw three or four people running away from these knife and axe wielding people.  After seeing some of these people killed (for some reason no blood though) I come around to a corner to see some women on the stairs that was in some uniform, almost like a cop.  I ran up and asked for help.  I quickly noticed she was looking to hurt me too, as she grabbed for her club.  I quickly spun around the back of her and grab the gun and clip from her back.  Loading it I jumped down the stairs and run back to where those two people had been killed.  I tried to fire the gun but it just clicked.  When I got closer they were all there just laughing.  For some reason I slid the clip out and cleared the bullet from the chamber, but then two rolls of film came out.  One had two pictures used on it.  I had pulled the trigger two times exactly.  The gun was actually a camera.  At this point two new people came running up and instantly the white bald guys expression changed and he pulled the axe back out again.  This is when my dream switched.


I was driving in front of my parents who followed in another car, but I felt like I was walking on the sidewalk.  As walk through this residential area and I see this kid staring at me.  I stare back.  He is dressed like a little gangster, and when I passed him and looked back to see if I was still staring he pulled something black from his jacket.  I quickly looked to see if it was gun.  Luckily it was only a stun gun (they fire those two prongs out with the wires attached)  Before I could move he fired them into my left chest and bottom left neck, but it did not make me drop to the floor.  I quickly turned back to the road to see my truck driving up the hill on its own.  I remember getting mad for putting the cruise control on and then jumping out.  I turned back and the kid was waiting for me to fall, and as I began to walk closer to him in a very angry manner, he became very scared.  I grabbed his collar and spun him around lifting him off the ground.  I tossed him back to the ground and pulled the prongs out of me.  After this I began chasing my truck up the hill.  It seemed as if I wasnt gaining on it, but it hadnt hit anything despite the fact that road changed and narrowed many times.  When I reached the top I found my truck perfectly stopped in a parking space and was so relieved that an accident had not just occurred that would have been my fault.  Thats when I woke up.


11/17/02- 12/10/02 - no dreams

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