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Check out the updates on the cars driven page!

Carrie's 21st Birthday Party Pictures

01/09/05 - Well it may be hard to believe, but I am whiteguyblacksti no more.  I traded up to a 2005 Subaru WRX Sti in white with the gold bbs.  Now I need to decide to add a new page or just switch on the main sti page.  (I will probably add a whole new page so I can remember the last sti)  Anyway, I will get some pictures of it up soon and some ideas even.
9/29/04- STI page updates

8/12/04- I heavily updated the STi page so go check it out.  In addition I added a whole new page.  To see it go to UCSD people and place, then clock UCSD People: Sophmore Year.  I relabeled the orginal UCSD People page specifically to freshman year.  This why I wont have millions of pics on one page, and they will be organized by year.  Thanks.


8/11/04- I updated the wrx page, the clk55 page, and the sport trac page, I hope to update a lot more so this website can keep entertaining people, and express me.  Enjoy.


7/02/04- I made a short novel I wrote in 11th grade for my AP english class, available to download.  I have never been a great writer, and never will be, but it is an interesting perspective of a 17yr old boy, and it gave me a better idea of who I was then, and what I thought.  If you read it please tell me what you think.  Thanks!!

Thank God for Photoshop and Thank God for Rowena Galam!!



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click here to download the short novel I wrote in 11th grade!! If you read it please tell me what you think.